Monday, June 04, 2018

Sinister choreography

"How an anti-Semitic US law helped bring about Israel’s creation" (Richman).  US strict immigration restrictions, expressly racist and supremacist, allowed the European Khazars to be funneled en masse into Palestine.  The commenters are woke enough to notice that the writer makes the typical supremacist error of framing the entire issue to turn around the Jews.

"War Erupts Between Italy's Government And Soros: "You Profited From The Death Of Hundreds Of People"" (Durden).  Why would Soros make a public spectacle of himself and blame Putin, an idea which on the face of it is ridiculous?

"China’s Petro-yuan “Becomes Real”: India Joins International Group Dumping US Dollars in Oil Trades to Bypass US Sanctions".  Trump is accelerating imperial decline.  The assumption is that it is bumbling and ego, not intentional.  See also the particular degree of fury in Europe and Canada over the new tariffs, on the obviously bogus and insulting excuse of 'national security'.

"Pepe Escobar: Why India Is Ignoring US Sanctions And Sticking With Iran" (Escobar). "The Indian Illusion: Denying Anti-Iranian Sanctions While Implementing Them" (Korybko).

"Enabling Armageddon" (Astore). It seems clear now that they are conceptualizing and designing planes and boats that they know are shit, simply so they can then sell the following generation of white elephants as a necessary replacement for the shit.

Note that despite pretending to be mad, Trudeau still follows the Americans like a lap dog into the illegal attacks on Venezuela:  "Trudeau Endorses Trump: Canadian Sanctions against Venezuela Violate ‘International Law’".  "Canada Sanctions 14 People in Venezuela After ‘Illegitimate’ Elections".  This is spectacular mendacity and toadying, particularly as the Venezuelan election system is probably the fairest in the world, despite massive foreign meddling, including from Canada:  "Why Venezuela’s Election Matters – It Was Under Siege by US, Canadian and EU Influence".  See also:  "Trump administration: Kick Venezuela out of OAS ... or else", and, on Canada's general role as a cutout for the worst American schemes:  "The Left’s Naivety about Canada’s Role in Foreign Affairs. The Korea “Peace Train”" (Engler).

"Pro-Israeli Groups Weaponize Jewish Cultural Initiatives to Amplify Their Anti-Palestinianism" (Engler).  "An investigation is underway".  How many more reminders do the goyim need of who is running things?

"Report: US has reservations about Israel-Russia deal".  This is some kind of negotiation trick where the Khazars are attempting to 'double-dip' on the concessions from Syria/Russia by using the American 'objections'.  In terms of typical Khazar behavior, it is a miracle that these negotiations are happening at all, and have concluded with really no bad results for the Syrian side, indicating that Israel is feeling very nervous about something.

"Razan al-Najjar (F B Ali)".  "In Gaza, grief and pain for slain 'angel of mercy' paramedic".  Peak Khazar is not pretty:  "Dershowitz on Gaza and the Golan".  "While Razan lost her life, Nikki Haley lost her humanity" (Hawwash) - not at all fair, as Namrata didn't have any humanity to lose.

"Jordan sees largest anti-government protests in years".  "Jordan King Expects to Ask Prime Minister Mulki to Resign After Five Days of Protests".

"The Sinister Choreography Of The MH17 Probe To Smear Russia" (Cunningham).  All from Bellingcat, relying entirely on material supplied by Ukrainian intelligence!  You just have to laugh.

"Italy: The Center Cannot Hold" (Johnstone) and "Capitalism and Democracy: Where Is The Left?" (Black).  'The left' is controlled by the bad guys, so it is not much of shock they are always nowhere to be found..  We need a full political philosophy based on wokenness and 'skepticism'.

"High-profile forensic psychiatrist, who raised suspicions about JonBenet Ramsey's family during her murder investigation, is shot dead outside his office".
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