Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Macher Progress of History

"Has Europe Rebelled?"  Euro-trash cuck parade.  The funny thing is the states outside the Empire are perfectly capable of acting in their own best interests, but the vassal states remain prostrate in what should be an embarrassing spectacle of cravenness.  Iran has been pussy-footing around, but will now move decisively into the Russia-China orbit, with Europe to decide whether it is to be left behind.

"'Stubbornly fighting for life': how Arthur Koestler reported the birth of Israel".  Koestler discovered the Khazar issue.  Note he was an early settler, an early promoter of various Khazar lies about how happy and well treated the Palestinians were (though he developed a wokenness later), an early #metoo Weinstein/Schneiderman, and an early Sherman, with his wife doing what is now known as a 'honey'.  Police are still looking for the real murderers (with the kicker being that the Koestlers may actually have been murdered over his wokenness!!!).

None of the outraged comments from the usual quality commentators on Sheldon's decision to withdraw from the Iran deal are particularly enlightening.  Woke future historians will note that the most striking pattern is that the American Empire didn't just lose power, but actively ran from its power, wealth, and influence, led by the nose by a tiny group of murderers and land thieves.  It is amazing!

"Why even bother negotiating with the U.S. if agreements can just be canceled unilaterally with no evidence of wrongdoing?" Murray:  "In short, if the US fails to prevent Europe and Asia’s burgeoning trade with Iran – and I think they will fail – this moment will be seen by historians as a key marker in US decline as a world power."

"Here Are The Countries That Buy Iran's Oil, And What They May Do Next" (Durden):
". . . Asian buyers could also resort to using currencies other than the dollar to pay Iran for their oil purchases. Payments may be routed through either local or foreign banks that don’t have close ties to America."
The little sliver of unhappiness at the failure of the deal to materially benefit Iranians on the street, a sliver that the Jews used to attempt regime change in Iran, is now gone, with everybody in Iran, other than outright traitors like the MEK, motivated to pull together against the Zionist menace.

One of the things that is most striking about the Macher Progress of History is that Israel ends up less powerful with each step.  Big Jews pick big projects, mostly unlikely wars or war preparation, based not on thinking through what would be 'good for the Jews' or good for Israel, but what would be big and splashy and very bad for the host Americans, thus increasing the degree of difficulty in bribing and blackmailing the politicians to do it!  The idea is to demonstrate how personally powerful they are (the ridiculousness of the project, including the damage to real American national interests, increases the difficulty of the project, thus increasing the power displayed in pulling it off), without regard to what they are doing or its consequences, all to get the support of the Khazar supremacist group and the back slaps and cheers at synagogue (it is the group support which fuels this, which is why Weiss is such a dangerous ass in trying to convince Americans of the opposite).  Each win is solely for the self-aggrandizement of that particular macher, and all the machers are in a contest to decide who is the most powerful (and with a limited number of possible projects, the projects are picked only for the power they display in pulling them off and getting the all-important victory).  That's why each 'win' weakens the land theft project (while also killing millions of people and ruining the lives of millions of others, while wrecking the United States).

"Hold the Iran Deal–Killers Accountable" (Pillar):
" The dishonest nature of the main opposition to the JCPOA is apparent from the glaring illogic of the opposition’s principal arguments. Most of the attacks against the agreement concern matters that would be worse without the agreement. Alarm about a possible Iranian nuclear weapon, as Trump expressed today, makes no sense when coming from the lips of someone who is trying to kill an agreement that closed all possible paths to such a weapon. Fulmination about a possible Iranian “breakout” toward a bomb makes no sense when it is said in the same breath as castigation of an agreement that changed breakout time from a couple of months to more than a year. Perhaps the most supremely illogical of the opposition attacks has concerned the “sunset” clauses applicable to some of the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program. Of course, without the JCPOA, Iran would be able to indulge in the restricted activities right away, which is obviously worse than a prohibition of those activities that lasts a decade or more.

Such opposition arguments would not come from someone honestly concerned with conducting diplomacy in the interests of U.S. and international security. They instead are illogical straws grasped by people who have had other reasons to try to kill the agreement.

Opponents have tried to bridge the logic gap with the fantasy of a “better deal.” That fantasy never was applicable to a long and detailed agreement that was exhaustively, and exhaustingly, negotiated over a couple of years. Each party to those negotiations wrung as much out of those negotiations as it possibly could. Moreover, the principal opponents to the JCPOA, including most importantly the Trump administration, have neither shown a desire to negotiate any new agreement with Iran—on anything—nor explained where the bargaining strength to produce a “better deal” would come from. The fissures in the international community that Trump has done so much to promote mean less prospect for concerted international economic pressure on Iran than was the case when the JCPOA was negotiated. The administration has given no indication it would offer any incentives to Iran to motivate it to make any more concessions. Besides, Tehran would have no reason, no matter how much it was pressured, to reach any new agreement with a U.S. administration that had just reneged on an existing agreement on the same subject.

Lacking logic, the opponents have resorted to confusion. They have tried to sow misperceptions about the JCPOA. This has included outright lies, such as the one often heard, including from high levels of the Trump administration, that the United States had to meet commitments up front while Iran’s obligations were all to be fulfilled later. In fact, the opposite is true; Iran had to do nearly all the bomb-proofing steps the JCPOA required it to take—including dismantling centrifuges, disposing of most of its enriched uranium, and filling a reactor with cement—before it got an ounce of new sanctions relief.

In today’s statement, Trump continued the campaign of confusion. He included chestnuts such as the notion that Iran was given billions of dollars, contrary to the truth that unfrozen assets and returned funds were all Iran’s money in the first place. He said that the JCPOA “allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium and over time reach the brink of a nuclear breakout”—giving uninformed listeners the impression that the agreement had moved Iran closer to that brink rather than, as is actually the case, moving it substantially farther away from it."
Note how after Sheldon decided what his big ego project was it was Trump's shabbos goy job to convey the illogical (self-contradictory) reasons why.

 "IT BEGINS: Iran And Syria Pummeling Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights With Rocketry, Iron Dome Failing Miserably" (Cicero).

The miraculous win of one of the most profoundly woke men on the planet:  "Mahathir Mohamad: A stunning comeback for Malaysia's ex-leader".

"The Israeli Government Role in Promoting Islamophobia Internationally" (Larudee).  Worth reading as very specific.  One of the most amazing conspiracies is the systematic production behind Islamophobia, something we're supposed to believe just arises spontaneously as a populist expression, but which is highly organized around the world and costs hundreds of millions of dollars (more if you count the role of 'Hollywood').

Stormy's lawyer appears to have obtained, through what must be highly illegal breaches of privacy-protecting laws, information that Trump's lawyer Cohen was the very definition of a shyster (and a prolific peddler of his supposed influence with Trump, which turned out to be a bust), showing bad judgment by Trump in picking his lawyers but no other wrongdoing by Trump. Amusingly, they accidentally confused the shyster lawyers named Michael Cohen (a mistake that could happen to anybody!).

"A Primer on Israeli politics" (Eyal in Angry Arab).  The term for Israeli supremacist racism is 'refreshing honesty'.

"Canada’s Justin Trudeau Promotes “Anglosphere” Spying" (Engler).

"John Ivison: With another apology, Trudeau tries to right — and rewrite — the past".  Things are changing - Ivison would have been flayed alive for this blasphemy even a year ago.  Note how deeply woke Trudeau père was!  I'm still waiting for the apologies from the Big Jews of the time who instructed the Canadian government to turn the boat away so they could have their refugee crisis and stock the land in the Middle East they intended to steal with thieves and murderers.  The perfect start to a sentence:  "In a well-received speech to a sold-out Jewish fundraising event . . . " (also:  "The fundraiser raised more than $1.1 million.").

#Metoo in Canada has taken a turn (requisite Dimanno warning):  "Christine Moore has, it seems, been hoisted by her own lustful petard". Larry David will be thrilled that close talking is also now being policed:  "MP Erin Weir vows to keep fighting after Singh boots him from NDP caucus".

"Sexually touching a student will now cost Ontario teachers their jobs".  Now?

"Blumenthal, Norton, Khalek - The Turncoats Deliver A Poor Excuse - by Daniel".  The 'dialectic', or intellectual/spiritual progress towards wokenness?  I'm inclined to pick the good contributions even from people I think may be trying to trick me.

"Watch CIA Veteran, 78, Get Dragged Out Of Haspel Confirmation And Tackled By Capitol Police" (Durden).  Well, you have to admit it was on point to be tortured on the way out!
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