Saturday, May 26, 2018

Change My Mind

Odd:  "IMF Pledges Continued Work With Central Bank of Iran".

"US House strips Trump of War Powers on Iran – Story buried".  It will be interesting to watch how quietly this is stripped out of the bill.

Mysterious rash of removal of articles reporting on the arrest of Tommy Robinson.  "Orwell’s Nightmare: Articles About Tommy Robinson’s Arrest Rapidly Scrubbed From the Internet" (Fairbanks).

"Naomi Wolf and Anti-semitism’s Mystification" (Cook):
"In our subsequent exchange she also noted that she was uncomfortable with the fact that the cartoonist was German."
Engaging with these people in any way means Evil has already won.  "German Newspaper Apologizes for “Anti-Semitic” Cartoon" (Anglin).  "Cartoonist Fired From German Newspaper Over Netanyahu Drawing" (Durden).  The intended effect of these 'well-meaning' 'liberal' (((critics))) is to put a stop to any possible criticism of their program of murder and land theft.  The next cartoonist who is outraged is going to have to think long and hard about whether mentioning it is worth a career.

It is interesting, not to mention increasingly geopolitically important, that the German people, having a media mostly without ((())), are the most woke people in the western world.  "Saudis Halt Orders From German Companies; Crown Prince "Deeply Offended"" (Durden).

"On Accountability in the Light of Israeli Brutality" (Atzmon).

"Propaganda 101: How To Defend A Massacre" (Robinson).

"“Suppressing a Truth of Nature Does Not Make It Go Away”: Guillaume Durocher Interviewed by Hubert Collins".  Interestingly explicit that the appeal of Hitler for the intellectual extreme right is that:
". . . some self-interested, even “barbaric” violence and lordship have been necessary to development of higher life and civilization. Homer and Darwin are very clear on this. All life is made up of love and war. Differentiation implies hierarchy. We can aspire to be like the peaceful lotus flower growing in the muddy pond, but prior to that, we’d never have gotten here without the instinct of the blood-drenched tigress, securing a kill for her cubs. Without such “unfairness,” life would never have developed beyond the stage of the amoeba.

Hitler, because he recognized this reality so clearly and affirmed it as a State religion, has been made to carry the entire burden of this necessary cruelty, which runs across the entire animal kingdom and all human history."
A comment by Durocher himself (the comments also get into Durocher's praise of Assange as "an artist who has transcended the Left-Right divide"):
"While I am open to contrary evidence – e.g. detailed accounts of his Eastern policy – I see no other way of qualifying Hitler’s attitude towards the Slavs of Poland and Russia than one of lordship and “eternal war.” Mein Kampf is already quite explicit and, according to the Table Talk, Hitler thought that regular war in the East would keep the Germans on their guard and stave off decadence. He posited a radical racial difference between Germans and Slavs – including anti-miscegenation laws – which was completely excessive given the genetic reality. Furthermore, understandably or not, his preference was for a permanently disabled France.

That is not to say Hitler favored gratuitous and permanent war with all European peoples. Besides the Italian alliance, he sought an alliance with Great Britain and generally wished for peaceful and productive ties with America and many European nations, namely Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. He also regretted the decline of the white race in Asia. Hitler wished to unite the Germanic tribes, destroy Bolshevism, and create a great autarkic world-power through conquest of the East.

There is no evidence that Hitler had any interest in conquering Britain, let alone America. It is certainly quite interesting that the-powers-that-be have felt the need to systematically lie on the latter point before, during, and ever since the war. This may betray a guilty conscience. On a final note, as Pat Buchanan has observed, Britain made peace with Germany in 1939 or 1940, it seems quite unlikely the Jews of Europe would have died in the numbers they did, the Germans’ preference was to ship them, quite alive, to Palestine or Madagascar. The fact that pointing this out is taboo – see Ken Livingstone’s troubles – is also highly interesting"
"The Messiah in England" (Shamir).

"Jewish Telegraph Agency: "A Guide to the Jewish Machers in the Russia Probe"" (Sailer).  Cohen, Sater, and the main gangsters under discussion - all Jewish, but all we hear is Russia, Putin, Russia, Putin.  It is particularly charming to watch Marshall consistently misconstrue this, while studiously failing to notice the Khazar elephant in the room.  It is bizarre, audacious, and exactly what I would expect.

"Clapper: The FBI Wasn't Spying On Trump, It Was "Benign Information Gathering"" (Durden)!

"Here's The Viral Interview Of Exiled Saudi Prince Calling For Regime Change In Riyadh" (Durden).

"Trump Drones On" (Gordon).  It is the 'business as usual' continuation of Barry and Bush quotidian murdering that keeps Trump in place as a real legitimate American President in the eyes of the elites.

"Reading Russia Right" (Robinson).  Putin has been hard at work providing concrete material benefits and reforms in civil and legal rights to the people of Russia, the kind of things that aren't allowed to people of today's western world, and you certainly can't mention that Putin is doing them.  It is almost as if the problem of Putin for western leaders is that he sets a bad example.

"Why China’s Payment Apps Give U.S. Bankers Nightmares" (Surane/Cannon).  "thank you merchant, you truly are my greatest ally".  This series of meme cartoons, which really are 'anti-Semitic' (but not necessarily untrue), involving a haplessly stupid bear standing in for Americans, sardonically quotes the assertions of American politicians that Israel is America's 'greatest ally', while often making comments about the larger capitalist system.  The sting is taken away by the fact that the criticism is more directed at the gullibility of the bear than the machinations of the merchant.

"Steven Crowder's "Change My Mind" Campus Sign".  Ha!  An example.
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