Monday, May 21, 2018

Ingénue mourning

"The Other Art of the Deal, Tehran-style" (Escobar):
"Pyongyang was also in the house. The North Korean delegate had produced an astonishing speech, essentially arguing that Palestine should follow their example, complete with a “credible nuclear deterrent."
"Will Trump’s Pyrrhic Victory End with America’s Role as Global Bully?" (Giraldi).  This phase transition has to happen sometime, why not now?  It is inevitable that the Khazar parasite will kill the American host.

Tweet (Matt Taibbi) (link to the supremacism; I assume the JYT still has editors, so whatever this means, it was intentional):
"New York Times op-ed gives a big thumbs-down to “ingenue mourning” of slain protesters."
"Bill Maher and Bari Weiss Cruelly Blame Palestinians for Gaza Massacre" (Stern).  "Israeli Government ‘Justifies’ Killings of Palestinians Saying ‘We Can’t Put All of These People in Jail’".  Supremacists often manage to pass as human beings by mimicking normal human emotions, but they get tripped up in their inability not to gloat by victim blaming, something that is abhorrent to non-psychopaths.

BigJew news: tweet (Dave Levinthal):
"For all the talk of Democratic small-dollar donor power — particularly among women — preeminent liberal super PAC @prioritiesUSA Action raised almost all of the $3.02 million it generated in April from two men: megadonors George Soros and Donald Sussman"
Shekels.  "Congress to Consider Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights".  "Congress Ignores Israel’s War Crimes: It’s the American Way" (Giraldi).  "Criticize the Israeli Government, Or Criticize Individuals Who Put Israel First Ahead of the U.S., You're Breaking The Law. Goes Into Effect July 1 -- by J".

"Did Putin Just Ask For Iran's Exit From Syria In Meeting With Assad?" (Durden).  Obviously not.  Assad is in no position to deliver on such a promise, still needs the Iranian troops, and if they were to leave Putin would have to replace them with Russian troops.  Note how 'journalist' (((Sly))) immediately, in typical Khazar fashion, interprets ambiguous words as answering Bibi's call from his visit to Moscow.

"Russia’s Relationship with Israel and the S-300 Controversy" (Turbeville).  Supplying, or not supplying, S-300s/400s is part of Putin's diplomatic arsenal in dealing with third parties, most notably the US (one of his few tools in dealing with the imposition of sanctions is promising not to deliver defensive tools to an American Israeli enemy).  Note the possibility raised by Webb that the Israelis are cloaking themselves as American, thus protecting their planes from defensive counter-attack!

"Mainstream Media Names FBI Informant Who Invaded Trump Campaign a Week After Alex Jones Broke Story" (Anglin) (he's not wrong):
"We get a lot of press for being the most genocidal website, and the most censored, but we are rarely acknowledged as the most accurate.

Seriously, not even messing with you here – name a single website that has a better track record for absolute accuracy than this one. There is not one. If I stopped saying “nigger” and “kike” so much, and calling for all of these exterminations of entire races of humans and dogs, I would get a Pulitzer."
"Doxxed FBI Trump Spy Also Spied On Carter Admin Under Reagan" (Ambellas).  The new James Bond.

"The Messiah Is Here" (Shamir).  Full of zingers.

"Time to ditch Wikipedia? A look at a Wikipedia editor's long-running campaign to discredit anti-war campaigners and journalists".  The strange dismissals of Wales indicate that 'Cross' is very important to the hasbaraists.

"Nunes Outraged that [American] Spies Paid to Brush Up against Trump Aides" (emptywheel).  Note, again, the sad deterioration of emptywheel, laid low by Trump Derangement Syndrome, which appears to be a form of Alzheimer's (to be fair, she's picked one quote by Nunes to attack, but the general Clintonista line -  see Marshall's paywalled blog - is that the IC did nothing wrong and was just investigating credible threats of Russian meddling).  Nunes is about the only guy in Washington doing his job, which in this case is hunting down a Nixon-level plot by the American IC and the Obama/Killary operatives to mess with the Trump campaign, while setting up a warmongering narrative to lead to WWIII once Killary won (I think commentator Zachary Smith is correct).  In particular, the Department of Justice went after, and got, FISA warrants bootstrapped on material which was created by the IC through their infiltration of the Trump campaign.  So far we've got at least Halper, Mifsud (probably the key, but still 'mysterious'), and likely Page, spying on, and even manipulating (to create #Russiagate), the Trump campaign.  There is no possible world in which this isn't a huge deal.  If Roger Stone pulled anything close to this on the Clinton campaign, he'd be in jail (one of the striking things about the Trump campaign is, despite all the sleazy operators, they were still mostly 'babes in the woods' in the slimy world of Washington swamp politics).

"Gina Haspell: She’s Certainly Qualified for the Job" (Jacobs) (should be 'Haspel').  "Facile Haspel" (West).  Haspel is another part of The Clarification.  A lot of people in the CIA perceive themselves as just doing their job, protecting the country.  A lot apparently even think of themselves as liberals.  Now that the Chief Motherfucker in Charge literally has blood on her shirt, it is impossible to maintain the same delusions.

"“This Could Go To Hell In A Handbag”: Is John Bolton Playing Games With Trump?" (Tracy).  "The Bolton Administration Has Already Begun" (Feffer).  Trump seems to be greatly influenced by the person he talked to last, so having Bolton down the hall is a problem.

"Algemeiner: "The 40 Worst Colleges for Jewish Students, 2017"" (Sailer).  Leaving aside the bizarreness of the question (which we've been taught not to notice), the amusing thing is that the best places for Jews are the places with the  . . .  fewest Jews.

"Maduro wins Venezuelan election branded ‘illegitimate & undemocratic’ by US and opposition" (see also).  "Hizbollah’s Victory and the U.S.-Iran Conflict" (Leupp).  Voting 'wrong', still a thing in 2018.

"Someone, somewhere, is making a banned chemical that destroys the ozone layer, scientists suspect" (Mooney).

"Ottawa air crash investigators say they've solved the mystery of Flight MH370" (Crawford).  The hobby of retired air crash investigators.  For their next job I recommend MH17.

"Andrea Horwath defends NDP candidate over Remembrance Day comments".  Ontario, we're told, continues to lurch towards rule by a drug dealer (they can set the next season of Narcos in Ontario!), but this NDP, markedly unlike their asshole federal counterparts, is woke, and rising (as the campaign progresses people are finding they don't like what they see in the drug dealer), with many of their campaign promises covering basic concrete benefits for real human beings that should have been done years ago.

Here we go again!:  "BBC gets “technical difficulties” when reporter mentions MI6’s involvement in torture".
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