Saturday, June 23, 2018

For the Laker tickets

Aleppo versus Mosul, the single best tangible representation of the constant lying of the (((media))), with the contrast in the subsequent fates of the two cities exemplifying American assholery.

"North Korea Agreed to Denuclearize, But US Refuses Despite Treaty Obligation" (Cohn).

"An Elite Coalition Emerges Against a Trump-Kim Agreement" (Porter).

"The Real Reason Saudi Arabi Lifted its Ban on Women Driving: Economic Necessity" (Hvidt).  I still think that odd blow-up in arresting the woman driver activists was part of the (attempted?) coup against MbS.

"How US Policy in Honduras Set the Stage for Today’s Mass Migration" (Nevins).

"Crying Toddler in Iconic Photo Never Separated from Mother" (Zhang).  It has reached the point where we have to assume that (((media))) use of any illustrative photo is, in some way, a lie.

"Why We Westerners Are WEIRD--Less Inbreeding" and "Non-WEIRD Pakistani Children in London Die from Inbred Birth Defects" (Sailer).  Incest and politics.

More Sailer:  "Latino Electoral Tidal Wave Once Again Fails to Show as Villaraigosa Gets 13%":
"Villaraigosa is a complete mediocrity who failed the bar exam all four times he took it. He was basically an overgrown juvenile delinquent who was in politics for the Laker tickets."
and (making fun of Stephens is like shooting fish in a barrel):"Bret Stephens: America Needs More Immigrants, Like Israel Has".

"Meet Mystery FBI "Agent 5" Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts While On Clinton Taint Team" (Durden).  Even at this late date, traitors keep emerging from the FBI's rancid woodwork.  I have to say there is nothing wrong or unusual about political partisans working for the FBI.  The problem is in the consistent management decisions of placing people who were known as rabid Clinton partisans in charge of absolving Clinton of her serious email problem, and in charge of running an obviously illegal intelligence operation against Trumps's campaign, while simultaneously creating a phony casus belli for WWIII against Russia (the bigger goal of Clinton's 'donors').

"The World Transformed and No One in America Noticed" (Sieff).  It is striking for both Pakistan and India to join a group at the same time, neither one wanting to be seen as being left behind.  "Is China Stealing a March on Trump in Pakistan amid New Trade War?" (Thompson).  "Pakistan And America Are In The Throes Of A Serious Diplomatic Crisis" (Korybko).  As always, of course, Americans have to act weird about Pakistan as Israel considers Pakistan to be a threat to Israel.

"Chrystia Freeland Fails to See that It Is a Multipolar World on the March, Not Authoritarianism" (Pagliccia).  "Neoliberalism, Pipelines, and Canadian Political Economy" (Jones).  I fear that neither Trudeau nor his cabinet is smart enough to deal with the challenges.  They are just smart enough to mouth the same insipid platitudes of neoliberalism.  Of course, they have enough animal cunning to please those who will eventually reward them with board of director seats.

"Power without Scrutiny: The Jewish Privilege that Poisons Democracy" (Langdon).  "Mr. Lansman comes to Tel Aviv: Jeremy Corbyn’s senior ally wants to restrict free speech on Israel" (Neiman).  What is striking is that there is not the slightest attempt to hide this outrageous behavior, and everybody involved is secure in the knowledge that the (((media))) will ensure there are no complaints.

"The Entire Western World Lives In Cognitive Dissonance" (Roberts).

"On “Leftist Anti-Semitism”: Past and Present" (Joyce).  The woke William Cobbett.  We live in an era of no real anti-Semitism and no real leftists, but there was a time when it would have been considered odd for a true man of the left not to also be a real anti-Semite.

"$4 Billion Miami Mega-Mall Moves Ahead, Ignores "Collective Belief In Sea-Level Rise"" (Durden).  Soon, the whole thing will be a water park.  Note the big government subsidies.
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