Friday, April 13, 2018

Trade a WWIII for a Scooter?

"Trump issues pardon for Lewis 'Scooter' Libby".

Perhaps a very good thing.  The Khazar neocons apply constant pressure on multiple fronts.  Some of these moves, even the American embassy in Jerusalem, look to me like consolation prizes for something much worse (of course, they never stop pushing for the much worse). This seems like an odd thing to ask for, but would be seen by the neocons as a sign that they are accepted, officially, as the American patriots they most assuredly are not, but which they constantly claim to be.  In the face of considerable pointed resistance from Russia, WWIII is becoming a harder sell.  Pardon Libby in lieu of WWIII? I'd take that trade.  Of course, tomorrow they'll be back demanding WWIII.

It is also a bit of a slap by Trump at the IC, who were upset when Libby outed Plame as part of the PR campaign against her husband for his questioning of details of the warmongering lies intended to lead to the War For The Jews on Iraq.  The pardon is a fairly serious threat by Trump that their personal security as hidden protected operatives can be manipulated for Washington political reasons.

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