Thursday, June 21, 2018

Out of step

"Once Again, It's Republicans Who Are Out Of Step With The Rest Of America".  This outrageous nonsense, the idea that Americans are basically good and kind and well-meaning people led astray from time to time by problems in the electoral system that cause them to be ruled by assholes, is the essential belief on which the United States functions, and has functioned since it was formed.  Barry and Killary did Libya and Honduras, and it is photos from Barry's administration that the (((media))) uses to prove how awful Trump is, but we're constantly told that 'this doesn't represent us'.  The cognitive dissonance that should disrupt this 'leftist' fantasy isn't allowed to appear.  Americans are all basically assholes, and the USA is, and always has been, a pure asshole country.  It is this assholery that makes the Americans such susceptible marks for the schemes of the asshole Khazars.

If The Clarification has taught us anything, it is that Republicans serve the essential purpose of doing the dick moves that all Americans want without leaving any icky moral residue on everybody else. Of course, the fact that the United States has consistently acted like a psychopath, coupled with unique geographic and physical advantages, is why it has been so successful as an empire.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Is there any benefit or value at all in inquiring why these sorts of abuses generated so little attention and anger pre-2017, or should we just go ahead and ignore that question? See also: …"
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