Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Oscar Clifton

There was a guy named Oscar Clifton, on most accounts a decent man (he did have a previous rape conviction which was also probably a mistake, but which set him up as the perfect patsy), who was sentenced to death for the 1975 murder of Donna Richmond, and who eventually died of old age and cancer in a California jail decades later, all the while proclaiming his innocence.  He was probably framed by the EAR-ONS-VR suspect, Joseph DeAngelo, to take the police off DeAngelo's trail.  Lots of maddening police and prosecutorial misconduct in Tulare County, misconduct which continues to this day!

"Ep. 18 Framed", from the podcast "12-26-75".

"Clifton innocent?"

"DeAngelo probably framed Oscar Clifton for Donna Richmond's murder".
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