Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Death squads

"The Salvador Option: the US is Once Again Supporting Death Squads in Central America" (Wilkins).  The Americans complain about emigration pressures caused by the violence in Central America, violence which is fostered by the American government.  See also Honduras and Nicaragua, and this:  "NATO Comes to South America: Colombia Becomes Alliance’s Official Partner" (Gorka).

"India, Iran and the Strategic Implications of the US Pull Out from the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA)" (Seethi):
"In early May 2013, India and Iran decided to step up their bilateral relations in all aspects including connectivity for which New Delhi would be assisting in the upgradation of the strategically crucial Chabahar port located in south eastern part of Iran (Seethi 2015). During a meeting between the foreign ministers of India and Iran, the two sides agreed to work on a trilateral transit agreement involving India, Iran and Afghanistan (India, Ministry of External Affairs 2013). Tehran saw this important not only for Iran and Afghanistan, but for the entire Central Asia. The two countries reiterated the significance of greater connectivity between Russia, Central and South Asia through the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC). India viewed this project as part of reinforcing its ‘Connect Central Asia’ and ‘Look West’ policy. Given India’s sensitive relations with Pakistan, New Delhi saw the Chabahar port as an alternative route not only to Afghanistan, but also to resource-rich Central Asia. It may also be noted that India was keen to open alternative routes to Afghanistan ever since China took over Pakistan’s Gwadar Port (a warm-water, deep-sea port located in the Arabian Sea at Gwadar in Baluchistan province), which is about 76 km from the Chabahar port. The Chabahar port, surrounded by a free trade zone, is vital particularly since Islamabad does not permit transit facility from India to Afghanistan (Seethi 2015). 

With the US pull out, India’s growing interest in Afghanistan and Central Asia is now at risk. The Chabahar port is set to give a transport corridor to Afghanistan, providing the landlocked country a new facility to have a deepened Indian Ocean trade. Now that a fresh US sanctions are round the corner, the agencies involved in the port project are apprehensive about the US retaliation for engaging Iran. Though the Modi Government is claiming that it still sustains ‘strategic autonomy,’ it remains to be seen if it can ignore the strategic imperatives of the emerging Indo-Pacific collaboration where both New Delhi and Washington have vital stakes."
"The Weekly Standard Finally Finds a Hill Worth Dying On: Defending George Soros Against His Own Admitted Work for Nazis in Confiscating Jewish Property" (Ace of Spades HQ).  Using George's own public statements against him is causing some consternation.  It is interesting that Soros' defenders are the Khazars for whom, one might think, Soros' actions are the worst crime imaginable.

"US Regime Change and its Armies of "Garbage"" (Cartalucci). Color revolutionaries are, as you might expect, a motley crew.

"US, UK and France 'Inflicted Worst Destruction in Decades on Raqqa'" (Cockburn):
"“On the ground in Raqqa we witnessed a level of destruction comparable to anything we have seen in decades of covering the impact of wars,” says Donatella Rovera, a senior crisis response adviser at Amnesty. She says that the coalition’s claim that it had conducted a precision bombing campaign that caused few civilian casualties does not stand up to scrutiny. She quotes a senior US military officer as saying that “more artillery shells were launched into Raqqa than anywhere since the end of the Vietnam war”.

The air and artillery strikes by the US and its allies killed many civilians – the number is unknown because so many bodies are buried under the ruins – during the four-month-long siege, beginning on 6 June and ending on 17 October last year according to the report. Citing the testimony of survivors, it contradicts assertions by the US-led coalition that it took care to avoid targeting buildings where civilians might be present. Witnesses say that again and again their houses were destroyed although there were no Isis fighters in them or nearby."
Not at all a surprise from these monsters, but it is a bit of a shock still that these same people and the (((media))) continue to advertise their various Wars For The Jews on the pretense that they are concerned about human rights and lives, and always act from the purest motives.

"Israeli Owned Geothermal Company that Possibly Fracked Hawaii Volcano to Life has 80 of these Plants" (Bacon).  The (((media))) can't mention the fracking-earthquake connection, not to mention who might be behind this all over the world as they literally could not care less what happens to the farm animal victims.  This is the same mindset, for the same reasons, as the oxy peddlers at Purdue.

If you like addled tweeting in the style of Trump, note this Twitter stream of tweets from prominent Toronto 'journalist' Joe Warmington (from the entertaining tweets of Jesse Hawken).

"How Trump played Trudeau" (Mitrovica).

"As Neo-Nazis Gain Prominence in Ukraine, the West Keeps Turning a Blind Eye" (Lozansky).  Part of The Clarification - the purported horror at 'Nazis' wasn't based in some concern for human rights, but just a convenient rhetorical flourish to use against various opponents.  When the 'Nazis' are on your side, you suddenly don't care.  See also:  "Germany wants answers on US ambassador's remarks".

"Watch Live As America Gets Voted Down On Pro Israeli Resolution" (DesertPeace).

Behind his paywall, Marshall has been wondering why the wife of George Papadopoulis - a wife currently lobbying for some kind of Trump pardon for her husband (and, to be fair, he seems to have been set up rather badly by the Clintonista conspirators and Mueller) - who purports to be Italian, and - Small World Warning! - used to work for Mifsud (!!!), appears to be Russian.

"Proportional representation is only great for unelectable 'professors,' Jean Chretien says".  You'd think the example of Europe would be a cautionary tale of what never to do.  With all the numerous advantages of first-past-the-post, Chretien hits on perhaps the most important.  Of course, the counter-argument is that it discriminates against unlikeable sociopathic nerds in favor of the Chad glad handlers..

"Palestine is not occupied, it is colonised" (Baroud).  It is funny how many terms the Khazars have invented to place in their (((media))), and attempt to place into international law, to describe their murder and land theft.

"Sacrificing Gaza: The Great March of Zionist Hypocrisy" (Kavanagh).  "‘Let’s talk about art’– NPR promotes Israeli claims about Gaza massacre and leaves out medic’s killing" (Weiss). "The unwarranted presumption of Israeli soldier innocence in the killing of Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar" (Ofir).  Tweet (Ayman Mohyeldin).  Every day, more and more people are woke, and have access to more and more information, yet the (((media))) continues to lie following the same patterns, and in fact is reacting to the horrible facts by increasing the audacity of the lying.  Something has to give sometime.
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