Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Consultancy

"Gaza killings: Names and faces of those killed by Israeli forces this week" (DesertPeace).

"The architects behind the ethnic cleansing of Palestine" (Al Saafin).  Like a PowerPoint of evil.

"The Coward’s Holocaust" (Taxi).

"Dublin mayor urges Eurovision boycott as Israel commits another massacre" (Abunimah).  Will the Euro-trash take the obvious step of not holding Eurovision in Jerusalem, or will they again take the shekels?  Note Mitt (!) on Jeffress, and the 'monkey' rabbi blessing of Javanka.

"Trump controlled by Mossad – Part IV:  How Trump fits in the global neocon-Likud-Chabad organized crime syndicate" (Fitzpatrick).  Very good, very specific.  The parallel to Chabad control of Putin.
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