Monday, June 11, 2018

Orderly transfer of power

It looks like Trump's performance at the G-7 was supposed to prove to Kim what a hard ass Trump is, not a guy to be messed with, and everybody else was supposed to play along, until Trump failed to read the room and overdid it.

"After What Trump did to Iran and Canada, why Should N Korea trust Talks with Him?" (Cole).  The fact that Bolton was uninvited, and then re-invited, to Singapore is not a good sign.

"Korea, Russia, China: The Neocon-Trump’s Strategy" (Konstantakopoulos).  Starts out fine, but gets a little weird at the end.

"In China the SCO Is Conducting a Productive and Civilised Summit While the G7 Is One Big Argument Inside a Political Circus" (Garrie).

"Putin and Xi top the G6+1" (Escobar):
"In parallel, diplomats in Brussels confirmed to Asia Times there are insistent rumbles about Trump possibly dreaming of a G3 composed of just US, Russia and China. Trump, after all, personally admires the leadership qualities of both Putin and Xi, while deriding the Kafkaesque EU bureaucratic maze and its weaklings, currently represented by the M3 (Merkel, Macron, May).

In Europe, no one seems to be listening to informed advice, such as provided by Belgian economist Paul de Grauwe, who’s pleading for Frankfurt and Berlin to manage a common debt, without which the EU won’t survive the sovereign crises of individual members.

Trump, for all his dizzying inconsistencies, seems to have understood that the G7 is a Walking Dead, and the heart of the action revolves around China, Russia and India, which not by accident form the hard node of BRICS.

The problem is the US national security strategy, as well as the national defense strategy, advocate no less than Cold War 2.0 against both China and Russia all across Eurasia. All bets are off, however, on who blinks first."
Running the entire EU solely for the benefit of German banks isn't working out!

As straight-up insane as it sounds, all the usual Democrat suspects are still spouting their conspiracy theory that everything Trump does is based on his repaying Putin for Putin arranging for him to beat Killary! The paradox is that it appears that the obsession with #Russiagate - an obsession which voters rightly see as a confusion intended to replace actual positive policies for governing - will cost the Democrats the chance to take over enough seats to actually have a chance to remove Trump through impeachment.

Do we dare guess that Trump's weakening of the United States is intentional, like the British effectively turned over control of the world to the US during the Suez crisis?  "Trump’s Big Picture" (Stryker).  The Brits did a deal where their 0.1% would continue to maintain and build upon their massive wealth in return for a certain loss of geopolitical power.  American elites could do the same thing in the face of the inevitability of the shift of power to China-Russia.  The current bubble in the American economy makes acceptance of weakness difficult, and Trump himself is probably not aware of what he is doing, but an orderly transfer of power would be in everybody's best interests.
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