Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tell me another one, Schlomo

"The US political police and the 2016 elections" (Martin).  The investigations keep bumping up against wrongdoing, just not the wrongdoing they are supposed to find.  "Trump Tower transcripts show how one reckless meeting led to probe" (Turley):
"Many of the media continue to refuse to acknowledge the fact that both campaigns were actively seeking dirt on the other side, including information from Russian intelligence figures. While the Clinton campaign long denied the connection to the Steele dossier, including in meetings with investigators, Clinton and her top campaign officials belatedly admitted to funding the dossier after media found evidence linking it to Clinton’s top lawyer. It was buried as a campaign expenditure to a law firm. Clinton aides now express disbelief that anyone would question such “opposition research” on Trump, even from Russian sources."
"WSJ Asks "Was Trump's Campaign 'Set Up'?"" (Durden).  Comey and the FBI started the ball rolling by telling Barry's White House that they had concerns about Manafort and Page, then Killary picked up Jeb!'s dossier, feeding the British/Ukrainian intelligence fiction back to the American IC, who then started leaking it to the American (((media))).  It is quite a sordid story, and Trump is entirely the victim.  It remains to be seen if there were active steps, by the Barry/Killary conspirators and their IC, to trick Trump, though his less intelligent operatives/hangers-on, into trouble.

"The Philip Cross Affair" (Murray).  Looks to me like one of these hasbara farms, paid armies of computer jockeys spreading a certain kind of PR (Murray, to his great credit, 'names the Jew'; and note the connection of 'Philip Cross' to neo-con Murdoch writer/lackey Oliver Kamm).  This kind of systematic distortion is, of course, completely uninteresting to the (((media))) or Wales, but 'Russian bots' spending $100,000 looking for clicks on hot-button topics is the worst thing imaginable, a threat to democracy itself.

"Facebook partners with Atlantic Council to improve election security" (Breland).  This sounds like a joke, but is just shamelessness.

Shadow banning isn't new:  "Twitter Is Going To Limit The Visibility Of Tweets From People Behaving Badly" (Kantrowitz)

"Syria Notes - 18 May 2018" (Lang).  Assad is the latest pilgrim to Moscow, and at least pretends to be happy.  The de-terrorization of Syria continues, slowly and systematically, with Turkey still the wild card.

The Democrat/Settler Party:  "Deafening Democratic Silence on Gaza Is Because They Own It Too" (Dixon).

"Corbyn Backs Hard Brexit" (Smith).  Corbyn may very well be the perfect politician.

"Why Are Random Protests In Iran Suddenly Turning Deadly?" (Cicero).  MEK/Mossad regime change operations.  "Tell me another one, Schlomo."

"13 Inconvenient Truths About What Has Been Happening in Gaza" (Rosenberg).  Tell me another one, Schlomo.  The official anti-settler but lite-Zionist line amongst the 'left' is now that this kind of thing wouldn't be happening if Israel improved prison conditions for the Gazans.

"US Scrapped B-52 Military Drill With South Korea After Kim Jong Un Complained".  It was the South Koreans who scrapped it, but Trump did the right thing, and implicitly censored Bolton, by going along.  That Nobel peace Prize is still in play!

"Orban: Hungary ‘insulted’ by Lauder’s comments".  I think it odd that Lauder went out of his way to Judaize the desorosization.

"‘Extraordinary’ homicide cases push Toronto police budget into deficit".  The walking cliché of the gay serial killer, the Armenian terrorist van of peace, and the OJ-style enterprise of finding out who really killed Honey - it's all costing a fortune, with a lot of money wasted as wokenness is not permitted.

The latest familial DNA, using a DNA database, arrest:  "Arrest made in 30-year cold case of murdered B.C. couple" and "Washington police announce arrest in 1987 murder of Victoria couple":
"Talbott was identified after a company called Parabon Nanolabs was hired to assist investigators using new DNA technology.

Genetic genealogist CeCe Moore used a public databank to upload the suspect’s DNA and build a family tree from those with partial matches back to Talbott’s great-grandparents.

She then started building the tree forward until “two of the closest matches’ trees converged. They intersected into a marriage, and from that marriage there was only one son.”

“That led us to really only one person who could carry this mix of DNA,” said Moore, who offered her condolences to the families."
There's an active program of investigation using Parabon NanoLabs and GEDmatch: "DNA Data From 100 Crime Scenes Has Been Uploaded To A Genealogy Website — Just Like The Golden State Killer".  Note the idea of giving reward money to those who submit DNA which leads to a match.
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