Monday, June 18, 2018

Deep and visceral hatred

"Harvard to Its Asian Rejects: It's Not You, It's Your Personality" (Sailer).  "Harsher treatment for dissident artists in Britain than in Israel or Jordan" (Chabloz).  "Israeli town residents take to streets in hundreds to protest sale of house to Arabs" (McKernan).

"Attacking Hodeidah is a Deliberate Act of Cruelty by the Trump Administration" (Cockburn).  If we've learned anything, it is that appeals to humanitarian feelings in the West are completely useless. It is harmful to continue to pretend that there are any soft-hearted people with enough courage to say 'no' (there will, however, be lots of crocodile tears and virtue signalling as people try to feel good about themselves).  The Houthis, and the people of Yemen, are going to have to fight their way out of this, or die. As usual always, this is another War For The Jews, part of Bibi's propaganda campaign against Iran, and is thus unassailable in the West.

"The Saudi-UAE Alliance Is The Most Dangerous Force In The Middle East Today" (Bandow).  I can think of at least one that is more dangerous.

"The Raw Truth About the UK’s Special Relationship with Israel" (Curtis). Shekels.  One big thing about these 'special relationships' is that once we start seriously enforcing laws about political corruption - neck-tie parties might be a good idea - all this wrongdoing will immediately evaporate.  The Khazars enjoy no love that isn't paid for.

"Agency: A Grassroots Nonviolent Palestinian Movement is Israel’s worst Nightmare" (Alashqar).  Is it, though?  I don't want to understate the sacrifices of the martyrs, but does Israel really care about this?  The (((media))) has either shoahed the story, or turned it into some kind of bizarre 'self-defense' against the evil Hamas and the Kites of Death.  The massacring has provided yet another chance for 'liberal' American Khazars to virtue-signal, but that just gives them another chance to pretend there is real opposition to the Zionist schemes.  Also, no:  "Will the Slaughter in Gaza Finally Prick the International Conscience for Firm Action?" (Littlewood).  Shekels, again!  Also:  "US to Leave ‘Foolish, Unworthy’ UN Human Rights Council Over Anti-Israel Bias" (also).

"Beating the US ‘Veto’: Palestinians Need Urgent Protection from Israel" (Baroud). Phony 'human rights' organizations are worse than useless, as they just provide cover for abuses.

"Trump’s Zio-Ambassador Reportedly Told State Dept to Ease Scrutiny of Israel".  Is Friedman ambassador of the US to Israel, or ambassador of Israel to the US?

The rashomonesque IG Report is carefully constructed so that either side can use it to bolster their arguments about Trump, Clinton, the election, and #Russiagate.  There is, however, a big difference in the arguments.  Trump partisans argue that the FBI put known extreme Clinton supporters in charge of both examining the Clinton email/server scandal, and illegally setting up the Trump campaign employees to crookedly obtain FISA warrants.  That is wrongful Clinton partisan activity by what should be an impartial FBI.  On the other hand, the Clintonistas also argue partisanship, as Republican supporters in the New York Field Office of the FBI had the temerity to point out what was going on (particularly about the contents of the emails illegally stored on Weiner's laptop), sometimes in secret to Nunes.  These are hardly identical scandals, with the Democrats doing really bad stuff, and the Republicans whistle blowing about it.  The distinction between partisan wrongdoing and partisan leaking of wrongdoing is lost in Clintonista PR:  "“A Deep and Visceral Hatred”, The Timeline" (Marshall).

"Italy Holds A Mirror to a Broken Europe" (Costantini):
"Nation-states are today the only institution in Europe capable of conveying any democratic preference, making it the only possible space for the political action of the electorate. But while retreating within national borders altogether might seem like an appealing solution, it would not be a guarantee of a change of direction, not least because those nation-state structures have by now been eroded by decades of neoliberal policies. Now more than ever, we need to consider the difference between formal and substantial access to decisions."
The new Italian government is taking grief for turning away refugee boats, but doesn't there have to be a time when this occurs? Removing a functioning government in Libya has removed the cork on Africa (just as Gaddafi predicted!), and there are effectively infinity refugees ready to arrive, far more than Italy, which has been set up to have to bear most of the burden, can possibly accept.  The ferries are a joint scam of commercial smuggling operations and 'human rights' organizations set up, yes, by Soros.  It can stop now, or it can stop later, but it is going to have to stop sometime.

"Here's Why Crazy Republicans Now Seem Like Crazy Personality Cultists" (No More Mister Nice Blog).  Great, but how is this any different than how Clintonistas treat Clinton?  Everybody is unhinged.

"Atlantic Council Lies Dashed “On the Rocks” in Syria" (Cartalucci).  Incompetent PR.

"How Fancy Bear Destroyed Eliot Higgins Bellingcat Credibility" (Eliason). "No one will care".

"Bring Julian Assange Home" (Pilger):
"In 2008, a plan to destroy both WikiLeaks and Assange was laid out in a top secret document dated 8 March, 2008. The authors were the Cyber Counter-intelligence Assessments Branch of the US Defence Department. They described in detail how important it was to destroy the “feeling of trust” that is WikiLeaks’ “centre of gravity”.

This would be achieved, they wrote, with threats of “exposure [and] criminal prosecution” and a unrelenting assault on reputation. The aim was to silence and criminalise WikiLeaks and its editor and publisher. It was as if they planned a war on a single human being and on the very principle of freedom of speech.

Their main weapon would be personal smear. Their shock troops would be enlisted in the media — those who are meant to keep the record straight and tell us the truth.

The irony is that no one told these journalists what to do. I call them Vichy journalists — after the Vichy government that served and enabled the German occupation of wartime France."
It's rough when your only hope is the integrity of the government of Australia. On the other hand, this is odd (it is always striking - astonishing when we're talking about politicians - when somebody leaves shekels on the table, though one has to assume that the 'liberal' shekels, who find Bibi's version of murder and land theft strategically inelegant, have prevailed):  "Australia to Netanyahu: We Ain’t Moving, Mate" (Alexis).

"With new pro-Iran Iraq Coalition, Tehran Outmaneuvers Trump-Saudi-Israeli Axis" (Cole).  You could argue that Trump's belligerence and ham-handed lack of diplomacy are just accelerating the inevitable.

"Gazprom says ready to start major gas projects in Iran". One of the most striking things about American imperial collapse is that the CEOs of the biggest American corporations are losing massive profits from lost business opportunities with, seemingly, not a whimper to politicians, who are allowed to take the shekels and carry on wrecking the US.  We see this kind of thing, with Russia or China in the catbird seat, over and over and over.
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