Monday, May 07, 2018


Juan of the CIA at his absolute nadir, with the backwards theory that the terrorists were forced out due to threats by the Syrian government to kill civilians if they didn't leave, when of course the terrorists consistently embed themselves in civilian populations, which they brutally abuse, in order to shield themselves from military attack:  "Syria: Did E. Ghouta Gas Reports cause Rebels to surrender en masse in Homs, Hama?"  Simply appalling, but it is an excellent indication from the horse's mouth that the CIA is not happy with what is going on in Syria.

"Russia: Washington’s Next Vassal?" (Roberts).  Maneuvering of the 'pro-American faction'.

"Putin Has Shown Weakness in Armenia and Syria – Is His Credibility Collapsing?" (Trifkovic):
"The interventionists believe that it is now time to take advantage of Putin’s weakness by chasing the Russians out of Syria altogether, reopening the Ukrainian front, completing the regime change in Armenia, and encouraging the implosion of the remnant of the Russian-led security and economic alliances. My prediction is that they will also sabotage the FIFA World Cup, which is due to be held in Russia June 14 – July 15, by encouraging their proxies to stage another false-flag operation (which will be blamed on Moscow directly), or to carry out a terrorist attack on one of the competition’s venues."
The world puts a lot of hope in Putin simply because, he, unlike the leaders of all western countries, actually acts, from time to time, in the national interests of his own country.

"Trump Circles Hired Israeli Spy Company 'Black Cube' To Dig Up Dirt on Iran Deal Negotiators" (Moon) (see also, Marshall).  "Alan Dershowitz joins Harvey Weinstein's defense team" (I'm looking forward to the 'serial liar, serial prostitute' defense against all those famous actresses, though I'm guessing the emails Dersh is trying to get contain post-rape friendly requests for jobs from these actresses).

I'm sorry, but the commie bros support for pedophilia, far outside their wheel-house, is just gone beyond weird:  "The hypocritical, cowardly expulsion of Roman Polanski from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences" (Walsh). (((Somebody's))) got to be paying them to embarrass themselves, and undermine their cause, so badly.

"Israel Vows to 'Eliminate' Assad if He Keeps Letting Iran Operate From Syria".

"Saudi Arabia’s Needs Have Become Iran’s Problems" (Luongo). MbS has put the Saudis in a very precarious position.

Wow!:  "Once the Syrian War is Over, Qatar Could Become an Empire Again" (Fisk).

"The Israel lobby: A List" (If Americans Knew).  There seem to be about as many vile racist violent group supremacist lobbying organizations as there are Khazars.

"UK: Labour-controlled Leeds City Council censors conference questioning official Syria narrative" (Hyland).  'Concerns' that people are getting too woke.

"hilarious fake yulia skripal twitter account (now deleted)" (Niqnaq).

Stark example of The Clarification (anti-humanist virtue signaling from the 'left' through consumerism choices):  "You Love Venezuelan Rum. But Is It Time to Boycott?" (Hakim).
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