Saturday, April 14, 2018


Make no mistake, the legal attacks on Cohen on Friday - TPM was practically beside itself with glee all day - were a big part of the pressure on Trump to do something for Sheldon and the Khazar hordes:  "They’ve Got a Gun to Trump’s Head" (Batty).  Most people won't completely betray their country and western civilization for just shekels - the blackmail component is key.

It is quite in your face when Mattis stands up and admits they don't know what happened, and Trump 'retaliates' anyway.  Also, it is a bit choice when Trump 'retaliates' for killing civilians by firing missiles at civilian areas.  This is essentially a statement by the neocons that they are fully back in charge and will now push, as always, for pure Khazar supremacist goals in the incremental method that the Khazars are famous for using. In a real sense, the constant wall of opposition to these particular Khazar plans meant they had to get something from Trump, just to prove definitively who was back in charge (never forget that they will always be convinced that any opposition to their plans, including WWIII, is just Jew-hatred). Most of the American warships are still steaming towards Syria and Iran, and there is no reason to think this is over.

"The Goyim are Not the Least Bit Excited for Shlomo’s Next Big War" (Anglin).  They carry on despite the massive wall of propaganda not working.  You can see why comment sections are disappearing from the internet.

"Just Who’s Pulling the Strings?" (Murray).  It is important to remember that MbS has no fine ability to pull the strings like the Khazars can.  He is more of an excuse for doing what they wanted to do anyway (truth be told, I'm sure they all fawn all over him and then laugh behind his back).

"Curious timing for missile attacks against Syria. Was Trump covering up UK’s guilt?" (Christoforou).  There is a possibility that one of the motives for the attack was to destroy the false-flag 'crime scene' so impartial investigators can never determine if there was a Syrian government gas attack in East Ghouta.  This is a prudent thing to do if you have been ordered by the Khazars to 'retaliate' without evidence.

Meanwhile:  "Israel targets reporters, medics in Gaza protests" and "Palestinians lose legs as Israel punishes them by denying medical care" (Murphy).  Uncontroversial gassing, goyim:  "Israeli Forces Target School with Tear Gas".
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