Friday, May 11, 2018

What's not to like?

"Why Cry? It’s Great News that Trump Pulled Out of the Iran Deal!" (Korybko).  It's clarifying, and takes big steps to fully move Iran into the multi-polar world, end the US dollar as world reserve currency, and diminish the strength of the Empire.  It makes Israel act even stupider than usual.  What's not to like?

"US Pullout from Iran Nuclear Deal; Part of a Larger Strategy: Richard Becker".

"Israel distorts timeline of events to play victim in the dangerous escalation with Iran and Syria" (North).  Eternal victims, with the help of the (((media))).

"Iran Claims Israel Attack Was A False Flag" (Durden).  First, the Israelis announce a big warning about an attack, replete with fulsome discussion of air raid shelters.  Then, some harmless rockets fall in the Golan, harming nothing.  Then, the Israelis, kings of the false-flag, do the big 'retaliatory' attack.  It is not hard to figure out.  You'll know the real attack is occurring when the Hezbollah missiles start landing on Tel Aviv. 

"Syrians and Israelis are shooting at each other - TTG".  The other side of it is that the (((media))) isn't disclosing that the Israeli attacks have been largely unsuccessful, fended off by the old Syrian equipment.   "Watch: Syria's Air Defenses Intercept "Dozens" Of Israeli Missiles" (Durden).

"Another Aptly Anti-Assange Article" (Floth).  "Julian Now has No Internet, No Phone and No Visitors Allowed" (Anglin).  "Blind Items Revealed #5" (CDaN):
"This former A- list mostly television actress who probably hasn't acted in a decade but is still A- list, maybe even higher as a celebrity honestly. Anyway, she didn't say this in a recent interview, but she has told those close to her that she fears for her own life and stays in different hotels or vacation rentals almost every night. She says where she lives it would be far too easy for her to have an "accident."

Pamela Anderson"
"Why Are They Still in Prison?" (Gerald).

"Unidentified 'generous donor' bails out National Gallery in its scuttled deal with Christie's to sell Chagall painting" (Hum). Always with the (((generous donors))), this time so the Canadian National Museum of Shtetl Illustration won't be out of pocket!
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