Tuesday, April 17, 2018

War on Dust

"Trump Was Presented With 3 Options On Syria, Picked The Least Expensive One" (Durden).  The Shoah of penny-pinching.  Trump is not an enthusiastic blackmail victim.  Note that Mattis had never met Bolton, and joked that he had heard Bolton was 'the devil incarnate' (that's a joke as we all know Daniel Pipes is the actual devil incarnate).

Then when it fails, you just redefine the mission so it looks like some kind of success!:  "Syria - Pentagon Hides Attack Failure - 70+ Cruise Missiles Shot Down".  I wasn't shooting at the hole, I was shooting at the bunker!

"Trump Is Assembling An Arab Army To Replace US Troops In Syria" (Durden).  Replacing the Americans with Saudi-bought mercenaries, and allowing Trump to claim he got out of Syria, is a very good thing, as full eradication can be applied to the mercenaries.  I doubt (((they))) will let Trump get away with this.

FiskMurray on Fisk, and the oddity that Sturgeon is more of a warmonger than May/Johnson.   This is way outside of the usual model where the minority is usually against wars of the colonial power, and feels solidarity with the plight of the victims of the colonial wars (e.g., Irish sympathy for Palestinians).

One good thing came out of the illegal attack - both the Russians and Syrians got some much needed exercises in air defense, and the Russians some real-world testing of their electronic jamming systems.  They ought to send Trump a thank-you note (maybe he is working for that rascal Putin!).  It also further gravely weakened May, giving the British even more reasons - if any more were needed - not to vote for her again.

"China must walk the talk and support Russia" (Kadi).  "Russia Stood Alone. China Didn’t Help Vote Down Trump’s Syria UN Resolution".  Diplomatically not choosing sides when it counts, before the attack, is effectively choosing sides, and is a chickenshit move.

"Israel tries to dissociate itself from claim of responsibility for Syria raid".  Another one of those cases - like Sky News clumsily cutting off the truth - where the manipulation is so obvious and clumsy that we actually learn something in the (((media))) shitstorm.  (((Friedman)))'s column was yet another spectacular example of Khazar warmongering, part of the usual neocon trick of establishing that yet another War For The Jews is inevitable, goyim, so you might as well get used to it and get it over with.

"Syrian Air Defenses Target Missiles Over Homs, Damascus - Syrian TV".  From Lebanese air space, thus Israel.  Redefined as a 'false alarm':  "False alarm set off Syrian air defences: Pro-Assad commander".

"Media Cover-up: Shielding Israel is a Matter of Policy" (Baroud).  We've allowed (((them))) to have a stranglehold on the narrative through full control of the media.

"Pseudo-left Parties Promote US-French-British Bombing of Syria" (Morrow).  The, ahem, (((left))) (note that Jacobin is listed amongst the warmongers).  Part of the larger issue of the 'dialectic', the Chomsky program of quietly taking over all progressive politics by violent racist group supremacists (Jacobin then becomes a textbook example of the phenomenon, sucking you in with phony credibility with all that lefty goodness).  Also part of the post-Trump Clarification, the sudden realization that the opponents of the American right are no better, and are usually far worse, than even the worst of the right.

"God is With The People of Syria”, Condemnation of U.S. -U.K. -France Bombing of Syria by Patriarchates of Antioch for the Greek Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, and Greek-Melkite Catholic" (title is truncated).  Really, really, real Christians weigh in.  It must be great to wake up every morning, put on your fancy hat and pick up some huge gold doohickey, knowing that your name is Ignatius Aphrem II, Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East.

"How To Stop A Civil Conflict (I)" (Parish).  All the long list of signs that a civil war is brewing, present in Catalonia and Spain, and mostly the fault of the Spanish, who aren't gracious winners.

"Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Classified History" (Henry).  "April 26: The CIA Has Something to Hide" (Hornberger).  A considerable amount of the resources of these people is spent on covering up all the atrocities they commit.  There are all kinds of information disclosure laws which apply to these groups, and they deal with the laws by simply ignoring them, knowing that there will be no consequences.

Part of what you buy when you order chemical tests is that the lab won't blurt out a truth inconsistent with your Official Story:  "Swiss Lab Refuses to Comment on British-Made Chemicals Used Against Skripal" (Anglin).
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