Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Death curse

"A New Dimension of the Conflict in Yemen" (Lvov).  Lots of information, especially the fact this is really a UAE operation, and success may not benefit the Saudis, who are bearing all the blame for the humanitarian disaster.  An indication that MbS is in over his head with the wily MbZ.  Note that the aerial bombing won't win the war - unlike in recent American 'wars', mass slaughter of civilians, essentially holding the civilian population hostage to get the leader to capitulate, won't work with the Houthis - and the invaders are going to have to fight in the streets facing well-trained soldiers using the latest asymmetrical warfare techniques (with instruction from Hezbollah, fresh from the expert schooling of fighting human organ eaters in Syria).  We shouldn't count the Houthis out, particularly in light of the fact that we are not getting a straight story from the (((media))).

"Protect Immigrant Rights; End the Crises That Drive Migration" (Zeese/Flowers).  Gets a bit commie-preachy at the end, and not coincidentally vague (they barely avoid pontificating about Marxism), but there are numerous identifiable American government actions which are the root cause of people having to flee, and they could be stopped.  Unfortunately, messing around with the lives of people in Central America - example - is so profoundly American that it is difficult to see how it might stop.

"Could Israel have cheated in Eurovision?" (Abunimah).  Enough of the people who would have voted in Eurovision are young and woke that it is impossible to believe that Israel could possibly have won.  It is telling that this bizarre result was accepted with nary a voice of complaint or suspicion.

"Former Duke “rabbi on campus” calls for death curse on Durham" (Brown). Same curse that Rabin got just before they killed him.  We always lose sight of the fact that the Khazars are an extremely primitive people.

"IDF snipers: choosing who to shoot" (Shenfield).  It's not random, and the murders are individually vetted by a commander.

Another 'mystery' attack that turned out to be, guess who?:  "Plot Thickens: Israeli Airstrike blamed for Killing 22 Iraqi Shiite Militiamen in Syria". Note the target was Iraqis.

"Trump Withdraws from UN Human Rights Council, Ordered by Israel".  Embarrassing example of imperial decline.  When the US was confidently on top, this kind of entity would have been used as a tool in imperial reach, but sadly orders have come down from your leaders, goyim.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"The claim that the 2 parties agree on so little is such utter bullshit, sustained only by purposely ignoring the vast areas of agreement. Yesterday, a bill to authorize massive military spending passed the Senate by a vote of 85-10 (check out Israel votes) …"
"DOJ Indicts "Vault 7" Leak Suspect; WikiLeaks Release Was Largest Breach In CIA History" (Durden). Vault 7 was recent, and infuriated the American IC.  The child porn reeks of a CIA frame-up.
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