Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Empire of Bluffing

"Trump Now Says the Korea Summit is Back on for the 12th" (Anglin).  When the two Korean leaders said 'who needs Trump, we'll figure it out ourselves', emergency sirens went off in Washington.  What kind of indispensable Empire are you if people start ignoring you?  Suddenly, Trump is available to meet again,  as if his funny little passive-aggressive letter had never been sent.

The Europeans should take heed in figuring out how to surmount the Empire in dealing with Iran (and Russia, and China, etc).  The Empire is a bluff.  It issues orders, but has neither the political nor the military ability to enforce them.  The American military, burdened by massive white elephant spending (F-35, all those incompetently designed and built warships that just serve as juicy targets), and corruption at inconceivable levels, physically and morally weakened by spending literally all of its time dropping bombs on, and droning, civilians, can't be relied upon to enforce any threat against a determined national actor, and the Washington elites are now trying to ensure that nobody finds that out.  Call the bluff!  Ignore the Americans, and they will have to come crawling back as they are terrified that the world will find out that the Empire has already died, in the dark, sucked dry by the (((parasite))).
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