Friday, May 04, 2018

Units of measurement

"The CIA’s Big Lie for Gina Haspel" (Goodman):
"Haspel, who is known as “Bloody Gina” to some of her Agency colleagues, was a leading protagonist for the torture program on the seventh floor of CIA’s headquarters building.  She was a deputy and protege to Jose Rodriguez, the CIA’s notorious former deputy director for operations and former director of the Center for Counterterrorism.  If the CIA’s torture and abuse program had a godfather, it was Rodriguez.  Haspel was a devoted acolyte.

As a result, Haspel became the commander of the Agency’s secret prison in Thailand in 2002, where she oversaw the waterboarding of Abd al-Rahim al-Nishri, who took part in the attack on the USS Cole in 2000.  Abu Zubaida was waterboarded at this prison 83 times, although Haspel was not the commander at the time.  After the prison closed, Haspel returned to the Counterterrorism Center as an operations officer.

When Rodriguez realized that the CIA’s 92 torture tapes would reveal the sadistic extent of the torture program, he realized that it would be less risky to destroy the tapes than to expose the tapes to public scrutiny at home and abroad.  Haspel was a strong advocate for destroying the tapes, and it was Haspel who prepared the cable to the prisons that ordered the destruction. The absence of accountability in the Obama administration paid off for both of them.

Thus, Rodriguez and Haspel were major players in the most shameful period in the CIA’s history, but neither one received serious punishment.  Rodriguez was given a minor administrative reprimand, which was meaningless, and Haspel got off scot-free.  The Department of Justice investigated their conduct, but charged no one with an obvious obstruction of justice despite the fact that the White House and a federal judge had ordered that the tapes be protected.

CIA officials want Haspel to be confirmed because they fear that an alternate to her, such as Senator Tom Cotton (R/AR), would be even worse.  Therefore, they are corroborating the “big lie” that Rodriguez and Haspel introduced to justify the destruction of the tapes.  They maintained that the tapes had to be destroyed in order to protect the identities of the torturers.  In fact, the torturers wore hoods that covered their faces.  The tapes would have revealed the sadistic conduct of CIA officers and contractors, but not their identities."
"Israel to Top Court: Gaza Protests Are State of War, Human Rights Law Doesn't Apply". It is not clear why they didn't just argue there is no human rights law in Israel (the necessity of universal application makes such law impossible in a supremacist state, so if there were such a law, it certainly wouldn't protect goyim).

"Cops Aren't Just Submitting DNA Samples To Genealogy Services; They're Also Obtaining Customer Info" (Cushing).  So the police can request a search for a particular collection of genetic markers (using a fake account), and they can use payment data from any DNA site to investigate anybody who requests a similar search.  The police set up a database with all their POIs, and all the known relatives of the POIs, using official data searches, social media (Zuck could really help with that!), and even wandering around looking at gravestones in cemeteries, and then hope for a match of a collection of the markers with somebody on the big familial database.  Given the problem with contaminated DNA - even more of an issue with old cold cases where the DNA wasn't thought to be evidence and thus wasn't properly preserved - this is a recipe for disaster.

"We get impression UK govt is deliberately destroying evidence in Skripal case – Russian Ambassador"  (Dr Alexander Yakovenko, Ambassador to the UK).  "The Skripal Case and Bombing Syria: Six Things We Learned About Modern Britain" (Clark).  "From The Skripals To Douma, The Globalist Pravda Network Reveals Its True Face" (Slane).  What better time, when people are laughing so hard at the bumbling Official Story, to double down on it (plus some comical problems with units of measurement which you'd think was the kind of issue they would be on top of; I hope they don't take up the job of dispensing drugs in a hospital)?:  "Weapons Watchdog Corrects Estimate of Nerve Agent Used in U.K. Attack".

"As US Military Effectiveness and Diplomatic Efforts Fade into Irrelevance Many Countries Start Ignoring Washington" (Pierracini).  Clever modern diplomacy consists totally of work-arounds of American interference against progress and peace, with almost all the negative interference predicated on the unfortunate Khazar shekeling and blackmail of American politicians.  It is funny how everybody acts on the real problem (international diplomats are woke, of necessity), without anybody being allowed to state it out loud.

"9/11 was 'down to IRAN': Shock court verdict places blame for world's worst terror attack".  The lawfare is getting so audacious and ridiculous that even tabloids you would expect to swallow it whole are choking on it.

"The Apprentice: the Education of Mohammed bin Salman" (Cohen).  Excellent summary of the crimes of MbS.  The Saudis used to do really bad things, most notably financing Wahhabist education/indoctrination, and various Sunni terrorist groups (in cahoots with the CIA), while keeping their heads down, but under MbS all the evil is out in the open.

"EU congratulates killer of Gaza cancer patients" (Abunimah).  It is hardly even news when the beshekeled Euro-trash honor some monster while simultaneously sputtering about mass human rights atrocities they pretend to care about.

Forensic examination of the crime scene:  "Thoughts on Israel's 70th Anniversary" (Medvedev).  It remains the case that American white supremacists, and Russians, are the only people worth reading on the history of Khazar thieving.

"Against Holocaust Denial" (Street).  What I want to see is research on the role of Khazar leaders in Europe and North America of encouraging/abetting the Nazis to lead to the creation of the mass number of Khazar refugees that would be required to finalize the occupation of the land they intended to steal in the Middle East.  We know they had a land-theft plan, but how could it have worked without a mass population shift of refugees, and how would those refugees have existed without some major systematic program of oppression?  We're constantly told that Khazar leaders did nothing to protect their own people as 'no one could have predicted' what happened, but just how did they end up so lucky to get the land thieving refugees they had to know they were going to need?  The Holocaust is ancient history, and you just play into their hands to question any of it, even the most obvious problems of the details of the story.  Wailing about 'denial' is the basis of a large part of their manipulation.

"Opinion /./ How Putin's Syria Gambit Could End With Israel Revealing Its Military Superiority" (Arens).  Typically putting the consequences of Bibi's gamesmanship on Putin!  The Israelis and Americans share this delusion that they are the only players on the field, and any response to their actions is some kind of cheating.

"Turkey: Erdoğan's World Of Terrorists Includes Everyone But Terrorists" (Bekdil).  So strangely like Trump, in that you can't take anything he says seriously.  As with Trump, I wonder how much of this is lack of mental discipline, and how much of it is calculated politics.  Politicians lie, but part of The Clarification - perhaps the millennial ironic part - is that the lying is no longer something to be ashamed of, or attempt to hide.

"Who's Funding The White Helmets?".  Relying on the lying and protection of the (((media))), they haven't even attempted to hide the western intelligence connections.  Note the role of Jeremy Heimans, and the connection to Avaaz (the 'liberal' PR tool of Soros), and Chemonics, an American contractor.  I'm a conspiracist who reads about this kind of thing every day, but even my jaw drops at the audacity.  Time for rebranding (just like Cambridge Analytica, which changed its name but got the (((media))) to announce it was 'shutting down'!):  "U.S. freezes funding for Syria's "White Helmets"".  I'd suggest a little alliteration.  Blue bowlers?  Chartreuse Chapeaus?  Pink Pork Pies?  Yellow Yarmulkes?

"Haftar’s Return to Libya" (Galustian).  The fact he made it back alive is not an encouraging sign. He is likely still on the CIA payroll.

"DONBASS REPORT: Fullscale war to return, full April report" (Martinez).  The escalation of violence and preparations for war against Russia by the Ukrainian government.  They will lose, of course - they can't even hold their own against Donbass civilians! - but the plan is to trigger WWIII.

"Netanyahu’s Iran Speech in Context: Irony, Hypocrisy and the Undeclared Hijacking of U.S. Foreign Policy" (Makinde).  Wars For The Jews/Yinon/chutzpah.

"Twitter Explodes After White House Corrects Iran Typo With Major Impact" (Routman).  Is this a dirty Khazar attempt at treasonously supporting Bibi, or a sophisticated White House attempt to undermine him?  Many have pointed out that Bibi's unearthing of old pre-treaty documents supports the idea that the treaty, as drafted, is working.

Looking forward to the Israeli self-immolation:  "Death of Israel" (Taxi).

Where's Mike Pence when you need him?:  "Christians in Jerusalem's Old City 'under threat' from settlers".  As always, it is one of the great mysteries of all time why people hate the lovable Jews.

"“Are there ordinary people living in Syria?”"  (KJaquesson).  Of course, the (((media))) has no interest in this kind of story.

Here we go again, part of the great pattern of our time, and yet another example of American imperial decline caused entirely by the shekeling of its treasonous politicians (you'd think somebody might be mad and do something about it as the pattern is really hard to miss!):  "China’s Bid To Assist Assad In Syrian Reconstruction Is About Security and Profit" (Hsu).  An obvious anti-humanitarian bias to the article, but essentially correct in its conclusions.

"De-Briefing Academics: Unpaid Intelligence Informants" (Petras).  Some unlikely imperialists.

Some Americans have noticed the Sackler family genocide of white Americans, so the prominent Khazar philanthropists are seeking fresh meat to sacrifice:  "Why did the maker of OxyContin pay Canadian doctors nearly three-and-a-half times more money per capita than it doled out to U.S. prescribers?"
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