Sunday, June 10, 2018

Soul to the devil

A comment to the CDaN gossip blind by 'Bobbi Beausoleil' on the possible faked death by car crash of James Dean, and an old guy from Alberta with a strange name:
"Piecing it all together... someone posted a link to William Jabez Stoness (as the guy who died in the card accident in his 90s, which would be the pseudonym of James Dean - if we believe it's him). Apparently Jabez Stone (damn close) is a character in a 1941 movie called The Devil and Daniel Webster: It's about a guy who starts out as a simple, kind farmer, but who sells his soul to the devil, becomes rich, etc, a morality tale. Dean was raised in Indiana in farm country and his dad was a farmer (before he became a dentist). Could the story have had an impact on him? Enough for him to base his new name on the main character? In addition, screenwriter William Bast was one of Dean's best friends (William Jabez Stone - ss)."
The dead guy from Alberta liked motorcycles (and the date of his marriage could have been faked, with the moving multiple times having to do with keeping his identity hidden) (my emphasis in red):
"William Jabez Stoness, 95 years, of Trochu, Alberta went to be with his Lord Tuesday, April 24, 2018, at 2:30 pm.  Bill was born in the family home in the Bellgrove district, September 3, 1922, to William Thomas & Nellie Ardeena (Clough) Stoness.

Bill was very active, enjoyed farming, hunting, fishing, construction, and mechanics.  Bill owned several Harley’s, an Indian & a BSA, on which he drove his mother to church.  He met his lovely wife, Reta Winnifred Orr at the Nazarene Church in Red Deer.  They were married November 18, 1949.  Over the years they moved multiple times, developing lasting friendships.  Bill always made time for others and always kept busy building or modifying items.

Loving father to Elsworth Lester (Penny) Stoness, Barbara Lorraine (Terry) McMillan, Joan Valerie (Elmo) Guynup, and Carolyn Lorna (Alan) Ritter.  Bill is blessed with 15 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren.  He was predeceased by one brother Harold, and four sisters – Muriel Sich, Catherine Klepper, Gladys Leonard, and Viola Saxby.  Funeral Service will be held 11 am on Friday, May 4, 2018, at the Olds First Baptist Church, Olds, Alberta.

Real love stories never have endings."
Jabez Stone is indeed a character in the story, and movie, The Devil and Daniel Webster, a farmer who sold his soul to the devil.  William Bast was Dean's friend and eventual biographer.  Thus William Jabez Stoness is William + Jabez Stone + ss.  Dean seems to have been concerned with being corrupted by Hollywood, and thus perhaps saw himself as a man who sold his soul to the devil.

"80 Things You Didn’t Know About James Dean" (Hiebert):
  • "3. As a child, Dean would disassemble and then reassemble his bicycle over and over again." 
  • "4. Dean told more than one friend that he did not expect to live past 30. When discussing the risk involved in racing cars, he said: “What better way to die? It’s fast and clean and you go out in a blaze of glory.”"
  • "12. A few weeks before his death, Dean appeared in a short public announcement about road safety, where he said, “Take it easy driving. The life you save might be mine.”"
  • "43. Dean spent a great deal of his childhood on his uncle’s farm, where he swept the barn, fed the chickens, collected eggs, milked the cows, and planted seeds."
  • "62. As a teen, Dean was a member of 4-H, and even won a blue ribbon for a soil project."
There are issues with the crash.  "Death of James Dean" ('Philip Cross').  The driver who allegedly turned in front of Dean was found not criminally responsible, yet Dean, an experienced race car driver, wasn't speeding, and there were no adverse weather or road conditions.  He conveniently had a photographer following behind him in another car.  His car, which would have had considerable value, has subsequently disappeared.
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