Sunday, May 20, 2018


"Obama’s Legacy Has Already Been Destroyed" (Sullivan).  I'm not a big fan of Sullivan, but this is quite the spectacular column.

"Poisoned former Russian spy Sergei Skripal to be offered secret new life in America".  Not wise to go into WITSEC, as then they can disappear you for good and nobody would know.  It is funny that the article is written as if all the spectacular lies of the British government haven't been mocked to death.

A compendium of #Russiagategate articles assembled at Niqnaq:  "spies".  The Barry/IC infiltrators - and Misfud seems more important and suspicious than Halper (Halper's role may have been more directed at Page, with just one September encounter with George Papadopoulos) - nudged the Trump campaign into acting on the idea that the Russians may have had dirt on Killary, using the very weakest link, Papadopoulos.  Unfortunately for the conspirators, the Trump campaigners were too incompetent to take the hint with any kind of focused determination, and nothing other than the ridiculous Don, Jr. June 2016 meeting - the one where Don thought he was going to a meeting to get dirt, and the Russian thought it was a meeting to discuss Russian adoptions and the Magnitsky Act - came of it.

If it was left at that, this is nothing more than the usual campaign dirty tricks in the style of Roger Stone, and is probably not even illegal.   The important criminality comes out of the fact that the American IC acted as if their trick worked, and based their whole ongoing anti-Trump operation on the untrue supposition that Trump had taken their bait, and was somehow colluding with the Russians.  It is worse than the usual entrapment, as the intent was to interfere with a Presidential election by Democrat partisans, with the power of the American IC and Barry's Administration, behind them (not forgetting that Power and Rice and Brennan were involved in a frenzied and clearly illegal 'unmasking' operation of NSA snooping at the same time).  There is also the fact that a real attempt to suborn an American election did come from a foreign government, that being the government of Britain.  Also note that an "an Israeli embassy official" was a go-between in setting up the infamous drunken Downer-Papadopoulos meeting, which really served as the basis for the subsequent American IC operation.

"Democrats defend FBI following reports it spied on Trump's election campaign" (Gray).  The Democrats are arguing that revealing the identity of their moles would damage the 'War on Terror' and treasonously threaten the lives of brave IC operatives working undercover!  Now that the worm has tuned, and their operatives are threatened, isn't it time to let bygones be bygones, and put all this divisive nonsense behind us?:  ""It's Over" - Biggest 'Russiagate' Cheerleaders Start Covering Their Tracks" (Lazare).

"Review: Michael Hayden’s “The Assault on Intelligence: American National Security in an Age of Lies”" (Van Buren).  Hayden's one of this type of American official who actually seems like he should be in a straight jacket, but everybody acts as if nothing is wrong and this kind of insanity is normal.

"Facebook & Atlantic Council unite: Now social media giant serves NATO’s agenda" (MacDonald).  Things seem to be clarifying at scary rate when Facebook starts boasting of its connections to a NATO PR operation.  The Euro-trash are tied to the Empire directly though their obligations to NATO, which constrains their choices on Iran. "With Iran sanctions Trump made Europeans look like the fools they are" (Laughland):
"The angry statements by European leaders might lead one to think that we are on the cusp of a major reappraisal of trans-Atlantic relations. However, the reality is that the EU and its leaders have painted themselves into a corner from which it will be very difficult, perhaps impossible, to extricate themselves.

First, the links between the EU and the US are not only very long-standing, they are also set in stone. NATO and the EU are in reality Siamese twins, two bodies born at the same time which are joined at the hip. The first European community was created with overt and covert US support in 1950 in order to militarize Western Europe and to prepare it to fight a land war against the Soviet Union; NATO acquired its integrated command structure a few months later and its Supreme Commander is always an American.

Today the two organizations are legally inseparable because the consolidated Treaty on European Union, in the form adopted at Lisbon in 2009, states that EU foreign policy “shall respect” the obligations of NATO member states and that it shall “be compatible” with NATO policy. In other words, the constitutional charter of the EU subordinates it to NATO, which the USA dominates legally and structurally. In such circumstances, European states can only liberate themselves from US hegemony, as Donald Tusk said they should, by leaving the EU.  It is obvious that they are not prepared to do that."
 We're living in a NATOcracy.

"Why Germans Are Getting Fed Up with America" (Bershidsky) (my emphasis in red):
"Now, another incomprehensible economic spectacle is unfolding parallel to Trump’s pressure on European steel and aluminum exporters. National Security Adviser John Bolton is threatening sanctions against European companies for dealing with Iran — and, at the same time, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is promising U.S. investment in North Korea if it denuclearizes. Wasn’t that what the Iran deal was about?

“So, American firms will soon be able to do business in North Korea, but not European ones in Iran,” commentator Mark Schieritz wrote on Twitter. Schieritz published a column in Zeit Online arguing that the U.S. was no longer a partner but a rival for Europe. He argued that time had come for Europe to confront the U.S. and respond to its “blackmail” in a tit-for-tat format — something the more sober Spiegel editorial didn’t advocate."
"Lauder refutes statement on OSF move attributed to him".  Lauder protests he didn't defend Soros.

"Eurovision: A False-flag Operation or Something More?"  Eurovision songs are so consistently horrible that it is impossible to prove a conspiracy in even the most bizarre choice, but this particular one, given its timing, is extremely suspicious.

'Progressive' hero, MbS:  "Saudi Arabia 'arrests women's rights activists'".
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