Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Novichok, the new health food

"Philip Cross Madness Part IV" (Murray).  This is interesting as it appears that the hasbara troll farm known as 'Philip Cross' has some kind of insider access to alerts from Wikipedia on any truth that needs to be stomped down, even in odd places you wouldn't expect them to find (which access would explain the airy dismissals from Wales).

Tweet (George Galloway).  One of the problems of using a front to cover for your hasbara is that it is difficult to mount a defense of an fictitious entity.

"Antifa or Antiwar: Leftist Exclusionism Against the Quest for Peace" (Johnstone).  It is not surprising that the usual suspects would want to infiltrate and ruin Counterpunch, but the attempt is so obvious that it is disappointing that the editors would let it happen.  Note how much of this attack turns around a guy named Yoav Litvin (and other practitioners of the 'dialectic' pop up throughout).  What is that, a Somali name, Fiji Islander, perhaps Irish?  I think Draitser is a traditional Maori name.  You have to laugh.

"FBI Informant Stefan Halper Paid Over $1 Million By Obama Admin; Spied On Trump Aide After Election" (Durden).  The three baseline facts about Trump running for President:

  1. everybody assumed his chances of winning even the nomination, let alone President, were somewhere around 0% (remember the guffaws when Coulter named him as the front-runner at being nominated?);
  2. he was so hated by both Democrats and Republicans that he had to make his campaign staff up out the various dregs and riff-raff who hang around Washington;
  3. his campaign was so disorganized there was absolutely no vetting of anybody who offered to help.
"Iran Announces Plan To Stay In Syria As Pompeo Issues Unprecedented Threats" (Durden).  "Pompeo as imperial proconsul" (Lang).  "US Secretary of State Pompeo presents war ultimatum to Iran" (Van Auken).

"Trumpism Folds into Netanyahu-ism, or ‘Neo-Americanism’" (Crooke).

"Peace with a price: Iran promises EU to adhere to nuke deal on one condition".  Does the EU have enough money to pay the American fines?  This is shaping up to be a critically important game of chicken, and Trump has shown himself to be reasonable after receiving an education outside his inner circle.  Lurking around the discussion is that big American companies could find themselves permanently excluded from the biggest profit-making opportunities in the world, just to satisfy a tiny band of supremacists.  Of course, Trump is also further endangering the status of the dollar as world reserve currency, and once that ends the printing presses have to slow down and a lot of old imperial bills fall due.  Iran is also a vital piece of the New Silk Road, so one way or another China is going to have to get involved.  Countries could agree that any American fines were illegal and not enforceable in their courts, and companies and banks could be set up with no American exposure for the single purpose of dealing with Iran.

"Trump Collusion: How afraid should we be of Mohammed Bin Zayed of the UAE?" (Cole):
"The pedophilia angle on Nader needs to be unpacked. Did his activities in those circles in Washington, DC, in the 1980s and 1990s allow him to discover which American politicians and even foreign dignitaries were engaging in secret pedophilia activities, and then to pass that information to foreign intelligence agencies so that these individuals could be blackmailed? It is worth noting, though no one does, that at least allegations have been made against Trump by underaged girls. If Nader had files on “colleagues” in those circles, it might explain why he kept being picked up as useful even after the Prague year in jail. He was in Iraq with Prince’s Blackwater in the 2000s, and then around 2011 suddenly pops up in Abu Dhabi as adviser to Mohammad Bin Zayed, the crown prince."
"Blind Item #8" (CDaN).  The guesses (probably too conveniently tying a lot of current conspiracies together, and the last sentence surely refers to wives of Gulf princes, not Melanie Melania!) (links removed):
"Island: Little Saint James, U.S. Virgin Islands ("The Lolita Express")
Island owner: Jeffrey Epstein
Former friend/attorney: Alan Dershowitz
Foreign born convicted child molester: George Nader
Wife to friends: Melania Trump"
"NYU Abu Dhabi Censors John Kerry Over Fear He Might Say Nice Things About Iran" (Durden).

"How the "Skripal Effect" Was Stopped" (Gunnar).  The Russian-controlled media outlets were able to publicize the most ridiculous aspects of the Official Story, thus allowing the British people to make up their own minds.  At the same time, everybody could see that the (((mainstream media))) were lying through their teeth.

"Scientists Revise Their Understanding of Novichok After it Fails to Produce the Lethal Effects They Expected" (Slane).
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