Thursday, May 31, 2018


"Babchenko lives!" (Robinson).  He pops up, alive, and calls it a 'sting operation'.  How is that even possible?  If he's dead, he can't possibly trick that rascal Putin into killing him again!

Here's what it is, another false flag.  The idea was that he would die, assassinated by the evil Russians, with evidence of the gory violence published everywhere.  After Russiagate, Syria, the Skripals, and the just resurrected MH17, this was to have been the last straw for the Anglo-Americans, a part of the final casus belli for WWIII.  Once WWIII was started, Babchenko would have just laid low for a while, and WWIII would develop a logic of its own and progress to the ruination of Europe and much of the world.  The neo-Nazis in Ukraine and elsewhere would have been ecstatic.  It is a curious fact of history that both the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, and their Khazar pals, really, really hate Europe.  Needless to say, the despicable Euro-trash politicians do nothing to stop this and save the continent from utter destruction (and we're starting to see the revolt from Europeans who see these traitors for what they are).

Babchenko and his pals thought a little too much of the importance of his death, and while it was played up in the media, spread by the (((usual suspects))), it wasn't enough for WWIII, so they had to unwind the hoax.

"The Purpose Of The Babchenko Hoax" (Moon).  We need to keep a wary eye on Yevhen Lauer and Trident Group LLC.

"The Photo That Fueled The Hoax: Behind The Gruesome Image Of Babchenko's 'Death'" (note how incompetently done this was when Radio Free Europe is writing critically about it!; of course, we may also be seeing push-back from the Trump Adminstration):
"Additional questions were raised about its timing since Ukrainian officials, including a lawmaker, had said that Babchenko had died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital, suggesting he was still alive when the photo was taken.
In a posting to Facebook, the lawmaker, Anton Herashchenko, defended the secrecy, and the deception, of the SBU, which he said “was done to avoid even the slightest possibility of information leaking.”
“It was for this reason that a photo of the alleged victim Arkady Babchenko was made,” he wrote."
The critical background to understanding this is that Ukraine is readying its troops for a large summer attack on Donbass, an attack which of course is being prepared in the (((media))) with descriptions of a Russian attack on Ukraine!!!  "Donbass Calls Up The Reserves, Prepares For Attack From Kiev" (Batty).  "US Supplies Ukraine with Lethal Weapons to Escalate Conflict and Bury Hopes for Peace" (Savitsky).  This kind of report is everywhere in the last few weeks:  "Russian militants mount 22 attacks on Ukraine army in Donbas in past day with two WIA reported".  Post World Cup!:  "Turchynov: Russia may begin large-scale offensive in Donbas in July".  The Babchenko 'assassination' would have fitted neatly into the WWIII story.  Putin's next job is to stop this trick.
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