Monday, April 30, 2018


The best short summary of the use of DNA in the EAR-ONS arrest, and its privacy implications: "Don’t Get a DNA Test" (Anglin).  For more classic Anglin, see:  "T-Mobile CEO Agrees to Buy Sprint, Refuses to Get Haircut".

Bibi keeps pissing on Putin's leg, and telling him it is raining, so if somebody is teaching somebody a lesson, it is not Putin teaching Bibi:  "Syria: Russia Is Teaching Israel, “The Naughty Boy”, A Lesson And Iran Is Watching" (Magnier).  At some point Putin is going to have to throw his famous caution to the wind and man up, or the Khazars will walk all over him and his sane plans for the Middle East, putting in jeopardy the wildly successful results of all his efforts. 

"Russia’s S-400 Air-Defense System Proves to Be Red Rag for the US Bull" (Savitsky).  'Defense systems' that don't work, and everybody knows don't work, are a big American thing these days.

"HRW slams Israel’s demolition of Palestinian schools in West Bank as ‘war crime’".  HRW!  As we've seen with Portman, there really is a battle going on within the Khazarian hordes about how best to manage the PR being delivered to gentiles along the process of killing people and stealing their lands.

We're really in the period of the Great Intersectional Wars.  First we had the Great Shiksa Pogrom of 2017-2018, where some pretty white 'anti-Semitic' women bitched and moaned about how they disliked being raped by troll-like Khazar men (while they should have been thanking their good luck).  Then we had Joy Reid, a proud woman of Caribbean heritage expressing the honest, normal, uncontroversial views of her people, resulting in her being beaten to death by Teh Gays wielding huge dildoes as clubs.  Finally, the Khazar traitors in Labour lynching - just like out of the Old South - a dedicated and real socialist, a black man, just so they, in a convoluted conspiracy, can eliminate any possible opposition to their program of killing people and stealing their land:  "Bogus “Labour anti-Semitism” campaign secures expulsion of leading activist Marc Wadsworth" (Marsden).

Niqnaq assembles some tweets on the changing spin on the Palestinian refugee camp at Yarmouk, and by Vanessa Beeley on 'whataboutery'.

Successes in Syria, and some problems caused by Israel and Turkey:  "Syria Sitrep - Turkey's War In Idleb" (Moon) and "And the beat rolls on ..." (Lang).  See also:  "Breaking: Syrian Army snatches 4 towns from US-backed forces in Deir Ezzor amid surprise offensive – Syrian state media" ("Sources in the area claim that the Syrian Army assault comes immediately after Kurdish fighters withdrew from the above-mentioned towns, handing them over to second-rate Arab units.") and "Update: Map showing reported Syrian Army advance against US-backed forces in east Deir Ezzor" ("Unconfirmed information exists claiming that all four settlements witnessed a popular uprising against US-backed forces after which the Syrian Army moved in per the request of locals.").  You have to wonder if the American-proxy Kurds have overextended themselves by occupying traditionally Arab-occupied villages.

Did you notice that at the big Michigan rally, the one Trump held in lieu of being insulted by an alleged comedian, the crowd chanted 'Nobel' when he mentioned North Korea?  The MAGA people, in stark opposition to the Khazars and their bribed politicians, really want peace, and are fully aware of what is going on.

"The Inter-Korean Summit" (Ask A Korean!).  The South needs to start massive investment in the North - not a bad thing for them due to really cheap labor! - to build up the North enough in the next ten years to make reunification economically plausible.

You have to admire how the Jew York Times can cover a completely illegal assassination of a scientist - a renewable energy researcher described as a drone expert - and make the whole thing about some alleged Hamas skullduggery from which the poor Khazars are defending themselves:  "Behind a Roadside Hit in Malaysia, Israeli-Palestinian Intrigue".  This is just the retyping of a Mossad PR release, indicated by the tell-tale sourcing from "Middle Eastern intelligence officials".

I'm noticing that the new version of Opera, besides its neato integration of tabs with phones, also renders web sites much more faithfully, a big problem with recent iterations of Opera.

"The UK Government's Skripal Conspiracy Theory (Or How To Hold A Mass Of Contradictory Thoughts In Your Head)" (Slane).  Ten huge problems with what is literally the Official Story of the British government, any one of which is completely fatal to the narrative.  It is a whopper of breathtaking proportions.

The parallel 'bot' story:  "The Guardian/Sky News Team Up to Promote Fake News About Fake News".  There is a consistency in that the story continues even after it all falls apart, and the 'journalists' act as if nothing happened and nothing is wrong.  It's more Clown College than Orwell.

"Canada’s dual role in Yemen: Arms exports to Saudi coalition dwarf aid sent to war-torn country" (Kennedy/Shephard):
"When Global Affairs Canada announced another aid package to war-torn Yemen in January, it boasted that Ottawa had given a total of $65 million to help ease what the United Nations has called “the worst man-made humanitarian crisis of our time.”

What Justin Trudeau’s government did not mention in its news release is that since 2015, Canada has also approved more than $284 million in exports of Canadian weapons and military goods to the countries bombing Yemen.

“It’s a bit like helping pay for somebody’s crutches after you’ve helped break their legs,” said Cesar Jaramillo, executive director of Project Ploughshares, a research and advocacy organization that studies Canada’s arms trade."
A very confused example of what riyals will buy you these days:  "You aren’t antiwar if you aren’t anti-Assad’s war" (Mukhamedov).  Related:  "Dubai firm commissioned Qatar-smearing film from American who made fake news for Iraq war".

Somehow, Germany has become the world leader in ostentatious, self-satisfied, virtue-signalling, censorship:  "Facebook's Censorship In Germany" (Frank).  There is still this idea that Germans will all immediately turn into raving Nazis should they catch a glimpse of even the slightest Wrongthought.

"Over 100 Years Ago Chilean and British Imperialism Cut Bolivia Off From the Sea. Today, Evo Morales Could Lead the Country Back to the Coast" (Vargas).
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