Sunday, June 24, 2018

Skripal: the recycling problem

"Joining Some Dots on the Skripal Case: Part 6 – Tying up the Loose Ends" (Slane).  I guess my problem with the Unified Conspiracy Theory that Skripal was involved in the creation of the Dossier is that it doesn't make sense from an operational point of view.  As far as MI6 is concerned, the Dossier was an intelligence operation that was a smashing success.  The assassination (or simulacrum of an assassination) of the Skripals was another intelligence operation, in this case a false-flag attack that could be blamed on Putin, and the victim had to be somebody who could plausibly be described as somebody that Putin would want dead.  Picking the same guy for both operations raises the issue of possibly queering both of them.  Slane almost touches on this when he discusses the silence of Skripal, as if Skripal now has to keep silent to protect the integrity of the Dossier intelligence operation, when this problem would surely have occurred to the MI6 conspirators, who would simply have picked another victim (London is crawling with Putin enemies, so it is a target-rich environment).  There is a good operational reason not to recycle agents used in intelligence operations.
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