Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sleepers awake!

So Trump has a lawyer named Cohen, who is associated with lots of sleazy Khazars, Ukrainians and other eastern Europeans (Cohen's main business is supposed to be taxis, but my guess is he launders hot eastern European money stolen by Khazar fraudsters and thieves).  Cohen set up the whole NDA (which seems a bit iffy), and claims to have taken it on himself to pay off Stormy Daniels, who works for porn movie companies, which are all controlled by KhazarsCohen's offices are raided, and there appears to be lots of illegality lying around, no doubt relating to the money laundering and associated issues.  Now Dershowitz is hanging around the White House, no doubt offering Trump advice on how to escape his legal pressures.  Completely coincidentally, of course, all this exactly whilst Trump has to decide whether to follow Sheldon's demands and start WWIII.  What could possibly go wrong?  If Trump chooses WWIII, do all his legal problems vanish?

"Netanyahu: Trump Is Very Likely To Order Attack On Syria" (Durden). Must be a wild guess, for how could he know?

"AngloZionist options (intermediate report) UPDATED" (The Saker).  John Bolton is there for the specific purpose of ensuring that the stupidest (and most Zionist) option is taken.

"Sleepers Awake, We are Heading toward Imminent Disaster" (Curtin). 

"Jew d’état 2.0: Slow motion coup kicked into high gear to Make America Israel’s Bitch Again" (Slattery).

"Call the White House and Tell Them NO WAR IN SYRIA – DO IT NOW!" (Anglin).  (((They))) have set this up to get WWIII started before there can be any anti-war protests.  It will be interesting as the (((left))) is usually the anti-war camp, but in this case will have to 'reluctantly' refuse to protest in order for American missiles to protect gas baby and his ilk (on the Libyan model).

Everybody - well, the alt-right, the paleocons, and a few oddities on the left - are praising the Tucker Carlson monologue and interview with an obvious traitor who would have been arrested on the spot if the US was a functioning country:  "MIC DROP: Tucker Killed It Last Night on the Syria Situation" (Anglin).
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