Thursday, April 12, 2018

Scheme, and anti-scheme

If the Khazars announced what they really want, WWIII, both to remove Putin as an obstacle to Yinon and to provide the cover and distraction so they can continue the mass murdering required for their land theft project, well, it wouldn't go over well.  There would be mass demonstrations around the world, and even the Euro-trash politicians, facing the inevitability of having the whole continent of Europe chernobylized, might be able to muster enough courage to whelp out a tiny complaint.  More seriously (it is very difficult to take the feckless Euro-trash seriously), Americans who voted for Trump would signal clearly they wouldn't be making that mistake again, even if they have to vote in smoldering radioactive cities in ruin.

The Khazars care not a whit about anybody other than their supremacist group - which is not even real Jews with a possible connection to the land they are stealing, but just Ashkenazi Jews - so nuclear destruction of large parts of the world isn't the slightest concern as long as Israel is left alone.  What they want, in order, is:
  1. regime change in Syria and Yinonization by various warring groups of crazies;
  2. regime change in Iran;
  3. WWIII and regime change in Russia.
The best way through these tall orders is to have their blackmailed and beshekeled shabbos goyim in the US attack Iran.  Removing Iran's leadership weakens Assad immediately, and the potential fallout from a war on Iran - which Iran won't take lying down, but will counterattack vigorously against American targets and oil targets - is a constant and very quick escalation, during which the Khazars will get both their Yinonization of Syria and WWIII.

I just laugh when I read stooges talk about American 'national interests' involved in and around the gassing lies.  It is simply hilarious.  And while there are underlying weaknesses in the United States which make this kind of warmongering more successful than it should be, including the MIC profits and careerist generals, the basic reason for WWIII in this case is very, very, very simple, obvious, and straightforward.  It is Sheldon's shekels and the parallel blackmail threat of Stormy-Cohen.  Have at it with your crazy convoluted geopolitical theories, the reality is as simple as pressure on Trump, personally.  This isn't a crazed 'anti-Semitic' conspiracy theory, we know it for a fact.  Trump isn't a monster, and he knows this is dangerous ground, but he is cornered and desperate (you can see it clearly in his incoherent and contradictory tweets).  In fact, Trump has to be aware that this ultimatum he faces from the Khazars could quite likely end with him out of power, in jail, or worse.  He is now attempting to wiggle off the hook, but I fear he won't succeed.

The (((media))) is playing this exactly as you would expect.  The trick is to get something started which seems relatively innocuous and pain-free - say, bombing another Syrian military airfield, like last year - and limiting the potential, or conceivable, downside.  To that end, we hear lots about the 'Gas Killing Animal' Assad, and some discussion of the kind of small warning that could be delivered, but absofuckinglutely nothing about the potential wider dangers (and, of course, nothing on the ridiculousness of the underlying gas claim, which is just repeated and repeated and repeated as an unassailable fact).  The idea is to prepare the shabbos goyim for a minor tap which will then spiral uncontrollably into WWIII, starting with a 'surprise' assault on Iran.  If the (((media))) handles this deception as Big Jew instructs, there will be no occasion for anti-war demonstrations, no occasion for second thoughts, and the Khazars will slide into getting their desired WWIII without opposition (note that as part of the 'dialectic' the 'anti-war' crowd tends to be Khazar-led, very convenient if you, say, wanted to suppress anti-war demonstrations).

The underlying reason for this insanity is the utter failure of the smartest people in the world (so we're told), with all the power in the world, backed by the strongest unipolar power that has ever existed, to manage their land theft project even slightly competently. Sure, they'll get their moving of the American embassy ('symbolic', in that it symbolizes that they paid a lot of shekels to very crooked American politicians), and some sabre waving by Trump in the general direction of Iran, and whatever President Jared has planned to 'solve' the Palestinians to death, but recent demographic revelations, coupled with the fact that, to get anywhere, they are going to have to do what they are doing in the recent Gaza massacres multiplied by a thousand, with the smartest of them knowing that, even in our cruel and hypocritical world, that won't fly.  They are desperate, with the theft of the 'homeland' the phony Jews decided to steal circling the drain.

There is some reason for hope.  Usually, these world-wrecking disasters occur when both sides are run by incompetent boobs, but in this case all the non-American and non-Khazar players are very competent.  The Russians are particularly adept at diplomacy.  There are suggestions that the Russians could let it be known that there would be consequences, perhaps military, to Israel should the Khazars continue down this path.  There is also an unrecognized but large fifth column of 'Jews' loyal to Russia living in Israel, who could be deployed in an emergency. situation (though I have to note that these people also make up a lot of the craziest of the settlers).  There are pressures that could be put on Jared (financial problems and potential charges relating to his conveying classified information to MbS), and possibly even on Sheldon.  Most importantly, perhaps, and refreshingly, the sheer importance of this imminent apocalypse has caused people who would normally dissemble out of fear of being called 'anti-Semites' to, using the technical term, 'name the Jew'.  The Khazars have a considerable fear of the truth, and may be influenced to pull back should the truth-saying become too common.
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