Thursday, May 03, 2018

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"Bibi's Folly: Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran's Nuclear Program and Wagging the Dog" (Viable Opposition).

"Eurasia torn between war and peace" (Escobar).  As the Americans, and the Khazar masters of the Americans, do their thing, the rest of the world carries on.  I know the total cost to Americans of the Khazar land theft program and the Wars For The Jews has been calculated - it was over a trillion dollars some years ago, but is surely much higher now - but I wonder if anyone has ever calculated the total loss of wealth to the west of being led around by the nose by the Khazars, on a per-Khazar basis.  I suspect Khazars are the west's biggest luxury by far, with each one creating a loss of tens, if not hundreds of million dollars.  Of course, much wealth is lost forever and the lives of millions are ended or ruined, but not all the money is actually lost, but just passes as foregone opportunities from the west to countries like China and Russia.  You could see the Khazars as the catalyst in moving world dominance from the Anglo-Americans to the BRICS.  Perhaps we should be thanking them.

The weirdness of Khazar control of America creates some odd situations: tweet (Noga Tarnopolsky):
 "Can anyone remember the last time a Head of Government announced a major emergency address to his nation, then spoke in a foreign language using graphics incomprehensible to his own citizens?"
"Israel’s Juvenile Ground Army" (Lang).  An excuse for Israeli atrocities based on the organization of the IDF, when we know, based on official statements, that the atrocities are official Israeli government policy.  Lang is just airing his opinions on how a modern army should be run.

"Israeli police teach schoolchildren how to shoot Palestinians" (Abunimah).

The (((media))) and the ((('liberal' establishment))) are mostly Khazar, and as Weiss will tell you, Khazars are good and getting better, but sharpshooter massacring of civilians who pose no threat to the shooters is not even worthy of mention in the (((media))) or by the ((('liberal' establishment))), partly because the murdering of civilians, including children, by Jews doesn't fit the narrative of Jews as victims only, and partly because the civilians being murdered are specifically protesting the theft of their land, something that is unmentionable:  "Gazan Gandhis: Gaza Bleeds Alone as ‘Liberals’ and ‘Progressives’ Go Mute" (Baroud).  The reason these protests are so successful is that they are part of The Clarification, revealing the 'good' people in our society for the monsters that they really are.

"Soldiers good, Palestinians bad: Israel's double standards on justice" (Beaumont).  It is strikingly similar to how fatal violence on blacks by police is treated in the US, also a product of supremacism.

"Top 100 Reasons Not to Bomb Iran" (Swanson).

"Hassan Nasrallah: Israel has come into direct confrontation with Iran":
"As a comment on this incident, I stress that it constitutes a turning point in the situation of the region. What follows will be very different from what preceded it. This is an incident that cannot be considered lightly, contrary to what happens with many incidents here. It is a turning point, a historic turning point. And when the Israelis committed this stupid act, they had some assessment (of the situation), but I tell them that their evaluation is false. And even in the future, since you have opened a new path in the confrontation, (you should ensure) not to be wrong in your evaluations. In this new path you opened and initiated, don’t be wrong in your assessment,when you are face to face, and directly (in conflict) with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Final point. That is all for my statement. [Audience: At Thy service, O Nasrallah!]
Thank you, brothers. We must naturally register here a testimony to Iran’s credit, a (testimony) they wrote with blood, and this testimony is: Israel says it cannot bear the presence of Iran in Syria because Iran grips a rope around its neck, and represents a strategic and existential threat to Israel, etc., etc. A small number… Because of course there is not a large number of Iranians in Syria. A limited number of Iranians in Syria are considered (as an existential threat) by Israel. But as for the tens of thousands (of combatants of) armed organizations in Quneitra, Deraa, and on the border with the occupied Syrian Golan, tens of thousands (of fighters) of the Al-Nusra Front, ISIS, of other pseudonyms of Islamist organizations, which have a large number and a wide variety of weapons, missiles, Katyushas, anti-tank weapons and sensitive weapons, all those do not concern Israel, they do not even think about them. They do not constitute a strategic threat. Israel does not consider them a danger and does not even think about them, and rather works with them and supports them, heals their wounded, provides them with information, helps them in the fight (with air strikes) …"

You are never going to see it mentioned in FAIR, but the woke will immediately notice that this is mostly a compendium of vile Khazar supremacism:  "10 of the Most Sociopathic Washington Post Columns" (Johnson).

"Did Trump and the CIA Strike a Deal on the JFK Records?" (Hornberger) (fits perfectly):
"What was something that would have been important to Trump that the CIA could have given him? As I indicated in my October 27 article, what would have been important to Trump would have been an exoneration in the Russia investigation, at the very least with respect to Congress and maybe, hopefully, even with respect to the investigation being conducted by the special counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller. As part of the deal, Trump would have demanded that the CIA exercise its considerable power and influence to bring one and hopefully both investigations to a satisfactory conclusion.

Why only six months of secrecy back in October? Because as I indicated in my October 27 article, Trump would have wanted a guarantee that the CIA would live up to its end of the bargain. If the CIA didn’t deliver at its end, Trump could still order a release of the records in April. If the CIA delivered, Trump could grant its request for additional secrecy when the April deadline came.

On April 26, the day that the six-month extension expired, Trump granted the CIA another 2 1/2 years of secrecy. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but one day later, April 27, the House Intelligence Committee released its final report exonerating Trump in its investigation into the Russia brouhaha."
"Palestinian President Attacked for Stating Obvious Fact" (Anglin).  I can confirm that, at least as of now, the Wikipedia article does indeed say: "This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it."!

"How many millions have been killed in America’s post-9/11 wars?:  Part 3: Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen" (Davies).  If you can believe it, the sum total to date of deaths in Wars For The Jews - about 6 million.
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