Saturday, April 14, 2018

Putin, wat do?

It is a striking and informative cohencidence - that's the technical term - that the Cohen stuff (with a consequent strong blackmail possibility against Trump), the Libby pardon, the arrival of Bolton on the scene, and the Trump attack on Syria, all happened at the same time.  Plus, we have the background of the finalization of the Assad win in Syria (with no regime change), the current round of Israeli massacres in Gaza, and the Skripal hoax false-flag poisoning (now with a US/UK toxin:  "Independent Swiss Lab Says 'BZ Toxin' Used In Skripal Poisoning; US/UK-Produced, Not Russian").  This is no longer even much of an IQ test.  We know exactly who the (((culprits))) are, (((they))) could not have made it more clear.

Putin needs to send a strong message that this nonsense can't continue, but he also has to avoid what (((they))) clearly want, WWIII, and regime change in Russia (so Yinon and various other Zionist imperial plans can continue without Russian interference).  America isn't the deep problem, as it is firmly under ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government), and is acting under extreme duress and pressure, the usual shekeling and a rather extreme form of blackmail.  The real enemy are the Khazars and their crime scene passing as a state, Israel.  The Israelis have given up on any of the usual international civilities:  "Israel’s shadow interests: warned US about strike on Syria, did NOT warn Russia".

The neocons want to see Russia retaliating by an attack in Ukraine or the Baltic.  They want to get NATO involved, and thus a quick and painless transition into WWIII.  Putin needs to focus on making life difficult for Israel.  Russia has been mostly friendly to Israel, largely due to Chabad influence in Moscow.  In the light of the fact that the Khazars are now an undeniable existential threat to Russia, the gloves have to come off.  No more of these unchallenged adventures over Syria and Lebanon (as you can see, it is not stopping):  "At Least 20 Dead After Israeli Warplanes Strike Iranian Military Base In Southern Syria: Reports". Despite the fact, as we all know, that international law doesn't apply to Jews, no more looking the other way at the daily Jewish atrocities.  No more diplomatic or military niceties.  Most importantly, and directly to the point, a much, much closer relationship with Iran, maybe even a mutual defense pact.  There is already a 'cooperation' agreement, but given that the Khazar attack is against Syria, Iraq and Russia, there needs to be something that will impose a real cost on further Khazar machinations and manipulation of the US.
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