Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Community standards

"Enumerating Jews" (Sailer).

"Netanyahoo's "Iran Files" are Well Known, Old and Purloined from Vienna" (Moon). The lack of content is, of course, irrelevant, as Bibi is just trying to use the (((media))) to create misleading headlines.  He's laying the groundwork for wars, as the Khazars do, brick by brick, something we've seen all too many times before.  I note that the war they are headed for is not a war against Iran - still, and always, a practical impossibility (amongst many other really bad things, it would lead to the destruction of the world economy) - but a combination of land theft from Lebanon, and Yinon in Syria, while trying to make the Iranian presence in Syria as difficult as possible.

"Why Is Israel Desperate To Escalate Syrian Conflict?" (Sadiq).  It is funny that each of the 'problems' the Israelis have to solve was a direct result of Khazar warmongering.  What they are doing now is effectively forcing the Iranians to double their efforts at maintaining a presence in Syria.  As always, the best remedy the world has against Khazar depredations is Khazar stupidity and arrogance.

"Impact and Effects of April 30 Strikes Against Syria: Winds of War Blowing Strong" (Savitsky).  Russian peace efforts.  The contrast between the (((warmongers))) and Russian peacemongering is not part of the 'news'.

"Neocon Bret Stephens Wants Syria’s Assad Assassinated" (Rozeff).  It is simply staggering the behavior we tolerate from a certain (((group))).

"What “community standards” did this comment breach? #16".  Read the Guardian-censored comment by Harry Karmichel!  The Guardian has officially given up all pretense of being anything other than shills for war and (((warmongers))).

"Did John Bolton Leak Intelligence to Sabotage a Trump-Kim Deal?" (Porter).

"Mossad agents in Saudi Arabia" (Angry Arab).

"Whatever happened to the Skripals? UK media and authorities fall silent on Salisbury poisoning".  The story and its contradictions became just too embarrassing, so the (((media))) shoahed it.

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