Wednesday, May 23, 2018


We're living in interesting times.  People generally all over the world haven't been this woke since the 1930s, yet BigJew gets everything it demands:  "Virulent Rat Kikes Celebrate Ken Livingstone Resigning from Labor" (Anglin) (for a less lively account, see here) and "Trump to Unveil New Middle East Peace Plan" (Gorka), hot on the heels of Iran and the embassy move (and accompanying sanctification through blood obtained in massacre).  It is shekels and a constant whining, which eventually wears you down.  When will it end?

"Anti-semitism: Israel’s get-out-of-jail-free card" (Cook).

This is ironic chutzpah:  "Liberman suggests Muslim ad money causes CNN, BBC, France 24 bias against Israel".

"Tehran eyes path ahead after US withdrawal from nuclear pact" (Escobar).  Interview with Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif:
"I ask whether Tehran should expect further Israeli strikes in Syria. Bahmani: “Not for the moment, no. This is just a chapter. A new one may be opened, in a month or two.” "
"Media Ignore Government Influence on Facebook’s Plan to Fight Government Influence" (Johnson). 

"Propornot 2 — Setting Up the Atlantic Council for Lawsuits" (Elias).  The Propornot mystery.  Names Michael Weiss and The Interpreter.  The general slant of both is consistent with the Propornot program, but I don't think we can say there is proof yet.

"Why did Facebook ban The Electronic Intifada’s ad for “Killing Gaza”?" (Abunimah).  I still find it striking that the usual niceties have been thrown out, and (((they))) no longer care how bad things look as long as they tamp down the truth.

"Emma Barnett: A Classic “Philip Cross” Wikipedia Operation" (Murray).  Very specific debrothelization.

"Chuck Schumer Is the Worst Possible Democratic Leader on Foreign Policy at the Worst Possible Time" (Schwarz).  Khough, khough.

"#MeToo at the Cannes Film Festival: All about money and power" (Steinberg).  The commie bros cite Polanski to back up their case!  I still want to know who is paying for this embarrassing campaign.  The 'socialists' have picked their side, the winning and honorable Harvey side:  "Asia Argento Condemns Harvey Weinstein at Cannes Awards: ‘I Was Raped Here, This Festival Was His Hunting Ground’".

Concentration camp guard discusses concentration camp inmate (not to be read if you are prone to projectile vomiting):  "John McCain’s Greatest Fear" (Goldberg).

Trump, who was off to a rocky start but generally held it together, has suddenly, and totally, gone off the rails on multiple fronts:  "President Bolton Announces the Korea Summit May be Canceled" (Anglin):
"President John Bolton, through his puppet-figure Donald Trump, former star of “The Apprentice” who now does a heavily scripted reality TV show called “Wars for Jews” which runs on all television networks and is produced and directed by President Bolton, has announced that he may be canceling the Korea summit – because reasons."
"Today's Blind Items - Which One" (CDaN). The guesses:
"A: Pamela Anderson
B: Kylie Minogue
C: Nicole Scherzinger
M: George Soros
N: Julian Assange"
A fairly obvious PR attack on Assange, including the idea he is being funded by Soros.
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