Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Daddy's Little Ghoul

You'd think that any group of human beings would put a damper on the mass murdering of civilians while the whole world is watching them, but not this group of supremacists.  "The Stomach-Churning Victim Blaming by “Labour Friends of Israel”" (Murray).  "Israel Repurposes Old Nakba Myths to Justify the Massacre in Gaza" (Cook):
". . . Israel has been crafting a dishonest counter-narrative ever since the Nakba, myths that historians scouring the archives have slowly exploded.

One claim – that Arab leaders told the 750,000 Palestinian refugees to flee in 1948 – was in fact invented by Israel’s founding father, David Ben Gurion. He hoped it would deflect US pressure on Israel to honour its obligations to allow the refugees back.

Even had the refugees chosen to leave during the heat of battle, rather than wait to be expelled, it would not have justified denying them a right to return when the fighting finished. It was that refusal that transformed flight into ethnic cleansing.

In another myth unsupported by the records, Ben Gurion is said to have appealed to the refugees to come back.

In truth, Israel defined Palestinians who tried to return to their lands as “infiltrators”. That entitled Israeli security officials to shoot them on sight – in what was effectively execution as a deterrence policy.

Nothing much has changed seven decades on."
Note how the Jew York Times is still vaguely connected to journalism enough to have a real reporter on the ground in Gaza, whose real reporting completely contradicts the lies told in the same paper!:  "As Israel massacres more Gazans, ‘NY Times’ continues its distorted coverage — with one honorable exception" (North).

"With Monday’s Killcount Over 50, Jews Globally Condemned" (Anglin).  "Meet the First Women POTUS, Ivanka the Ghoul!" (Bacon).  The front page of a Hymietown newspaper!

"Here are the questions any journalist talking to the Israeli military should ask" (Gurvitz).  The clever science of distinguishing a war from a massacre.

"US opens embassy in Jerusalem: Which countries attended?"  "All the countries attending Israel’s gala for the new US embassy in Jerusalem" (Livni).  Austria stands out amongst a group of joke countries, lackeys, and shit-holes led by easily-bribed caudillos.  Of course, the neo-Nazis in the Austrian coalition government love their spiritual brothers in Israel.

"Let’s talk about the Golan Heights" (Roddis).

"Prediction of New False-Flag Gas Attack in Syria Seems to Fit US Escalation Plans" (Webb).  A false-flag in American-occupied territory to set up a joint Israeli/Israeli stooge attack.

"‘Independent’ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights receives nearly £200k from UK – Peter Hitchens" (Baggili).

"Russia’s Unspoken Relationship with Israel" (Korybko).  Useful reminder for those who hope Putin will save the world, but Korybko has been more than a bit off in his analysis recently (Korybko is another one of those bylines that seems to be used both by a genius and an idiot).

"Was There Ever an Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program?" (Porter).  MEK/Israeli-fabricated evidence.

"Playing at war" (Robinson).  The lack of commitment you get when you end up constantly fighting somebody else's wars.

"Soros foundation leaves Budapest".  "Israeli cemeteries in the West Bank send a message– Settlers are never leaving" (Ashly).

Stormy's lawyer is as sleazy as you would expect him to be:  "Avenatti Sends "Insane" Email To The Daily Caller, Threatens To Sue".

Canadian bureaucrats - the international gold standard of plodding mediocrity - are bizarrely committed to Russiagate (pointing out its obvious flaws would not go over well with the Nazi foreign minister):  "Garbage in, garbage out" (Robinson).

"Welcome Home! Canada’s Trudeau Government Welcomes Confessed ISIS Terrorist back to Toronto" (Taliano):
"When any government, including Canada’s, supports terrorists, it is unreasonable to expect that such terrorists, on returning home,will be subject to public criminal trials, since such trials would necessarily reveal the government’s criminality."
EAR-ONS Down Under.
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