Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ode to Joy

Khazars are terrified of peace:  "Clear and Present Danger" (Marshall).  Trump could win two (deserved) Nobel Peace Prizes at the same time!

Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"Aside from brief mention Tuesday, @maddow has yet to cover @Ocasio2018 's win & Democratic Party fallout. The #1 cable news show has other priorities, like "New Scrutiny on Russians at Trump's Inauguration" in Jan 2017 (a Russian couple who posted video of their attendance):"
The Clintonista apparatchiks have a striking fealty to the 'donor' model, even in the face of what appears to be a victory.

"Howard Dean Says Ukrainian Anti-Semitism is a Russian Hoax" (Anglin).

Given what we know about his role in scuppering a deal with Assange in order to protect the Russiagate narrative from Assange's truth, Warner has a lot of nerve:  tweet (Mark Warner):
"Unless the President holds Putin accountable for:
- 2016 election interference
- Undermining European democracies
- The UK chemical attack
- Invading Crimea
- Arming Ukrainian separatists
- Supporting Assad’s war crimes
This will just be another photo-op with a dictator."
"US Democratic senators demand eviction of Julian Assange from Ecuador’s London embassy" (Cogan).  The Clintonista 'donor' model requires Russiagate, as the Khazar 'donors' need to apply constant pressure in the face of Putin's recent successes in the Middle East, thus explaining the otherwise bizarre obsession with Assange.  Assange is a huge threat to them as long as there is the slightest possibility he could get out and talk.

"Giuliani, Gingrich to address controversial Iranian group" (Toosi).

"New House Bill Would Empower Donald Trump to Punish U.S. Companies that Boycott Israel" (Emmons).  "Listen: Israel lobby seeks to erase occupation from Virginia schoolbooks" (Barrows-Friedman).  "Filmmakers Back Right to Boycott Israel Following German Festival Controversy".  There simply aren't that many Khazars, so on my rough calculation every single one must work constantly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 6 days a week, on doing pure Evil.  Just documenting all the bad things they do, including covering up for the bad things they have done and are doing, is exhausting.

"Birthright walkout is met with vitriolic rage in Israel — ‘Radicals’ ‘You will get raped’" (Weiss).  The everyday violent insanity of supremacists apparently always comes as a surprise.

"The Peace Deal That is All Israel" (Cohen):
"It would be far too easy to dismiss Kushner as a mere partisan novice who, with his family, has spent a lifetime extolling the primacy of the Jewish state in the chase of personal greed, framed as religious principle. To them, like other Zionists, Palestine is but an impediment in a supremacist reach that began with the blessings of the United States well before the onset of the Nakba.

Jared Kushner, the Kushner family, and its Kushner Companies holdings are deeply tied to the financing of Israeli occupation in Palestine and the exploitation of Palestinians.

Jared Kushner has been a regular visitor to Israel since his childhood. As a 16-year-old, he and thousands of other Jewish teenagers were led on a tour of the Auschwitz concentration camp by Benjamin Netanyahu, himself, waving Israeli flags along the way. At the end, they flew to Israel as part of their “Zionist rebirth.”

The Kushners consider Netanyahu part of the family, and it is often told of how the future Prime Minister was, during Jared’s boyhood, a frequent overnight guest in the Kushner New Jersey home and even slept in his room.

The elder, Charles Kushner, has given steadily to Israeli projects including schools and the IDF, and even to Likud Party campaign coffers.  Kushner Companies use Israeli financing extensively… including tens of millions from Israeli banks, insurance firm investment funds, and private Israeli investors… to fund its empire of real estate debt. These financial ties continue to the present day and are inextricably woven through the operations and maintenance of Jared Kushner’s sizable fortune.   Kushner cements his family’s long commitment to Zionism in charitable contributions to West Bank settlers (including the notorious, radical settlement Bet-El, built on land confiscated by the IDF in the 1970s from impoverished Palestinian farmers driven off at gunpoint), and even to the IDF itself."
Even by the usual depraved Khazar standards, this attempt at posing as an 'honest broker' for peace is breathtaking.

Never going to happen, as Putin consistently keeps 'the good stuff' away from anywhere it might cause a real power shift, and I assume that's his solid argument when anybody in the West complains to him:  "Su-30 Coming to Iran? Elite Russian Fighters in Iranian Hands Set be a Game Changer for the Middle East".

"British Parliament Confirms 'Conspiracy Theory' - Torture and Renditions Continue" (Moon).  "Blair and Brown Governments Gory with Torture" (Murray).  "Same As It Ever Was: The GWOT and Colonial History" (Jacobs).  Jack Straw has consistently been a vigorous and prolific liar:  "At last, Jack Straw's role in making the case for the Iraq War is exposed".

Actually, I haven't noticed much of a leash:  "Is the Leash Now Off the ‘Other CIA?’" (Madsen). Note that both attempts are Assassinations For The Jews.

"Did the CDC cause the West African Ebola pandemic?" (Mountain).  We've reached the point where we have to assume that all western 'humanitarian'/charitable/research organizations are doing much more harm than good.

"Why Venezuela Reporting Is So Bad"  (Emersberger).

"Hong Kong’s Paradoxical “Independence” Movement" (Cartalucci).

"‘Ode to Joy’ has an odious history. Let’s give Beethoven’s most overplayed symphony a rest" (Terauds).  Hitler liked it, so  . . .

Friday, June 29, 2018

Rapid fire

"Footage shows cops waiting in hallway during Las Vegas massacre":  "Holy sh-t that’s rapid fire".  Another huge change to the Official Story, presumably held back for legal liability reasons.  Whether it is the Mandalay, that school in Florida, or numerous instances where cops shoot a suspect dead because they imagined there might have been the tiniest threat to themselves (needless to say, with the imagining usually fueled by racism), the obvious trend in modern policing is that the police won't assume even the smallest smidgen of perceived personal risk, or do what used to be called 'their job', even as people keep dying around them.  Policing, like firefighting, or even being a soldier, used to be one of those protecting jobs, usually attractive to a certain kind of men - part of the ideal of the manly man whose job it was to save others - who regarded the risk as a vital part of the job, but now see policing as just a paycheck.

"Trump Rapidly Expands Cold War-Era Footprint In Europe To Counter Russia" (Durden).  Trump is the Euro-runway President.  Make Airstrips Great Again.

"Why No Outrage Over US Killing of Children?" (Hornberger).  It is quite a striking dichotomy between the wailing over separated children, and the simultaneous mass slaughter of children all over the world by the same government.

"Lee Harvey Oswald and Spenser Rapone" (Hornberger).  More about the striking peculiarities of the Official Story of LHO, but a moral soldier reminds me of Stan Goff.

"Hate Hoaxer Convicted" (Sailer):
"Of course, there’s no coherent explanation in this article about how Mr. Kadar’s hate hoaxing vastly inflated ADL statistics about a supposedly Trump-caused rise in anti-Semitism."
"Israel's racial purists: United in fear of Jews who love non-Jews" (Sheen).  The most overtly - gleefully, proudly, and shameless! - racist people in the world get a complete pass.

"Venezuela – Towards an Economy of Resistance" (Koenig).  The thing that bothers me about Venezuela is that, while they mean well and have good ideas, they seem to lack the technical central banking expertise to fend off the constant opposition and American attacks.

"The U.S. is ruled by the worst among us" (Binion).  It remains an important issue how much public opinion really helps in social change.  One problem is that there is as often almost always an asshole group who are at least as big as the progressive group (and the assholes only grudgingly accept the wisdom of proposed change only decades later, if ever).  Also, of course, the (((media))) does everything it can to make it seem that there is only one public opinion.  We see over and over again, in places as disparate as the US and Turkey, that electoral systems are set up to give rural asshole voters a disproportionate voice in political decisions (and not forgetting the massively disproportionate voice of those who can bribe).  Other techniques of political change are based more strongly in insights from conspiracy theory, the idea that progress is achieved by pitting one group of oligarchs against the other and slipping up the middle.  I think there is evidence that this is what has facilitated most actual progressive social change, with public opinion almost irrelevant.  One of the biggest problems, which we see over and over again in The Clarification, is that 'progressive' groups are at least as big a group of assholes as everybody else.  Americans are still incapable of accepting that American public opinion, in particular, is often overwhelmingly mean, violent, and stupid.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Haw-Haw / visited / giant spoon

More on the sensible and rational Assange deal, which would have protected at least some of the American national security interests that the Assange haters scream are being endangered by Assange's recklessness, but which was vetoed by Warner and Comey, it seems solely to protect the Russiagate narrative that Russia stole the emails through a hack:  "Did Sen. Warner and Comey ‘Collude’ on Russia-gate?" (McGovern).  Comey didn't insist on direct access to the DNC servers for the same reason, he knew what they would show (leak rather than hack), and he didn't want evidence of leak, thus explaining the mysterious lack of curiosity and investigatorial zeal in the FBI with respect to the servers.

Related:  "Recent Pentagon Increases Exceed Russia’s Entire Military Budget", linking to "Putting the Pentagon’s Pennies in Perspective" (Freeman/Hartung).

"What's Really Behind Anti-China Protests in Vietnam?" (Thomas).  Color revolutions are the only tool left to the Americans.

"A Gallery Owner Was Arrested After Leaving a 10-Foot Heroin Spoon Sculpture Outside OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma".

"Lawrence Krauss “scientifically” shows Jeffrey Epstein is no pedophile" (Alexis).

"Lord Haw-Haw of MI5" (Metroland).  He was a British intelligence agent who successfully infiltrated the highest levels of the German government, but was allowed to be hanged as British intelligence didn't want to admit to their infiltration by the extreme British right.  It is not just a British problem - all intelligence services seem to be riddled with this kind of radical right wingnut.

"The ‘Soft Coup’ and the Attack on the Brazilian People" (Stien-della Croce).  I'm sure this is being studied as a model of how to perform this kind of coup, while appearing to color within the legal lines.

"Did Israel Inspire Trump’s Family Separation Policy?" (Baroud).  It is curious that Khazars in America are associated with pro-immigration sentiments and arguments, while we're told it is specifically the Khazar Stephen Miller who is entirely responsible for the family separation policies that are the subject of much American wailing.  The travel ban looks much different if seen in the context of radical Zionism.  Without being woke, Miller is baffling.

"Middle East peace plan doesn’t ring true" (Heard).  The cleverness is that they could deal with the 'demographic problem' by independently 'fixing' the Gaza problem, a solution that might be grabbed simply because the Israelis have imposed so much suffering on Gaza that it is uninhabitable, leaving the whole issue of the settlements undetermined.  The mass murder of protesting Gazans is then not an Israeli PR mistake, but an integral part of selling President Jared's plan.

"Power without Scrutiny: The Jewish Privilege that Poisons Democracy" (Langdon). The (((media's))) lack of curiosity about various (((guys))) who deliver the shekels.

"The pathetic caving of Nickolay Mladenov" (Finkelstein).  "The BBC Just Declared that Five Children Being Murdered by Israel Is ‘NOT A LOT’" (Rogers).  You can always identify the time when the shekels arrive.

Untangling the dense thickets of Zionist propaganda that are endlessly presented as 'facts' by the (((media))):  "The Real Story Behind Israel’s “Blooming Desert”" (Webb):
"As Israeli historian and journalist Meron Benvenisti detailed in his book Sacred Landscape: The Buried History of the Holy Land Since 1948:

    By April 1948 Jewish farmers had already begun harvesting the crops that had ripened in the abandoned fields and picking the citrus fruit in Arab groves. […] by mid-1949 two-thirds of all land sown with grain in Israel was abandoned Arab land.”

Thus, it was land theft that was largely responsible for Israel’s initial agricultural production, not the labor or agricultural expertise of Zionist settlers.

In addition, the claim that Israel turned an undeveloped desert into an agricultural wonder seems to be – in part – projection on the part of the Israeli state. Indeed, as Benvenisti noted, following the removal of Palestinians, the vast majority of centuries-old fruit orchards that had long been maintained by the native inhabitants of the land were untended, neglected and, in some cases, bulldozed to make room for ever-expanding settlements.

According to Benvenisti’s research, that neglect led to a situation in which “entire tracts of productive citrus trees, especially in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa area, were earmarked for the construction of housing developments,” as was the case for Palestine olive groves and pomegranate orchards that the land’s new occupants considered “an annoyance.” Part of the reason for the destruction of the land was that it would weaken Palestinian claims to return to the land, as keeping agricultural infrastructure intact “might have made possible the absorption of the returning refugees.”"
"Another project central to the “desert bloom” mythology is Israel’s “afforestation” of the desert, which has helped “turn the desert green” through the planting of non-native pine trees. These forests, largely planted by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), have been touted as a “miracle.” Yet, the pine stands, much like Israel’s treatment of Palestine’s agricultural legacy, have been motivated by a need to cover up the events that led to the creation of the Israeli state.

Indeed, more than two-thirds of all JNF forests and sites lie on top of the ruins of Palestinian villages demolished during and after the founding of Israel, and the group’s continuing afforestation efforts are aimed at acquiring land in the occupied West Bank to prevent “trespassing” and “conceal” Palestinian villages in order to prevent the return of Palestinian refugees.

Moreover, the effort to maintain a forest of non-native trees – regardless of whether its chief aim is to cover up the true history of Palestine or “green” a desert — has come at a great cost to the natural environment. As journalist Max Blumenthal has noted:

    Most of the saplings the JNF plants at a site near Jerusalem simply do not survive, and require frequent replanting. Elsewhere, needles from the pine trees have killed native plant species and wreaked havoc on the ecosystem.”

They also become fodder for forest fires that have caused major damage and mass evacuations throughout Israel over the years.

Another ecological consequence of JNF forests is their likely effect on Israel’s horrendous drought, considered to be the worst the region has faced in over 900 years. As studies have shown in other countries where non-native pine plantations have been introduced in vast numbers, pines consume a significant amount of water – leading to droughts and even the disappearance of entire rivers – as well as fundamentally alter and degrade the soil. While these forests have been presented as an ecological miracle, they are instead destroying the environment and degrading the land’s resources, suggesting that the main driver behind the long-standing project is aimed at covering up the ruins of Palestine."
Also:  "Demystifying Myths of the Six-Day War" (Peled).  And, as part of the 'dialectic', Chomsky, a relatively obscure academic, pops up with a series of books complaining bitterly about the sins of American imperialism.

"Profiting from child kidnapping: Grotesque Obnoxious Profiteers (GOP) to the ‘rescue’" (Madsen). The money grubbing around a policy decision is never pretty.

"Rising seas: 'Florida is about to be wiped off the map'"(Rush).  The funniest thing is that these supposed 'debates' about climate change are going to be answered by a wall of water, which is difficult to argue with.

"What the New York primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez means" (Martin, bitterly disappointed that she is somewhat to the right of Trotsky).  I'm also prepared to be disappointed ('visited' is a technical term in American politics), but this is a strikingly perfect candidate, both in policy positions and refusal to take corporate money.  She fits the identity politics profile without once using identity politics virtue-signaling to cover for lousy policies.  This is shattering to the Clintonista crowd, who are spinning like tops (Marshall with the tribal 'brown votes brown' explanation - "A Shocker But Not A Surprise"/ Crooks and Liars goes with age - "The Moment Ocasio-Cortez Won", anything but admitting that the 'donor' model has failed, again, spectacularly, and people want policies, not virtue-signaling).

"Steemit Only Article: Opinion: Why Independent Media Voices Are Questioning the "Q" Persona" (Vos).  Tweets (Suzie Dawson).  "WikiLeaks Calls QAnon A Likely ‘Pied Piper’ Operation" (Johnstone).  Very similar to a 'cold reading' by a psychic, in this case throwing out a pile of vague predictions, one or two of which turn out to be true or arguably true, and using this to establish the credibility as an 'insider' whistle blower who can then be used to shape the narrative that the intelligence agency wants to disseminate.  It seems odd that anybody would care what the lurkers at /pol/ think, but the key is that /pol/ can be used as a basis for 'legitimate' media stories.  "Q Is Back" (there is a category of low-information/high-assholery American for which this kind of stuff is like a drug, and has been back to the time when the Birchers were doing it).  "The Wizard of Q" (Kirn) (the consistent theme of Q for the MAGA crowd is that, despite all appearances to the contrary, Trump is winning in his battle against the 'swamp'):
"My friend Matthew, who saw combat in Afghanistan and has reported on intelligence issues, believes that Q may be the result of psyops conceived to maintain morale among Trump’s base. The trick, he says, is to fashion a mental filter that will make Trump’s losses look like victories, his missteps like chess moves, his caprices like plans. After all, if most news is fake, as Trump insists, the real news must be hidden out of sight."
 And the pay-off (note how this follows Sunstein's proposal):  "Pro-Trump Conspiracy-Monger “QAnon” Calls for Regime Change in Iran" (Webb).

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Internet won't quit / just a penny / clown

"Bernard Lewis: The False Prophet of the Big Lie" (Sieff):
" Until he was past his mid-fifties and close to the age when most academics retire or have run out of steam, Lewis was a marginalized and even widely despised figure in British academia. His only serious academic work on the Middle East had been on the Tanzimat Reform program in Ottoman Turkey in the first half of the 19th century. A strong supporter of Israel, he does not appear to have set foot in any major Arab nation during at least the 30 years from 1950 to 1980. Nor did he seriously study or respect the work of those who did. His knowledge of the detailed political and economic developments in emergent Arab nations was nonexistent. He based his assessments of the region on travels there during the 1930s, well before World War II. When I studied Modern Middle East history at the London School of Economics in the mid-1970s, serious scholars of the region regarded him as a clown.

But after emigrating to the United States in 1974, Lewis found his real calling as a justifier and public ideologist for the forces of aggression and empire, much as Leo Strauss, the patron and founding father of the neoconservatives had done at the University of Chicago decades earlier.

In both cases, each man was able to escape the contempt that superficial and intolerant work had provoked in their original academic environments and they both played to the same eager-to-listen and willingly credulous audience."
"Lewis, though he later tried to claim otherwise, was a central and extremely important figure in the relentless efforts after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to use them as a justification for the US invasion, conquest and occupation of Iraq.

 “Either we bring them freedom, or they destroy us,” he memorably wrote about Arab societies.

The truth was precisely the opposite. Islamic extremism was only marginal throughout the Sunni Arab world before the Bush administration, urged on by Lewis and his fellow neocons, undertook their colossal project of pulverizing one stable society after another in the name of Lewis’s mythical “freedom.”

His incompetence and record of fraudulent claims and false prophecy were legion. In 2002, he claimed Iraqis would “rejoice” when the US armed forces invaded their country. The Iraqi popular insurrection that exhausted the US Army and took thousands of US lives took him completely by surprise."
"‘Al Jazeera’ has ‘canned’ undercover investigation of Israel lobby — leading pro-Israel operative" (Weiss).

I'm getting the strong impression that the goodies for Israel intended by President Jared to fuck over the Palestinians are keeping the Israelis relatively passive with respect to the latest Syrian campaign to de-terrorize the Syrian lands next to the Golan.  Normally the kleptomaniac Khazars would be all over this, attempting to steal a 'buffer zone' in the fog of war.  We're going to see an ultimatum from President Jared containing some kind of semi-permanent opening of the Rafah gate to Egypt, and some kind of adjacent economic development zone for Gazans in Egypt, some kind of weak 'right' of Palestinians to visit Al-Aqsa (the plan to put MbS in charge of the mosque, where he could completely surround it with a gold-plated casino/brothel/Trump hotel, seems to have been nixed by Jordan), and no right to a capital of the bantustans in East Jerusalem, in return for giving up absolutely everything else.  The 'deal of the century' will be so outrageous that we have to expect a subsequent intifada which not even the corrupt PA will be able to quash, and the Israelis seem to be planning for it while not wanting to do anything which would derail the plans of President Jared to be Macher #1, which is keeping them relatively quiescent elsewhere.

"DOJ Won't Release Top Secret Loretta Lynch Intercepts Suggesting Secret Deal To Rig Clinton Probe" (Durden). It is amusing, and ironic, that the basis for this seems to be Russian documents hacked by the American IC.  So American spying gives Americans access to their own documents which they weren't allowed to see by their own government (Barry), thanks to the fact that Russian spying uncovered them, with the Russian spying on America an unforgivable - up to the point of WWIII -  assault on American democracy, and the American spying on Russia just business as usual.

The Clarification is that Americans are all assholes, and Trump is the best representation of the whole country, ever, and in fact the best possible representation of America and Americans, a sleazy, brutal, coarse huckster completely lacking in self-awareness (and the increasingly frenzied opposition to Trump is just a psychological inability to accept just how deeply rotten Americans all are):  "Trump Isn’t The Problem, He’s the Manifestation of America’s Id" (Boardman).

"How Iran got economically socialist, and then Islamic socialist" (Mazaheri).

"Moscow-Riyadh: Balancing Out Washington" (Korybko),  Any long- or even medium-term plans that rest on the assumptions that 1) a Khazar-run political state will continue to exist in the Middle East, and 2) MbS and his family will continue to run Saudi Arabia, seem profoundly misguided. Of course, when everything goes sideways China will be around to pick up the pieces.

"Ouch" (Sailer).

"Authorities reveal true identity of Joseph Newton Chandler".  "Zodiac Suspect and Mystery Man "Joseph Newton Chandler" Identified Finally".  "Authorities solve cold case of war hero who hid behind dead boy's identity":
 "Robert Nichols bounced around the country, Elliott said. He moved to Dearborn, Michigan, where he told his parents that he worked in the car industry. His sons visited him once, but he wouldn't let them stay with him, Phil Nichols said. Instead, his father put them up in a motel.

In March 1965, he wrote to his parents, telling them that he had moved to the northern California city of Richmond.

"Please do not worry about me,'' he said. "I am well and happy.''

That month, he mailed one last envelope to his son, Phil, from Napa, California. It contained just a penny, without a note. He never contacted his family again."
"Was Robert Ivan Nichols really the Zodiac Killer? Son doubts it, but internet won't quit".  I wrote about this guy in 2005.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Oscar Clifton

There was a guy named Oscar Clifton, on most accounts a decent man (he did have a previous rape conviction which was also probably a mistake, but which set him up as the perfect patsy), who was sentenced to death for the 1975 murder of Donna Richmond, and who eventually died of old age and cancer in a California jail decades later, all the while proclaiming his innocence.  He was probably framed by the EAR-ONS-VR suspect, Joseph DeAngelo, to take the police off DeAngelo's trail.  Lots of maddening police and prosecutorial misconduct in Tulare County, misconduct which continues to this day!

"Ep. 18 Framed", from the podcast "12-26-75".

"Clifton innocent?"

"DeAngelo probably framed Oscar Clifton for Donna Richmond's murder".

Colombia, RIP

"Plan Colombia Version 2.0" (Madsen).  It took years, and the miracle of honest and brave politicians, but Colombia somehow managed to drag itself out of the narco mire and was well on its way to becoming a normal, prosperous, functioning country, until more crooked politicians, working for the American imperialists, reappeared to drag it back down.  Note how one clear indicator of massive corruption is the appearance of the Israelis.

Warner, Comey, treason

"How Comey intervened to kill WikiLeaks' immunity deal" (Solomon):
"Assange made clear through the lawyer that he would never compromise his sources, or stop publishing information, but was willing to consider concessions like redactions."
This story feels right. Note that Comey, under the specific influence of Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), axed the deal, no doubt because they did not want the evidence exculpating Russia to appear. Thus, American government officials allowed most of the Vault 7 material out, unredacted, and gave up the chance to see information on US security flaws, to protect their fantasy of Russiagate!:
"Not included in the written proffer was an additional offer from Assange: He was willing to discuss technical evidence ruling out certain parties in the controversial leak of Democratic Party emails to WikiLeaks during the 2016 election. The U.S. government believes those emails were hacked by Russia; Assange insists they did not come from Moscow.

“Mr. Assange offered to provide technical evidence and discussion regarding who did not engage in the DNC releases,” Waldman told me. “Finally, he offered his technical expertise to the U.S. government to help address what he perceived as clear flaws in security systems that led to the loss of the U.S. cyber weapons program.”

Inside Justice and the intelligence community, confidence grew that perhaps the mercurial Assange might adapt how he released classified information."
This information is what Warner and Comey feared. They acted solely to protect Russiagate for partisan political reasons and to keep the push for WWIII on the table. That's treason.  I wonder what CIA officials whose names might have received protection think about this.

The recent extra push against Assange through pressure on Ecuador comes out of the fact that the negotiated deal was nixed by Comey.

Monday, June 25, 2018

An actual plague

Worth reading for the laughs:  "At Site of U.K. Poisoning, Doubts About Case Creep In".  I wonder where this "vast majority of people in Salisbury" are hiding.  Also:  "'This Must Be a Joke!' Twitter Loses It Over UK's Latest Blunder in Skripal Saga" (also - Novichok museum!).  Rather obvious payoffs (or, if you believe Skripal was a Dossier writer, payments that are supposed to look like payoffs to distract from the bigger issue).

"The whole world sees it: Trump is doing lasting damage to the global order that made the U.S. a superpower" (McKew).  The alternative to an explanation of arrogance and bumbling is that Trump's actions are the American equivalent of Britain's Suez Crisis, when Britain effectively relinquished its imperial ambitions.  Is this part of a plan to turtle?  Slam the borders shut, put up massive tariffs, stop fighting other people's wars, take a big staycation.

"Morning Star newspaper deletes article that blamed 'Israel's crimes' for rising antisemitism".  The original article has been fashioned into lampshades and soap, but is still (temporarily?) available here (

Another talented goy goes to Hollywood, just wants to act and leave the money details to (((others))), and gets . . .  there's a word for it, I just can't put my finger on it.  "The Trouble With Johnny Depp" (Rodrick).  Starts remarkably critical of Depp, but gets into the grimy details towards the end.  Note that the new lawyer who is going to 'save' Depp, Adam Waldman, also represents Oleg Deripaska (small world!), and comes up in various Russiagate swoonings.  Waldman, in fact, seems to be operating for the Russiagate proponents in various capacities:  "How Many Turncoats Make A Cover-Up – Adam Waldman, Julian Assange, Oleg Deripaska And Luke Harding" (Helmer)  (note how they have turned a conspiracy to create evidence for Russiagate into supposed evidence of Russiagate!):
"Over weeks and months of last year,  Adam Waldman (lead image, left), a Washington lobbyist with ties to the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton, tried to lure Julian Assange (second from left) into making incriminating admissions to benefit the Democrats’ campaign alleging Russian collusion in Clinton’s defeat by President Donald Trump.  Assange tried to use Waldman for a deal with the US Department of Justice, exchanging an offer to withhold disclosure of classified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents and trade other secrets, some Russian, in exchange for a grant of immunity from US prosecution.

At the same time, Oleg Deripaska (third from left), the oligarch in control of the Russian aluminium industry, paid Waldman to offer US prosecutors information about the Trump election campaign manager Paul Manafort and others connected to the Trump campaign, including Russians,  in exchange for a US Government promise not to impose sanctions on Deripaska.  Last week Luke Harding (right), a reporter for the Guardian, a London newspaper, sold the story of Waldman’s meetings with  Assange and Deripaska as a conspiracy to advance a scheme by President Vladimir Putin to control the US Government."
I don't see any evidence from Helmer that Assange was proposing to shelve the Vault 7 material in return for legal considerations from the US government, and if the Americans ever heard of such a thing, they let all the Vault 7 stuff be released bit by bit without responding to the supposed Assange proposal.

"Exposing the Russian Hacking Fraud by Publius Tacitus" (and its comments):
"We are asked to believe that the DNC learned in late April/early May about a cyber attack on its computer network and that the cyber security firm hired to stop the breach did not take final, decisive action until 10 June. If your network is under attack by nefarious Russian Government operatives then you would assume there would be an urgency to take decisive action to blunt the attack. But this was not the case for the DNC and their cyber warriors, Crowdstrike. More than one month passed before Crowdstrike installed new software and passwords on the DNC laptops. That should have been done by 10 May instead of 10 June. Why did Crowdstrike delay action for so long?"
It appears that CrowdStrike was giving time to the hackers to leave evidence of themselves, evidence which would then be claimed to point to Russia.  They weren't concerned about the snooping around as they knew the snoops were working for them!  Note also that Perkins Coie was both the intermediary between the DNC and CrowdStrike, and, through Fusion GPS, the intermediary between the Clinton campaign and Steele (small world!).

"A German 'Iran Bank' could save the nuclear deal" (von Daniels).  Europe needs Iran-specific financial institutions that don't do any other business, and are thus sanction, or secondary-sanction, -proof.

American heroes.  "Masked attackers storm Roma camp in Ukraine".  "US-led coalition evacuates 2 of ISIS leaders from Twaimin on Syrian-Iraqi borders".

Tweet (David Sheen):
"VIDEO now with English subtitles: On the day he is named Jewish Agency chair, Isaac Herzog – Israel's "Leader of the Opposition" for the last 5 years – slams romantic relationships between Jews and non-Jews in the USA as “an actual plague” for which he hopes to find "a solution""


"Techniques Used to Disrupt 9/11 Questioning" (Ryan).  Fetzer is bad news, always, and should come with some kind of toxic waste warning.  The 'official' 9/11 'experts' have gotten nowhere politically, so that part of the American government operation has been a huge success, even as the actual attack was a tactical mess.  By the way, what ever happened to asking Curt Weldon about #Russiagate?

"Keep Babies Out" (Shamir).  "Images of Children Crying" (Ilargi).  Gas baby, caged baby, dead baby on the beach, Bana, to hell with all the babies!  Strangely enough, what you won't see in the (((media))) are photos of all the gruesomely mutilated babies who are victims of the IDF, or of American 'smart' bomb and drone attacks done on behalf of Zionism.

"Hitchhiking to Treblinka".  Send Weiss to Poland and he turns into some kind of monster mash-up of Bret Stephens, Deborah Lipstadt and the ghost of Charles Krautheimer.  Note that the Poles are insufficiently respectful, blasphemous by not spending all their resources on worshiping his people on the altar of ancient history.

"Syria: A Major Turn of Events In the South" (Willie B).  The Israelis (and their American shabbos goyim) are strangely passive, even up to the point of the Americans explicitly abandoning their greatest (well, only) allies.  Is the big deal that Israel has to stand down while Assad fights terrorists in return for President Jared's big 'deal of the century' fucking over the Palestinians?  The Russians are playing a huge role in this campaign, and it is clear Trump's bottom line is he will not engage the Russians (what the Democrats call treason and what everybody else calls sanity, and which for Trump appears to be a solid electoral strategy for the midterms).

"Here’s why the whole Russiagate scenario set out in Trump Dossier is totally absurd" (Mercouris).  "Russiagate’s ‘Core Narrative’ Has Always Lacked Actual Evidence" (Cohen). If their obsession with Russiagate allows Trump to do well enough to block any possible impeachment attempt, do you think the Democrats will wise up and back off, perhaps going so far as offering actual material benefits - gasp! - to voters?  No, as their 'donors' still want WWIII more than they want Trump replaced.

"Why Do We Underplay the Links Between Cannabis and Psychosis?" (Cockburn).  It takes the sixth comment before somebody points out that this is correlation, not causation (and the correlation might just be already crazy people self-medicating).  Our society's bizarre obsession with treating the witch doctors known as psychiatrists as actual scientists never pays off well.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Atrocity porn

"Atrocity Porn And Hitler Memes Target Trump For Regime Change" (Jatras).  The context is always this self-satisfied but completely selfish certainty of Americans that they are personally good, well-meaning people, mis-led and misled by monsters, who they are unable to prevent from doing these terrible things.  The weirdness of American politics includes the fact that Trump himself thinks he is acting as a humanitarian, doing exactly what Barry did but publicizing it in order to dissuade families from Central America - who, in a particularly backwards form of racism, are regarded as extremely family oriented, the kind of people who would be appalled to see their children cry or be frightened - from making the journey to the United States (this is part of the general right-wing certainty that immigrants come solely for the gibs offered by Americans, and not out of a necessity caused by American atrocities in Central America).  Americans all secretly know that Trump's plan requires publicity, so the Democrats can pander to their 'base' while assisting Trump in making the US look like an undesirable place to be for immigrants (of course, the other factor is the prominent idea of Democrat officials that all these people, or at least their future children, will be permanent Democrat voters, a certainty which seems misplaced).

There is a 'debate' amongst economists whether limitless illegal immigration is bad for the people living in the receiving country, but the fact that the standard old-fashioned Republicans, and their CEO supporters/'donors', are completely in agreement with the odd American system of intentionally encouraging mass breaching of American laws, should be enough indication from the people who would know that a huge undocumented underclass suppresses wages of the lower 50% of the population, whatever other positive effects it might have.

The other issue is that it cannot be healthy, from a general political/legal point of view, to countenance a mass breaching of the laws of a country (the big undocumented underclass is specifically intended to allow for exploitation).  Eventually, just to maintain the integrity of the legal system, you have to keep them out, or formalize their relationship to the country.

It is striking how much now turns on the abuse of atrocity porn - shockingly usually very misleading or even fraudulent - by the (((media))) to manipulate voters to make bad decisions about things like immigration or wars.  It is an American thing, mostly, because of the aforementioned bad faith of Americans in considering their own mythological goodness.

Skripal: the recycling problem

"Joining Some Dots on the Skripal Case: Part 6 – Tying up the Loose Ends" (Slane).  I guess my problem with the Unified Conspiracy Theory that Skripal was involved in the creation of the Dossier is that it doesn't make sense from an operational point of view.  As far as MI6 is concerned, the Dossier was an intelligence operation that was a smashing success.  The assassination (or simulacrum of an assassination) of the Skripals was another intelligence operation, in this case a false-flag attack that could be blamed on Putin, and the victim had to be somebody who could plausibly be described as somebody that Putin would want dead.  Picking the same guy for both operations raises the issue of possibly queering both of them.  Slane almost touches on this when he discusses the silence of Skripal, as if Skripal now has to keep silent to protect the integrity of the Dossier intelligence operation, when this problem would surely have occurred to the MI6 conspirators, who would simply have picked another victim (London is crawling with Putin enemies, so it is a target-rich environment).  There is a good operational reason not to recycle agents used in intelligence operations.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

For the Laker tickets

Aleppo versus Mosul, the single best tangible representation of the constant lying of the (((media))), with the contrast in the subsequent fates of the two cities exemplifying American assholery.

"North Korea Agreed to Denuclearize, But US Refuses Despite Treaty Obligation" (Cohn).

"An Elite Coalition Emerges Against a Trump-Kim Agreement" (Porter).

"The Real Reason Saudi Arabi Lifted its Ban on Women Driving: Economic Necessity" (Hvidt).  I still think that odd blow-up in arresting the woman driver activists was part of the (attempted?) coup against MbS.

"How US Policy in Honduras Set the Stage for Today’s Mass Migration" (Nevins).

"Crying Toddler in Iconic Photo Never Separated from Mother" (Zhang).  It has reached the point where we have to assume that (((media))) use of any illustrative photo is, in some way, a lie.

"Why We Westerners Are WEIRD--Less Inbreeding" and "Non-WEIRD Pakistani Children in London Die from Inbred Birth Defects" (Sailer).  Incest and politics.

More Sailer:  "Latino Electoral Tidal Wave Once Again Fails to Show as Villaraigosa Gets 13%":
"Villaraigosa is a complete mediocrity who failed the bar exam all four times he took it. He was basically an overgrown juvenile delinquent who was in politics for the Laker tickets."
and (making fun of Stephens is like shooting fish in a barrel):"Bret Stephens: America Needs More Immigrants, Like Israel Has".

"Meet Mystery FBI "Agent 5" Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts While On Clinton Taint Team" (Durden).  Even at this late date, traitors keep emerging from the FBI's rancid woodwork.  I have to say there is nothing wrong or unusual about political partisans working for the FBI.  The problem is in the consistent management decisions of placing people who were known as rabid Clinton partisans in charge of absolving Clinton of her serious email problem, and in charge of running an obviously illegal intelligence operation against Trumps's campaign, while simultaneously creating a phony casus belli for WWIII against Russia (the bigger goal of Clinton's 'donors').

"The World Transformed and No One in America Noticed" (Sieff).  It is striking for both Pakistan and India to join a group at the same time, neither one wanting to be seen as being left behind.  "Is China Stealing a March on Trump in Pakistan amid New Trade War?" (Thompson).  "Pakistan And America Are In The Throes Of A Serious Diplomatic Crisis" (Korybko).  As always, of course, Americans have to act weird about Pakistan as Israel considers Pakistan to be a threat to Israel.

"Chrystia Freeland Fails to See that It Is a Multipolar World on the March, Not Authoritarianism" (Pagliccia).  "Neoliberalism, Pipelines, and Canadian Political Economy" (Jones).  I fear that neither Trudeau nor his cabinet is smart enough to deal with the challenges.  They are just smart enough to mouth the same insipid platitudes of neoliberalism.  Of course, they have enough animal cunning to please those who will eventually reward them with board of director seats.

"Power without Scrutiny: The Jewish Privilege that Poisons Democracy" (Langdon).  "Mr. Lansman comes to Tel Aviv: Jeremy Corbyn’s senior ally wants to restrict free speech on Israel" (Neiman).  What is striking is that there is not the slightest attempt to hide this outrageous behavior, and everybody involved is secure in the knowledge that the (((media))) will ensure there are no complaints.

"The Entire Western World Lives In Cognitive Dissonance" (Roberts).

"On “Leftist Anti-Semitism”: Past and Present" (Joyce).  The woke William Cobbett.  We live in an era of no real anti-Semitism and no real leftists, but there was a time when it would have been considered odd for a true man of the left not to also be a real anti-Semite.

"$4 Billion Miami Mega-Mall Moves Ahead, Ignores "Collective Belief In Sea-Level Rise"" (Durden).  Soon, the whole thing will be a water park.  Note the big government subsidies.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Rare earth

I know this blog can be mighty gloomy, but some days are filled with pure joy.

"US Leaves UNHRC: Big Step to Isolation" (Savitsky).  Just to make a point about abject fealty to Israel, which, once made, is immediately forgotten.  Now the Council can do its thing without improper inside interference. Tweets (David Kaye).  "US not superpower, operates as colony of Israel: Author".  It is not a good look to pull out in a huff from an organization that you used to deftly use as a tool of your imperial dominance.

"Israel’s solution to global condemnation of war crimes? Punish anyone who documents them" (Johnson).

Tweet (Alex Emmons):
"Haim Saban emailed six Senators directly to reprimand them for speaking out on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza: “Do your homework, unless you have chosen to blindly follow Senator Sander’s ill advised, misinformed, simplistic, and ignorant lead.""
France, toatally cucked to the Zionists, straight-up lied to the Canadian government in the Diab case about not having exculpatory evidence, while the entire basis of extradition applications is that the extraditing government can completely rely on the statements of the applying government:  "France told Canada key evidence did not exist in Hassan Diab terrorism case".  Canada has decided to have the fuckwits who made the mistake - and let's stop to remember that this was a horrible, simply unforgivable, mistake - examine whether any mistake was made!:  "Internal review of Hassan Diab's extradition tainted by conflict of interest, says lawyer".

How could the most lovable people on earth uniquely keep facing this irrational hatred all over the world and all through time?:  "‘Ali is on the grill!’ Israeli settlers celebrate burning of Palestinian baby" (Ofir).

"The Israeli former minister spying for Iran: much bigger than Elie Cohen of Damascus" (Angry Arab).

"Colonial feminism".

"Was It All Just Pilot Error? IG Report Says No Political Bias Found in FBI Investigation of Clinton Email" (Van Buren).  Perhaps not in the way they intended!  Their bumbling incompetence is one of the reasons, besides the obvious constitutional problems, they shouldn't even try to meddle.

"The big money, lobbyists and Blairites behind Stop Brexit outfits" (Hughes). Part of the bigger Zionist attack on Corbyn.

"Sexy metal: the missing element in the Korean puzzle" (Escobar).

"Pity The Russophobe Journos Whom No One Believes" (Moon).   A repeat of the insane coverage of the Olympics, but in the era of #Russiagate, so even more ridiculous.

Ha!:  "Raised eyebrows as Madeleine Albright & Bana Alabed to be honored for ‘defending freedom’".  They seem to have missed the fact that combining them brings out the deep rottenness of each.

"Yemen: Al-Hudaydah Airport Still Remains Contested" (South Front).  More evidence that you simply can't rely on the (((media))) to tell you what is really going on.

Tweet (Thomas Juneau):
"An Arab country (Morocco) losing a soccer game against Iran because of an own goal tells you everything you need to know about Middle East politics: Iran plays defense, doesn't do much, wins."
"Internment Camps for Child Migrants" (Ahthion).  History of the root cause for all these immigrants.

Speaking of which:  "Violence flares up in Nicaragua after suspension of peace talks". What to do if you are aware enough to know you're in a color revolution sponsored by the Americans but you still want to see reforms?:  "The Students of Nicaragua’s April Uprising" (Hanson/Gomez).  The US withdrawal from the UNHRC, 'colonial feminism', and the uprising in Nicaragua, all the same story.

"USA’s ‘soft coup’ in Ethiopia" (Mountain).

MbS and MbZ are almost like Bond villains:  ""Qatar Island": Saudis Launch Massive Canal Project To Cut Off Neighbor" (Durden):  "It almost sounds too insane to be believed . . . ".

"UAE collaboration with Israel dates back to 1990s" (Nassar).

The imperialism of secrecy:  "Assange and Truth: the Deeper (Harder) Issue" (Babbitt).  "The Long Captivity of Julian Assange" (Shamir).

Using familial DNA to identify unidentified bodies:  "Finding Jane Doe's real name: Local DNA sleuth is on the case ".

"2 Investigates reignites interest in 'The Doodler' serial killer case from the 1970s".  They've 'identified' a suspect (although they are quibbling about the term 'identified') (see also). I imagine it is the same suspect they've always had, but couldn't prosecute as witnesses were afraid to 'out' themselves at the time.  Excellent background:  "The Untold Story of the Doodler Murders" (Green).

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Tweet (George Galloway):
"Oddly the multiple internet addresses simultaneously “editing” certain #Wikipedia pages are a stones throw from the Houses of Parliament and indeed the headquarters of MI5... @Wikipedia @BBCtrending #PhilipCross More follows..."

(((Who))) are you going to believe?

"Shocking Testimony: Civil Rights Attorney Asked Obama To Close Migrant "Baby Jails" In 2015" (Durden) (R. Andrew Free tweets).  Assholes!  "Why The "Abject Silence" From The Left About Child Migrant Detentions Under Obama? " (Durden).  Assholes!  "US Liberals Are Clinically Insane and Care Nothing for the American People" (Bridge).  Assholes!  There is something even morally worse about assholes who attempt to pass their essential asshole nature onto others.

It is bad enough to be an asshole, but worse when your bad faith and inability to own up to your deep moral failings allows the underlying atrocities to continue:  "Look Deeper: Child Detention and the US’s Paramilitary Politics Abroad" (Buell) and "Political asylee numbers will soon skyrocket" (Madsen).

"The Truth Behind Viral Photo Of "Immigrant Child" Crying Inside A 'Cage'".  "Russia dog cull image was actually shot in Karachi".  We could add many recent instances of the (((media))) publishing photos purporting to be of atrocities committed by the Assad government, but actually from elsewhere, and a classic "The Serbian Concentration Camps: A Case of Mistaken Identity?" (Moon).

"The West’s real interest in Chechnya isn’t gay rights" (Parry).  Much wider in scope that the title would indicate.

"Immigrants & Muslims are Trump’s Jews . . . until he comes for the actual Jews" (Wasserman).  As we all know, or ought to know, by now, the only sin - blasphemy! - is comparing any atrocity to the plight of the Jews: "Confession of a Putin-Nazi Denialist" (Hopkins).

"Kim; Trump; Migrants; Israelis; Dutch; Heaven; God" (Aangirfan).  Speaking of assholes, good links here, particularly this and this (also)

Out of step

"Once Again, It's Republicans Who Are Out Of Step With The Rest Of America".  This outrageous nonsense, the idea that Americans are basically good and kind and well-meaning people led astray from time to time by problems in the electoral system that cause them to be ruled by assholes, is the essential belief on which the United States functions, and has functioned since it was formed.  Barry and Killary did Libya and Honduras, and it is photos from Barry's administration that the (((media))) uses to prove how awful Trump is, but we're constantly told that 'this doesn't represent us'.  The cognitive dissonance that should disrupt this 'leftist' fantasy isn't allowed to appear.  Americans are all basically assholes, and the USA is, and always has been, a pure asshole country.  It is this assholery that makes the Americans such susceptible marks for the schemes of the asshole Khazars.

If The Clarification has taught us anything, it is that Republicans serve the essential purpose of doing the dick moves that all Americans want without leaving any icky moral residue on everybody else. Of course, the fact that the United States has consistently acted like a psychopath, coupled with unique geographic and physical advantages, is why it has been so successful as an empire.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Is there any benefit or value at all in inquiring why these sorts of abuses generated so little attention and anger pre-2017, or should we just go ahead and ignore that question? See also: …"

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Death curse

"A New Dimension of the Conflict in Yemen" (Lvov).  Lots of information, especially the fact this is really a UAE operation, and success may not benefit the Saudis, who are bearing all the blame for the humanitarian disaster.  An indication that MbS is in over his head with the wily MbZ.  Note that the aerial bombing won't win the war - unlike in recent American 'wars', mass slaughter of civilians, essentially holding the civilian population hostage to get the leader to capitulate, won't work with the Houthis - and the invaders are going to have to fight in the streets facing well-trained soldiers using the latest asymmetrical warfare techniques (with instruction from Hezbollah, fresh from the expert schooling of fighting human organ eaters in Syria).  We shouldn't count the Houthis out, particularly in light of the fact that we are not getting a straight story from the (((media))).

"Protect Immigrant Rights; End the Crises That Drive Migration" (Zeese/Flowers).  Gets a bit commie-preachy at the end, and not coincidentally vague (they barely avoid pontificating about Marxism), but there are numerous identifiable American government actions which are the root cause of people having to flee, and they could be stopped.  Unfortunately, messing around with the lives of people in Central America - example - is so profoundly American that it is difficult to see how it might stop.

"Could Israel have cheated in Eurovision?" (Abunimah).  Enough of the people who would have voted in Eurovision are young and woke that it is impossible to believe that Israel could possibly have won.  It is telling that this bizarre result was accepted with nary a voice of complaint or suspicion.

"Former Duke “rabbi on campus” calls for death curse on Durham" (Brown). Same curse that Rabin got just before they killed him.  We always lose sight of the fact that the Khazars are an extremely primitive people.

"IDF snipers: choosing who to shoot" (Shenfield).  It's not random, and the murders are individually vetted by a commander.

Another 'mystery' attack that turned out to be, guess who?:  "Plot Thickens: Israeli Airstrike blamed for Killing 22 Iraqi Shiite Militiamen in Syria". Note the target was Iraqis.

"Trump Withdraws from UN Human Rights Council, Ordered by Israel".  Embarrassing example of imperial decline.  When the US was confidently on top, this kind of entity would have been used as a tool in imperial reach, but sadly orders have come down from your leaders, goyim.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"The claim that the 2 parties agree on so little is such utter bullshit, sustained only by purposely ignoring the vast areas of agreement. Yesterday, a bill to authorize massive military spending passed the Senate by a vote of 85-10 (check out Israel votes) …"
"DOJ Indicts "Vault 7" Leak Suspect; WikiLeaks Release Was Largest Breach In CIA History" (Durden). Vault 7 was recent, and infuriated the American IC.  The child porn reeks of a CIA frame-up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


"Stuart Hall and Us" (Forte) (my emphasis in red):
"Using Gramsci, Hall pointed out that class interests are not reflexive representations of immediate needs.  The aesthetic appeal of conservative ideology is its veneer of loss, masochistic austerity, and nationalist redemption.  Where there is loss, there is something to be regained. Hall saw this in Thatcherism:

    “…Thatcherism, as an ideology, addresses the fears, the anxieties, the lost identities, of a people.  It invites us to think about politics in images. It is addressed to our collective fantasies, to Britain as an imagined community, to the social imaginary.”

The feeling of loss is not necessarily a basic need, but it is also not ‘false consciousness.’  What becomes clear in “Gramsci and Us” is how the political vision of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump can be both revolutionary and reactionary:

    In our intellectual way, we think that the world will collapse as the result of a logical contradiction: this is the illusion of the intellectual – that ideology must be coherent, every bit of it fitting together, like a philosophical investigation. When, in fact, the whole purpose of what Gramsci called an organic (i.e. historically effective) ideology is that it articulates into a configuration different subjects, different identities, different projects, different aspirations. It does not reflect, it constructs a ‘unity’ out of difference.

Conservatives have a long history of appearing contradictory and inconsistent.  Their ideological peculiarities are not simply a ‘Rorschach Test’ that comfortingly reflects people’s needs.  The right uses contradiction to bring together different class interests under one banner. It reinvents the timeless conservative vision, hiding its reactionary character, and presents it as something new.
We've just seen some of this in Ontario, where Ford basically refused to present a platform, but appealed to a vague unease that something was fundamentally wrong with Ontario (the sense of loss is always that things used to be better, and have gone inexplicably off the rails).  Needless to say, The Clarification ought to allow us to apply similar analysis to the 'left', which is more or less conservatism + virtue signaling. It is instructive that the current American wailing over the plight of Central American children separated from their parents doesn't address the root cause of why they are in the United States (or why the US has immigration laws on the books which it refuses to enforce, in order to create an undocumented army of labor that is intended to drive down the cost of labor), which is based on bipartisan actions by the American government in places like Honduras and El Salvador. Conservatives have been quick to point out that 'liberal' concerns for the plight of children didn't apply when Barry was doing it (the difference between Barry and Trump is that Trump boasts about what Barry hid), or when mothers (or fathers) sentenced to jail are separated from their children, or when children lose a parent who dies fighting one of the illegal and immoral Wars For The Jews.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Deep and visceral hatred

"Harvard to Its Asian Rejects: It's Not You, It's Your Personality" (Sailer).  "Harsher treatment for dissident artists in Britain than in Israel or Jordan" (Chabloz).  "Israeli town residents take to streets in hundreds to protest sale of house to Arabs" (McKernan).

"Attacking Hodeidah is a Deliberate Act of Cruelty by the Trump Administration" (Cockburn).  If we've learned anything, it is that appeals to humanitarian feelings in the West are completely useless. It is harmful to continue to pretend that there are any soft-hearted people with enough courage to say 'no' (there will, however, be lots of crocodile tears and virtue signalling as people try to feel good about themselves).  The Houthis, and the people of Yemen, are going to have to fight their way out of this, or die. As usual always, this is another War For The Jews, part of Bibi's propaganda campaign against Iran, and is thus unassailable in the West.

"The Saudi-UAE Alliance Is The Most Dangerous Force In The Middle East Today" (Bandow).  I can think of at least one that is more dangerous.

"The Raw Truth About the UK’s Special Relationship with Israel" (Curtis). Shekels.  One big thing about these 'special relationships' is that once we start seriously enforcing laws about political corruption - neck-tie parties might be a good idea - all this wrongdoing will immediately evaporate.  The Khazars enjoy no love that isn't paid for.

"Agency: A Grassroots Nonviolent Palestinian Movement is Israel’s worst Nightmare" (Alashqar).  Is it, though?  I don't want to understate the sacrifices of the martyrs, but does Israel really care about this?  The (((media))) has either shoahed the story, or turned it into some kind of bizarre 'self-defense' against the evil Hamas and the Kites of Death.  The massacring has provided yet another chance for 'liberal' American Khazars to virtue-signal, but that just gives them another chance to pretend there is real opposition to the Zionist schemes.  Also, no:  "Will the Slaughter in Gaza Finally Prick the International Conscience for Firm Action?" (Littlewood).  Shekels, again!  Also:  "US to Leave ‘Foolish, Unworthy’ UN Human Rights Council Over Anti-Israel Bias" (also).

"Beating the US ‘Veto’: Palestinians Need Urgent Protection from Israel" (Baroud). Phony 'human rights' organizations are worse than useless, as they just provide cover for abuses.

"Trump’s Zio-Ambassador Reportedly Told State Dept to Ease Scrutiny of Israel".  Is Friedman ambassador of the US to Israel, or ambassador of Israel to the US?

The rashomonesque IG Report is carefully constructed so that either side can use it to bolster their arguments about Trump, Clinton, the election, and #Russiagate.  There is, however, a big difference in the arguments.  Trump partisans argue that the FBI put known extreme Clinton supporters in charge of both examining the Clinton email/server scandal, and illegally setting up the Trump campaign employees to crookedly obtain FISA warrants.  That is wrongful Clinton partisan activity by what should be an impartial FBI.  On the other hand, the Clintonistas also argue partisanship, as Republican supporters in the New York Field Office of the FBI had the temerity to point out what was going on (particularly about the contents of the emails illegally stored on Weiner's laptop), sometimes in secret to Nunes.  These are hardly identical scandals, with the Democrats doing really bad stuff, and the Republicans whistle blowing about it.  The distinction between partisan wrongdoing and partisan leaking of wrongdoing is lost in Clintonista PR:  "“A Deep and Visceral Hatred”, The Timeline" (Marshall).

"Italy Holds A Mirror to a Broken Europe" (Costantini):
"Nation-states are today the only institution in Europe capable of conveying any democratic preference, making it the only possible space for the political action of the electorate. But while retreating within national borders altogether might seem like an appealing solution, it would not be a guarantee of a change of direction, not least because those nation-state structures have by now been eroded by decades of neoliberal policies. Now more than ever, we need to consider the difference between formal and substantial access to decisions."
The new Italian government is taking grief for turning away refugee boats, but doesn't there have to be a time when this occurs? Removing a functioning government in Libya has removed the cork on Africa (just as Gaddafi predicted!), and there are effectively infinity refugees ready to arrive, far more than Italy, which has been set up to have to bear most of the burden, can possibly accept.  The ferries are a joint scam of commercial smuggling operations and 'human rights' organizations set up, yes, by Soros.  It can stop now, or it can stop later, but it is going to have to stop sometime.

"Here's Why Crazy Republicans Now Seem Like Crazy Personality Cultists" (No More Mister Nice Blog).  Great, but how is this any different than how Clintonistas treat Clinton?  Everybody is unhinged.

"Atlantic Council Lies Dashed “On the Rocks” in Syria" (Cartalucci).  Incompetent PR.

"How Fancy Bear Destroyed Eliot Higgins Bellingcat Credibility" (Eliason). "No one will care".

"Bring Julian Assange Home" (Pilger):
"In 2008, a plan to destroy both WikiLeaks and Assange was laid out in a top secret document dated 8 March, 2008. The authors were the Cyber Counter-intelligence Assessments Branch of the US Defence Department. They described in detail how important it was to destroy the “feeling of trust” that is WikiLeaks’ “centre of gravity”.

This would be achieved, they wrote, with threats of “exposure [and] criminal prosecution” and a unrelenting assault on reputation. The aim was to silence and criminalise WikiLeaks and its editor and publisher. It was as if they planned a war on a single human being and on the very principle of freedom of speech.

Their main weapon would be personal smear. Their shock troops would be enlisted in the media — those who are meant to keep the record straight and tell us the truth.

The irony is that no one told these journalists what to do. I call them Vichy journalists — after the Vichy government that served and enabled the German occupation of wartime France."
It's rough when your only hope is the integrity of the government of Australia. On the other hand, this is odd (it is always striking - astonishing when we're talking about politicians - when somebody leaves shekels on the table, though one has to assume that the 'liberal' shekels, who find Bibi's version of murder and land theft strategically inelegant, have prevailed):  "Australia to Netanyahu: We Ain’t Moving, Mate" (Alexis).

"With new pro-Iran Iraq Coalition, Tehran Outmaneuvers Trump-Saudi-Israeli Axis" (Cole).  You could argue that Trump's belligerence and ham-handed lack of diplomacy are just accelerating the inevitable.

"Gazprom says ready to start major gas projects in Iran". One of the most striking things about American imperial collapse is that the CEOs of the biggest American corporations are losing massive profits from lost business opportunities with, seemingly, not a whimper to politicians, who are allowed to take the shekels and carry on wrecking the US.  We see this kind of thing, with Russia or China in the catbird seat, over and over and over.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fever, fortitude, and Finn the gas

"Board announces ‘urgent review’ into deputy, after JC reveals she promoted ‘Islamophobic’ views".  "Israeli Lawmaker: Supremacy of ‘Jewish Race’ Explains Support for Netanyahu".  "How Purdue Pharma Hooked America on a Deadly Drug" (Schulte).  "It Can Happen Here" (Sunstein).

"Norway Substantially Increases US Military Presence on Its Soil" (Gorka).  "‘Occupation’: How Norway Was Scaremongered Into Doubling US Military Presence".  "Sweden’s Military Madness" (Swanson).  "How Finland and Estonia fooled laws of nature and Russian gas, by Ruslan Ostashko".

"Drug patents could be Canada's special weapon in U.S. trade dispute" (Crowe).  "Could Ottawa slap the Trump Organization with trade sanctions?" (Edwards).

"Pundits Worry Threat of Nuclear War Is Being Reduced" (Shupak).  "Paul Jay on Trump’s Iran War Agenda and Liberals’ Korea Peace Panic".  "North Korea: Pelosi Versus Peace" (Knapp).  "Gaius Publius: Is Anti-War Fever Building in the U.S.?".

"Tales of North Korean Abuses: No Facts, All Fiction" (Cartalucci).

"The SCO and G7 Meetings Point to Different Worlds" (ONeill).  "China-hosted SCO summit 'unity' contrasts with G7 disarray". "Putin and Xi top the G6+1" (Escobar). The obvious - incredibly obvious! - contrast between the imperial collapse and a new world order.

"Europe Faces Crossroads as Atlantic System Crumbles" (Engdahl).  The tragedy is that the feckless Eurotrash politicians aren't up to the job of making the transition.

Gab (Garth Volbeck):
"What you see: FBI officials privately expressing hatred for Trump and Trump supporters.

What you don't see: FBI officials privately expressing fear of Russians.

If there were texts or internal memos full of worry over Russia, they would have been leaked by now. No one actually believed the conspiracy theory; it was only ever an excuse to spy on Americans."
"Former Bank Of Canada Head: 'Pipeline Protesters May Be Killed...So Be It'" (Germanos):  "It's going to take some fortitude to stand up."  "Canadian Oil Pipeline Could Drive Famous Puget Sound Whales to Extinction" (Kneteman).