Friday, April 13, 2018

Up the arse

Tweet (EL4C):
"MUST WATCH: Former head of British Armed Forces gets cut off by Sky when he goes off-script on Syria!"
Watch the clip! - it is painfully clumsy job, taking about the time it would take for a producer to put down his beer and run over to the microphone and yell in her ear.

Remember that Father Ted episode where Father Ted loses a bet and has to kick Bishop Brennan 'up the arse'.  Father Ted is always terrified of Bishop Brennan, and can't imagine how he would be able to do it, until Father Dougal, of all people, notes that the idea of doing it is so utterly insane that if he does it and denies it, Bishop Brennan will have to believe it.  The plan works, until, of course, it doesn't, with a big twist at the end.  The accusations against Putin in the Skripal case and against Assad in the latest gassing story are of a similar nature, so insane that there is just the possibility that the perpetrators thought they could get away with it just because it was so insane.  The thing is, do you want to start WWIII on the basis of unproven accusations whose only credibility comes out of the fact they are insane?
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