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Rending / Punked / Sorted it out / chicken guy

"Did Fracking Cause The Hawaii Volcano Eruption?" (Durden).  Read through to the end for the usual angle.

"Gaza killings are rending the Jewish community" (Weiss).  Requisite goy management.  Weiss hears sobs in between the back--slapping and high-fiving.  If you actually read the article, it is a list which completely disproves the title.  Note that even his commentators are getting very tired of the Weiss shtick, but Weiss, the ultimate hasbara troll, labors on regardless.

The recent Khazar massacre in Gaza?  Trump's fault, and Jews are the real victims here!:  "Thanks to Trump and Netanyahu, it's Jew vs. Jew".

"Lying Liar James Clapper Just Lied Again About His Previous Lies About NSA Spying" (Payton).  Clapper has a meta-lie to explain his lying to Congress.  Since it was none other than Meghan McCain who asked the surprising question - shocking, in fact, because one of the mainstays of the (((media))) is never to question these guys in any way - I assume the question was created by Clapper's team to allow him to trot out the lying explanation.

"Second Trump Campaign Spy Was From NSA, Offered Hillary's Emails: Caputo" (Durden).  The problem with the Clintonista apologies for the IC operation against Trump, as spouted by places like Lawfare and TPM, is that mere law enforcement investigators don't keep consistently offering up Russian access to intriguing oppo like these guys did (though it is interesting that this early ratfucking attempt seemed to be packaged as coming from the NSA), and we haven't even heard what Mifsud was doing.  It was entrapment, and a very specific form of entrapment, as it was directed at implicating the Russians, not Trump, as part of the post-Clinton-victory plans for WWIII.  It is actually much, much, much worse than Watergate, high treason in fact. It won't, of course, happen, but people should be hanged over this.

It is funny how often Marshall keeps looking for Russians and running into Khazars (who are usually, of course, called 'Russians' or 'Russian-Ukrainians', whatever that is!):  "Important".

This is amazing, Marshall throwing in 100% with Bolton!!!:  "How Trump Got Punked By Kim Jong-Un".

"Israel lobby group spreads hoaxes to whitewash Gaza massacre" (Cronin).

"Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency Presents "Om kriget kommer" -- by J":
"I ask the Swedes why they don't band together with the other European nations that border Russia, to tell NATO that their intention to wage war with Russia, should be abandoned before it reaches the point of no return. Europeans won't be able to live in nuclear rubble, They have not prepared their nations to live underground.  Russia on the other hand has been preparing to go to ground if and when that time happens."
If Europe wasn't run by such Euro-trash, everybody involved in this warmongering stunt would be rounded up and jailed for decades.  I'd charge them with conspiracy to attempt mass murder.

Tweet (Charles Shoebridge):
"The statement of Yulia #Skripal may be entirely genuine. But if such similarly rehearsed words had been said in a similar way by a UK citizen in the ‘protective custody’ of #Russia, US UK govts & media would very quickly claim they’d been said under duress"
It is exactly like the statements ISIS/al Qaeda hostages are forced to read.  It is a wonder they didn't put her in an orange jumpsuit.  Lucky for her, the British IC probably feels her organs are too poisonous to eat.  Speaking of which, an alleged 'terrorist'/freedom fighter in Canada took a polygraph, and was apparently flummoxed when they asked him if he preferred the human heart or spleen as a snack:  "Canadian ISIS fighter at heart of NYT podcast says RCMP gave him a lie detector test".  To be fair, it is a difficult question, and he was allegedly more of a head-lopper than a human organ eater.  Related (and important!):  "One Year On – The Truth About The Manchester Bombing Scorpion" (Nick for The Saker Blog):
"Press coverage of the trial confirmed that Abdullah and his friends joined the terror group after fighting in Libya in 2011. But the same mainstream media carefully avoided the fact that the Manchester terror cell to which Abdullah, and his close friend Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, belonged was formed as a direct result of the British government and security services trying to use radical Muslims as weapons to achieve ‘regime change’ in Libya.

The Daily Mail was among the media outlets that reported on the conviction of Mohammed Abdallah:

“Footage has emerged of the jihadi linked to the Manchester Arena bomber fighting with militants in Libya before he tried to become an ISIS sniper.

“Mohammed Abdallah and his brother Abdalraouf were at the centre of a Manchester-based terror network which included Salman Abedi, who killed 22 at the Ariana Grande concert earlier this year.

“As unemployed former drug dealer Abdallah was jailed for 10 years today, footage showed him and his brother during a spell they spent in Libya fighting along militants in the country’s civil war.

“The brothers, who grew up in Manchester had dual Libyan nationality, joined the ‘Tripoli Brigade’ when the North African country fell apart in 2011.”

Hold it right there! Because the Tripoli Brigade was not some random bunch of Jihadi crazies. It was a part of the so-called National Liberation Army, the umbrella force organised to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi. The NLA was the ground-force backed by none other than David Cameron, who turned the RAF into the air arm of the Islamist rebellion.

It was founded, organised and led by Mahdi al-Harati, a Libyan-Irish citizen. It was armed by the CIA, through the American puppet regime in Qatar. The brigade included officers who had lived most of their lives in English speaking countries including Ireland, Canada, UK and the US.

An article in Ireland’s Sunday World drew attention to relations between Mahdi al-Harati and an unnamed US intelligence agency.

According to the article on November 6, 2011, €200,000 in cash was stolen from al-Harati’s Dublin house a month previously.

The Sunday World reported that a criminal gang working the area found two envelopes stuffed with €500 notes during a raid on the al-Harati’s family home, October 6.

The article, apparently relying on police sources, stated that al-Harati, who has been a Dublin resident employed as an Arabic teacher for 20 years, claimed, when contacted by police, that the stolen cash was “given to him by an American intelligence agency.”"
and (reminds me of 9/11!):
"As he was travelling back to Libya in May 2011 he was approached by two counter-terrorism police officers in the departure lounge who told him that if he was going to fight he would be committing a crime.

But after providing them with the name and phone number of the MI5 officer he had spoken to previously, and following a quick phone call to him, he was waved through.

“As he waited to board the plane, he said the same MI5 officer called him to tell him that he had ‘sorted it out’.”"
Breaking the weird extraterritorial application of insane, beshekeled, American law, which has to happen sometime and might as well happen now, is the main issue in the Iran sanctions.

"Mike Pompeo claims Iran carrying out 'assassination operations' in Europe".  He just made this up, but it is weirdly like actual Mossad assassination operations in Iran (and the Burgas attack was an obvious Israeli false-flag directed at Hezbollah's relationship to Europe).

"As US Tries to Remake Rather than Rebuild Northern Syria, Local Resistance Groups Emerge " (Webb).  The world, and Americans, need to see a lot of American troops in body bags as quickly as possible.  Perhaps the Iraqis could kindly supply, as a humanitarian gesture, some IED experts.

Bibi gets his answer:  "Pullout of Iranian Forces, Hezbollah Units From Syria Out of Question - Damascus".  Note:
"The international coalition led by the United States has deliberately bombed oil wells in Syria, so that the government would not be able to use them, Mikdad said.

"They made it necessary to spend tens of millions of dollars to resume work at these [oil] fields," Mikdad added."
"Syrian official rejects US demand for Iranian withdrawal" (Isachenkov).

"Falsely accusing Palestinians of anti-Semitism is malicious" (Salaita).  Getting involved in this discussion just plays into the Khazar game (just as 'denying' - note the weird choice of words - the Holocaust is the best thing you can do for them).  We need to get to the point where being an 'anti-Semite' - again, totally nuts as a term as it refers to people who are woke about a supremacist conspiracy run by people who aren't Semites! -  is the most distinguished and honorable thing anyone could aspire to be.  There needs to be something like the Nobel Peace Prize, given annually to the world's finest anti-Semite.

I'll just leave this here:  "Image Of Jewish Temple Photoshopped Over Jerusalem Mosque Embroils US Embassy In Controversy" (Durden).

"Report: Angola's envoy to Israel fired for attending embassy opening".  Fired "for harming Angola's good reputation".

You've got to love that Roth, who chronicled #metoo amongst the Khazars like no other (but is, as usual, highly overrated as a novelist by the Khazar-controlled Litarary Criticism Industrial Complex), and decades before the Great Shiksa Progrom of 2017-2018, never got his Nobel as the awarding apparatus had its own #metoo moment.

"Israeli Parliament Reportedly Considers Promoting Kurdish State".  They've been 'promoting' a Kurdish state - an integral part of Yinon - for years.

"Maduro’s Win: A Bright Spot in Dark Times" (Pemberton).  Hear, hear, but he really needs to hire some central bankers who know what they are doing (hint: hire some from Argentina).

"Rudy Giuliani won deal for OxyContin maker to continue sales of drug behind opioid deaths" (McGreal):
"But Giuliani and his team seemed to be also working their Washington contacts. The Purdue lawyers complained to the office of the then deputy attorney general, James Comey, whose tenure as head of the FBI lay ahead of him, that Brownlee was exceeding his legal authority in pursuit of documents from the company.

“The defence lawyers contacted Mr Comey unbeknownst to us and said those guys down there are crazy,” said Brownlee. The US attorney went to Washington to explain to Comey in person. Purdue was not instantly recognizable as a pharmaceutical company to most people in DC. The name was easily mistaken for Perdue Farms, a regional chicken producer well known for its television ads featuring the owner, Frank Perdue. “Mr Comey said, why are you prosecuting the chicken guy?” said Brownlee."
There must have been a big party when the huge bags of shekels arrived at the PMO:  "At the U.N., Trudeau Opposes an Investigation into Israel’s Shooting of Unarmed Civilians – Including a Canadian Doctor" (Lascaris).  Justin's surprising initial remarks must have been a play to get more shekels.

I swear that Trudeau's going to segue directly from ridiculous over-the-top virtue-signaling over identity politics to sending in the Canadian army to murder natives for righteously protesting against an already obsolete pipeline owned by a company from Texas (and that nobody, except for the 'socialist' government of Alberta, actually wants!):  "The Dispossession of Canada’s First Nations and the Kinder Morgan Pipeline" (Petersen).  He's even going to pay the Texans billions for their inconvenience in having to wait for Canadian political discussion of the issue.  Of course, the bigger story is the Canadian government really wants to break the pattern that the US is the only buyer for oil sands oil, and move a lot of it to China (a plan with massive environmental dangers).

"Landmark study reveals ‘clear evidence’ of mercury’s toll on health in Grassy Narrows" (Poisson/Bruser).  "Ottawa not ready to create special police task force for missing and murdered Indigenous women" (Ballingall).  "Highway of Tears murders" ('Philip Cross').
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