Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Temporary forearm tattoos

"Saudi Crown Prince to Palestinians: Accept US/Israeli Apartheid Plan or Shut up".  This is leaked by the Big Jews in attendance to send yet another in a series of messages of hopelessness to the Palestinians, I assume to counter Palestinian enthusiasm over massive PR success over Land Day protests.

"Why is Israel Summarily Expelling Tens of Thousands of African Refugees?" (Adelman):
"For many Israelis and Jews of the diaspora, the government’s tough measures towards asylum seekers ignore a long Jewish tradition, for many, the essence of the Jewish character, to helping those in need."
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Note the deal the asshole Cotler imposed on Canada to bear some of the burden that Israel should assume under international law (no doubt lots of shekels were involved).  Of course, as we know all too well, international law doesn't apply to Jews.

I'm assuming there is a Khazar store on the internet where you can buy the necessary paraphernalia to be the best darn Khazar you can be, including temporary forearm tattoos (though this mensch, hard core, got a permanent one):  "Yet Another Sneaky Jew Busted For Holohoax Scamming" (Cicero).  I'll just leave this here:  "Steven Spielberg Urges Mandatory Holocaust Education".

"The Korean Summit" (Shamir).  We should pause and reflect on how rare this kind of thing is, and why.  Kim is a guy depicted in the western (((media))) as simultaneously a clownish figure of fun, and a deranged, murderous madman.  He has one job to do, unification, and literally no cards to play, but he has somehow managed to place his country in the best possible position.  He might be a geopolitical genius.

"The Korean Breakthrough" (Leupp).  Bizarrely marred by the writer's butt-hurt that Trump might be able to take credit for it!  Seriously, dude, get a grip!  By the standards of an American President, getting out of the way and allowing others to settle their differences is a major positive step, worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, especially when you consider all the Khazars hanging around him who hate the idea that peacemaking is even a conceptual possibility (and the only reason this horrible peace was allowed to slip through is that they are currently preoccupied with mongering a war on Iran).  I get the idea that there are people who would prefer to see WWIII rather than the much worse atrocity of Trump standing on a podium in Norway with a big gold medal around his neck.  If Barry can get one merely for being black, Trump should be able to get one for being orange (and getting out of the way of stopping a major conflict).

What we would have got from Killary (from October 28, 2016):  "Hillary’s Hawks Are Threatening Escalation Against North Korea" (Shorrock).

"Korean “peace pipeline” gains traction" (Bhadrakumar).

"Where They Tell You Not to Look" (Murray).  I've been uncomfortable about these Pablo-Skripal-Steele conspiracies, and now I'm seeing it (you know how you're muddling around in cloudy conspiracies, and suddenly everything becomes clear?).  The scoffing is from 'journalists' who are clearly intelligence assets, with the additional intrigue of a D-notice (which we, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, kinda know about), and the intent is the ol' reverso switcheroo.  They are cleverly burnishing Steele's dossier.  The contents of the dossier were manufactured by Ukrainian intelligence agents (and full credit to them, this was a spectacularly successful intelligence operation, at least in its attack on Putin if not Trump).  Putting Pablo and Skripal in the mix makes it look like there was real content in the dossier (from Skripal to Pablo to Steele, and non-fatally attacking Skripal in a spectacular media story emphasizes the importance of the fact pipeline), but suggesting this by denying it allows conspiracists to own the idea by thinking they ferreted it out in the face of IC deception and the (oddly, revealed) D-notice!  Nice work!

"Wrong man served 38 years for rape, murders; Golden State Killer link now sought". A white guy, how does that happen?

"The Samson Haircut Option – One Step Before Russia Opens Fire On American, Israeli Forces" (Helmer).  The full spectrum of the ongoing American war on Russia (WWIII without the explosions), Putin's ultra-cautious wimp-out lack of response, and the Russian reliance on jamming in lieu of supplying those much-talked-about-but-never-delivered anti-missile defense systems.  Jamming works on some missiles, all but the crudest drones, modern ships, and some of the ultra-high-tech American planes, but not necessarily on a piloted plane flying by sight delivering missiles or bombs.

"Strike Likely Targeted Surface-to-surface Missiles Iran Seeks to Deploy in Syria".  Standard-issue Israeli PR.  Israel illegally bombs something, then manufactures a mythological threat, something so important that Israel had to bomb it ('we had no choice, goyim, it was an existential threat, muh Holocaust'), thus establishing, by pulling on its own bootstraps, the actual existence of the threat, which is then used as a casus belli for WWIII.

"Netanyahu accuses Iran of 'secretly' pursuing nuclear programme".  "Israel Launches Desperate PsyOps and Trump is Buying by Publius Tacitus".  Documents from before Iran started to negotiate to end the program, an end which we know has occurred due to international inspections.  This is a typical (((media))) operation intended to create headlines to mislead the uninformed.

"Why Did the U.S. and Its Allies Bomb Libya? Corruption Case Against Sarkozy Sheds New Light on Ousting of Gaddafi." (Penney).  Surprisingly, not bad!  We should not forget in all these cases that there are varied motives amongst the players, but all these wars are still fundamentally Wars For The Jews.  I wonder who now has the billions in stolen Libyan gold?

Many photos of Gaddafi have him in the Mr. Magoo stare at something over to the side in the middle distance he can't quite make out. 

"NYT Examines How History Impacts Korean Talks–but Its Own Memory Is Fuzzy" (Naureckas).  Funny how (((their))) fuzzy memory always leans in one direction.

"This is just incredible: Chomsky and Judith Butler are calling on the Trump administration to sponsor and arm a militia in Syria" (Angry Arab).  Incredible?  The Angry Arab hasn't been paying attention.  For a guy who is so deeply informed about the Middle East, he seems like he just got off the boat in his analysis of America.  This is exactly what I would expect from Chomsky, a pure synthesis of the 'dialectic'.

"Why is Pompeo Suddenly against Saudi Arabia’s War on Yemen?" (Cole. always a useful window into CIA analysis):
"The Libertarian wing of the Republican Party is particularly disgruntled with US involvement in Yemen, and Sen. Rand Paul pressed Pompeo on it during his confirmation hearing. Sen. Paul, who serves on the Foreign Relations Committee, had been planning to vote against Pompeo, but was convinced by President Trump to change his vote. One has to wonder whether an attempt to disentangle the US from Yemen was a quid pro quo.

Further, Pompeo’s long-time backers include the libertarian billionaire Koch brothers. My analysis of them is that they tend to be against big foreign adventures like the Iraq War, since those require tax dollars and grow the US government, and moreover released more oil on the market, with the potential for reducing its price. The Koch brothers are in the oil business and want more profits, not less. But it may be that the Kochs also did not like the 2015 UNSC Iran deal because it lifted the boycott on Iranian oil and put more on the market, contributing to low prices ever since. (Iran is back up to exporting 2.5 million barrels a day, up from 1.5 million during the severe sanctions). That is, the Kochs may not want a war on Iran but they’d like to see it back under sanctions, which is what Pompeo is now attempting to accomplish.

It is also the case that US participation in the Yemen war is a public relations nightmare in the region, and Pompeo gets that in a way that Mattis does not."
It is certainly true you get stiff Koch with Pompeo.
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