Friday, June 01, 2018

Apologists of empire

"Ex-Mossad chief: In 2011 Netanyahu ordered military to ready Iran strike".  This is a threat.

"Watching Carefully: Unannounced negotiations between Iran and Israel" (Halabi).  It is plausible that Israel needs some breathing room as the IDF is preoccupied killing civilians.

"Jeremy Corbyn's views 'could drive Jewish people from UK' ".  "Israel, Myanmar sign agreement to teach about the Holocaust".

"None of 90 attacks on journalists in Ukraine solved in 2017: Union head".  Things are looking up - they've already solved one in 2018!

"The Godfather. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s Influence on Donald Trump".  The CBC carefully enters the minefield (they would never have dared while Harper was PM!).  "Republican Jewish Coalition emerges as Trump’s hub for raising money, and making foreign policy" (Weiss).  Weiss gets good towards the end.

"Guccifer 2.0's American Fingerprints Reveal An Operation Made In The USA" (Vos).  Interesting in that the American IC, and the Clinton Campaign headquarters, are all on the east coast.

Tweet (Marwa Osman) (the uncertain life status of MbS -Schrödinger's MbS - may be a factor in in the unusual passivity of Israel at this time, uncertain if the removal of MbS was by traditionalists who were offended at MbS's extreme lack of Muslim solidarity):
"And the question remains: Where is #MBS ? Reminder: MBS has been MIA since the night of April 21, 2018 when we saw those weird videos from Riyadh of gun fire near the Royal Palace. And MBS did not meet #Pompeo when the latter visited KSA on April 29,2018."
"The Syria Connection to Iran, Afghanistan and China" (Escobar).  Looks like the Chinese will be making billions of dollars restoring Syria.

"On the Liberation of The Yarmouk Refugee Camp from ISIS. Syrian and Palestinian Struggles Indivisible" (Stone):
"In 2012, certain self-styled Palestine solidarity activists and western “leftists” sought to twist the facts about the second displacement of the Palestinians – this time from their homes in Yarmouk. They sought specifically to lay the blame for this second victimization of the Palestinians in Yarmouk on the Syrian government and effectively gave left cover and support to the western regime-change operation. According to the nay-sayers, the Syrian government was simply to cave in to the armed militants and ignore its duty to protect its citizens and the Palestinian refugees, who lived under its protection, from foreign aggression.

From personal experience in Canada, we can attest to the fact that the Left cover provided by these misguided people for the attempted US regime-change operation in Syria was poisonous to the Canadian anti-war movement. It made it hard to organize people against the illegal war. In fact, it became difficult, thanks to threats by anarchists and other intervenors, even to find a venue to hold a public meeting in Canada for outspoken and courageous opponents of the war on Syria, such as Mother Agnes Mariam and Eva Karene Bartlett. In a few short years, because some of these misguided people, specifically members of the International Socialists (IS), were in positions of authority within the pan-Canadian anti-war movement, the movement dried up and died.

We note that many people got it wrong at the time. It’s heartening that some of them, such as journalists, Max Blumenthal, Rania Khalek, and Ben Norton have publicly acknowledged that their earlier analysis and criticisms were wrong.2 Others, such as UK professor Gilbert Achcar, who travelled to the World Social Forum in Montreal in 2016 to villify the Syrian government, will probably dance to empire’s tune until they die. It has taken seven years but the recent string of victories of the Syrian government over the terrorists have forced many honest people on the left to open their eyes wide and realize that what has transpired in Syria is not a popular uprising and or a “revolution”, but a deadly plan by the US, its western allies, and regional clients criminally to interfere in the domestic affairs of Syria and to target Iran and the Coalition of Resistance."
"The liberation of Yarmouk and the angry Palestinian reactions to the April 13 missile attacks put a satisfying end to a chapter of disunity in Palestinian and Syrian history. They show that the Palestinian and Syrian struggles are one and the same. There can be no ultimate victory for Palestine if Syria is destroyed. There can be no ultimate victory for the Syrian people without also freeing the Palestinians from the tyranny of occupation in Palestine.

The moral of the Yarmouk story can be summed up thus: if you are for Palestine, you must also be for Syria!

Those self-styled Palestinian solidarity activists and “leftists” in Europe and North America who slammed the Syrian government for resisting the terrorist proxy armies of the West need to reflect on the consequences of their de facto support of the US empire’s meddling in Syria: half a million deaths, millions of injured people (both physically and emotionally), enormous destruction of civilian infrastructure (including housing, schools, and hospitals), the transformation of 12 million Syrians into displaced persons and into a wave of refugees that swept over Europe, the descent of thousands of Syrian women and girls into the international human trafficking trade, and much much more… Will there ever be a day of reckoning for these apologists of empire?"
Part of the general protocol (see also, Venezuela) of picking the good guys, and sticking with them.

"Pipeline Geopolitics: Why is Russia Maintaining Its Gas Transit Pipelines Through Ukraine Open?" (Korybko).  It is not in Putin's interests to see Ukraine completely collapse.  Will the price for this financial help be getting the Ukrainians to avoid trying to start WWIII?  One of the things to notice is that Putin always seems to have levers to pull that others don't, because he, unlike, say, the Israelis and their American stooges, isn't messing around outside of his own neighborhood (of course, because of the size and position of Russia, his neighborhood - and his access to levers - is huge).

"Lies and Fabrications of Liz Sly" (Angry Arab).  Part of a series.

"CIA Undermines North Korea Summit By Leaking Report To Media Asset" (Whittle).  First Bolton, amplified by Pence, and now this.  On the other hand, you don't want to get between Trump's ego and a Nobel Prize.

Tweets by Sharyl Attkisson on the Brennan/Clapper/Morell media life, and the conflicts of interest therein.

Tweets by Greenwald on Brazil and the return to rule by generals.

"Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex Is Suing Her Mom, Courtney Love, For An Alleged Plot to Kidnap and Kill Him".  One of the classic conspiracies is the death of Cobain.

"Did Roseanne Confuse Valerie Jarrett with Huma Abedin?" (Sailer).  The tweet was weird enough - and Roseanne's history is bizarre enough (she could have easily relied on the standard identity politics shtick of being bipolar, generally a universal excuse for anything) -  that had the Khazars at Disney not wanted an excuse to get rid of a show thought to be directed at the 'deplorables' and their love of Trump, they could have finessed it and kept the show going.
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