Monday, June 25, 2018

An actual plague

Worth reading for the laughs:  "At Site of U.K. Poisoning, Doubts About Case Creep In".  I wonder where this "vast majority of people in Salisbury" are hiding.  Also:  "'This Must Be a Joke!' Twitter Loses It Over UK's Latest Blunder in Skripal Saga" (also - Novichok museum!).  Rather obvious payoffs (or, if you believe Skripal was a Dossier writer, payments that are supposed to look like payoffs to distract from the bigger issue).

"The whole world sees it: Trump is doing lasting damage to the global order that made the U.S. a superpower" (McKew).  The alternative to an explanation of arrogance and bumbling is that Trump's actions are the American equivalent of Britain's Suez Crisis, when Britain effectively relinquished its imperial ambitions.  Is this part of a plan to turtle?  Slam the borders shut, put up massive tariffs, stop fighting other people's wars, take a big staycation.

"Morning Star newspaper deletes article that blamed 'Israel's crimes' for rising antisemitism".  The original article has been fashioned into lampshades and soap, but is still (temporarily?) available here (

Another talented goy goes to Hollywood, just wants to act and leave the money details to (((others))), and gets . . .  there's a word for it, I just can't put my finger on it.  "The Trouble With Johnny Depp" (Rodrick).  Starts remarkably critical of Depp, but gets into the grimy details towards the end.  Note that the new lawyer who is going to 'save' Depp, Adam Waldman, also represents Oleg Deripaska (small world!), and comes up in various Russiagate swoonings.  Waldman, in fact, seems to be operating for the Russiagate proponents in various capacities:  "How Many Turncoats Make A Cover-Up – Adam Waldman, Julian Assange, Oleg Deripaska And Luke Harding" (Helmer)  (note how they have turned a conspiracy to create evidence for Russiagate into supposed evidence of Russiagate!):
"Over weeks and months of last year,  Adam Waldman (lead image, left), a Washington lobbyist with ties to the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton, tried to lure Julian Assange (second from left) into making incriminating admissions to benefit the Democrats’ campaign alleging Russian collusion in Clinton’s defeat by President Donald Trump.  Assange tried to use Waldman for a deal with the US Department of Justice, exchanging an offer to withhold disclosure of classified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents and trade other secrets, some Russian, in exchange for a grant of immunity from US prosecution.

At the same time, Oleg Deripaska (third from left), the oligarch in control of the Russian aluminium industry, paid Waldman to offer US prosecutors information about the Trump election campaign manager Paul Manafort and others connected to the Trump campaign, including Russians,  in exchange for a US Government promise not to impose sanctions on Deripaska.  Last week Luke Harding (right), a reporter for the Guardian, a London newspaper, sold the story of Waldman’s meetings with  Assange and Deripaska as a conspiracy to advance a scheme by President Vladimir Putin to control the US Government."
I don't see any evidence from Helmer that Assange was proposing to shelve the Vault 7 material in return for legal considerations from the US government, and if the Americans ever heard of such a thing, they let all the Vault 7 stuff be released bit by bit without responding to the supposed Assange proposal.

"Exposing the Russian Hacking Fraud by Publius Tacitus" (and its comments):
"We are asked to believe that the DNC learned in late April/early May about a cyber attack on its computer network and that the cyber security firm hired to stop the breach did not take final, decisive action until 10 June. If your network is under attack by nefarious Russian Government operatives then you would assume there would be an urgency to take decisive action to blunt the attack. But this was not the case for the DNC and their cyber warriors, Crowdstrike. More than one month passed before Crowdstrike installed new software and passwords on the DNC laptops. That should have been done by 10 May instead of 10 June. Why did Crowdstrike delay action for so long?"
It appears that CrowdStrike was giving time to the hackers to leave evidence of themselves, evidence which would then be claimed to point to Russia.  They weren't concerned about the snooping around as they knew the snoops were working for them!  Note also that Perkins Coie was both the intermediary between the DNC and CrowdStrike, and, through Fusion GPS, the intermediary between the Clinton campaign and Steele (small world!).

"A German 'Iran Bank' could save the nuclear deal" (von Daniels).  Europe needs Iran-specific financial institutions that don't do any other business, and are thus sanction, or secondary-sanction, -proof.

American heroes.  "Masked attackers storm Roma camp in Ukraine".  "US-led coalition evacuates 2 of ISIS leaders from Twaimin on Syrian-Iraqi borders".

Tweet (David Sheen):
"VIDEO now with English subtitles: On the day he is named Jewish Agency chair, Isaac Herzog – Israel's "Leader of the Opposition" for the last 5 years – slams romantic relationships between Jews and non-Jews in the USA as “an actual plague” for which he hopes to find "a solution""
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