Thursday, June 28, 2018

Haw-Haw / visited / giant spoon

More on the sensible and rational Assange deal, which would have protected at least some of the American national security interests that the Assange haters scream are being endangered by Assange's recklessness, but which was vetoed by Warner and Comey, it seems solely to protect the Russiagate narrative that Russia stole the emails through a hack:  "Did Sen. Warner and Comey ‘Collude’ on Russia-gate?" (McGovern).  Comey didn't insist on direct access to the DNC servers for the same reason, he knew what they would show (leak rather than hack), and he didn't want evidence of leak, thus explaining the mysterious lack of curiosity and investigatorial zeal in the FBI with respect to the servers.

Related:  "Recent Pentagon Increases Exceed Russia’s Entire Military Budget", linking to "Putting the Pentagon’s Pennies in Perspective" (Freeman/Hartung).

"What's Really Behind Anti-China Protests in Vietnam?" (Thomas).  Color revolutions are the only tool left to the Americans.

"A Gallery Owner Was Arrested After Leaving a 10-Foot Heroin Spoon Sculpture Outside OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma".

"Lawrence Krauss “scientifically” shows Jeffrey Epstein is no pedophile" (Alexis).

"Lord Haw-Haw of MI5" (Metroland).  He was a British intelligence agent who successfully infiltrated the highest levels of the German government, but was allowed to be hanged as British intelligence didn't want to admit to their infiltration by the extreme British right.  It is not just a British problem - all intelligence services seem to be riddled with this kind of radical right wingnut.

"The ‘Soft Coup’ and the Attack on the Brazilian People" (Stien-della Croce).  I'm sure this is being studied as a model of how to perform this kind of coup, while appearing to color within the legal lines.

"Did Israel Inspire Trump’s Family Separation Policy?" (Baroud).  It is curious that Khazars in America are associated with pro-immigration sentiments and arguments, while we're told it is specifically the Khazar Stephen Miller who is entirely responsible for the family separation policies that are the subject of much American wailing.  The travel ban looks much different if seen in the context of radical Zionism.  Without being woke, Miller is baffling.

"Middle East peace plan doesn’t ring true" (Heard).  The cleverness is that they could deal with the 'demographic problem' by independently 'fixing' the Gaza problem, a solution that might be grabbed simply because the Israelis have imposed so much suffering on Gaza that it is uninhabitable, leaving the whole issue of the settlements undetermined.  The mass murder of protesting Gazans is then not an Israeli PR mistake, but an integral part of selling President Jared's plan.

"Power without Scrutiny: The Jewish Privilege that Poisons Democracy" (Langdon). The (((media's))) lack of curiosity about various (((guys))) who deliver the shekels.

"The pathetic caving of Nickolay Mladenov" (Finkelstein).  "The BBC Just Declared that Five Children Being Murdered by Israel Is ‘NOT A LOT’" (Rogers).  You can always identify the time when the shekels arrive.

Untangling the dense thickets of Zionist propaganda that are endlessly presented as 'facts' by the (((media))):  "The Real Story Behind Israel’s “Blooming Desert”" (Webb):
"As Israeli historian and journalist Meron Benvenisti detailed in his book Sacred Landscape: The Buried History of the Holy Land Since 1948:

    By April 1948 Jewish farmers had already begun harvesting the crops that had ripened in the abandoned fields and picking the citrus fruit in Arab groves. […] by mid-1949 two-thirds of all land sown with grain in Israel was abandoned Arab land.”

Thus, it was land theft that was largely responsible for Israel’s initial agricultural production, not the labor or agricultural expertise of Zionist settlers.

In addition, the claim that Israel turned an undeveloped desert into an agricultural wonder seems to be – in part – projection on the part of the Israeli state. Indeed, as Benvenisti noted, following the removal of Palestinians, the vast majority of centuries-old fruit orchards that had long been maintained by the native inhabitants of the land were untended, neglected and, in some cases, bulldozed to make room for ever-expanding settlements.

According to Benvenisti’s research, that neglect led to a situation in which “entire tracts of productive citrus trees, especially in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa area, were earmarked for the construction of housing developments,” as was the case for Palestine olive groves and pomegranate orchards that the land’s new occupants considered “an annoyance.” Part of the reason for the destruction of the land was that it would weaken Palestinian claims to return to the land, as keeping agricultural infrastructure intact “might have made possible the absorption of the returning refugees.”"
"Another project central to the “desert bloom” mythology is Israel’s “afforestation” of the desert, which has helped “turn the desert green” through the planting of non-native pine trees. These forests, largely planted by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), have been touted as a “miracle.” Yet, the pine stands, much like Israel’s treatment of Palestine’s agricultural legacy, have been motivated by a need to cover up the events that led to the creation of the Israeli state.

Indeed, more than two-thirds of all JNF forests and sites lie on top of the ruins of Palestinian villages demolished during and after the founding of Israel, and the group’s continuing afforestation efforts are aimed at acquiring land in the occupied West Bank to prevent “trespassing” and “conceal” Palestinian villages in order to prevent the return of Palestinian refugees.

Moreover, the effort to maintain a forest of non-native trees – regardless of whether its chief aim is to cover up the true history of Palestine or “green” a desert — has come at a great cost to the natural environment. As journalist Max Blumenthal has noted:

    Most of the saplings the JNF plants at a site near Jerusalem simply do not survive, and require frequent replanting. Elsewhere, needles from the pine trees have killed native plant species and wreaked havoc on the ecosystem.”

They also become fodder for forest fires that have caused major damage and mass evacuations throughout Israel over the years.

Another ecological consequence of JNF forests is their likely effect on Israel’s horrendous drought, considered to be the worst the region has faced in over 900 years. As studies have shown in other countries where non-native pine plantations have been introduced in vast numbers, pines consume a significant amount of water – leading to droughts and even the disappearance of entire rivers – as well as fundamentally alter and degrade the soil. While these forests have been presented as an ecological miracle, they are instead destroying the environment and degrading the land’s resources, suggesting that the main driver behind the long-standing project is aimed at covering up the ruins of Palestine."
Also:  "Demystifying Myths of the Six-Day War" (Peled).  And, as part of the 'dialectic', Chomsky, a relatively obscure academic, pops up with a series of books complaining bitterly about the sins of American imperialism.

"Profiting from child kidnapping: Grotesque Obnoxious Profiteers (GOP) to the ‘rescue’" (Madsen). The money grubbing around a policy decision is never pretty.

"Rising seas: 'Florida is about to be wiped off the map'"(Rush).  The funniest thing is that these supposed 'debates' about climate change are going to be answered by a wall of water, which is difficult to argue with.

"What the New York primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez means" (Martin, bitterly disappointed that she is somewhat to the right of Trotsky).  I'm also prepared to be disappointed ('visited' is a technical term in American politics), but this is a strikingly perfect candidate, both in policy positions and refusal to take corporate money.  She fits the identity politics profile without once using identity politics virtue-signaling to cover for lousy policies.  This is shattering to the Clintonista crowd, who are spinning like tops (Marshall with the tribal 'brown votes brown' explanation - "A Shocker But Not A Surprise"/ Crooks and Liars goes with age - "The Moment Ocasio-Cortez Won", anything but admitting that the 'donor' model has failed, again, spectacularly, and people want policies, not virtue-signaling).

"Steemit Only Article: Opinion: Why Independent Media Voices Are Questioning the "Q" Persona" (Vos).  Tweets (Suzie Dawson).  "WikiLeaks Calls QAnon A Likely ‘Pied Piper’ Operation" (Johnstone).  Very similar to a 'cold reading' by a psychic, in this case throwing out a pile of vague predictions, one or two of which turn out to be true or arguably true, and using this to establish the credibility as an 'insider' whistle blower who can then be used to shape the narrative that the intelligence agency wants to disseminate.  It seems odd that anybody would care what the lurkers at /pol/ think, but the key is that /pol/ can be used as a basis for 'legitimate' media stories.  "Q Is Back" (there is a category of low-information/high-assholery American for which this kind of stuff is like a drug, and has been back to the time when the Birchers were doing it).  "The Wizard of Q" (Kirn) (the consistent theme of Q for the MAGA crowd is that, despite all appearances to the contrary, Trump is winning in his battle against the 'swamp'):
"My friend Matthew, who saw combat in Afghanistan and has reported on intelligence issues, believes that Q may be the result of psyops conceived to maintain morale among Trump’s base. The trick, he says, is to fashion a mental filter that will make Trump’s losses look like victories, his missteps like chess moves, his caprices like plans. After all, if most news is fake, as Trump insists, the real news must be hidden out of sight."
 And the pay-off (note how this follows Sunstein's proposal):  "Pro-Trump Conspiracy-Monger “QAnon” Calls for Regime Change in Iran" (Webb).
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