Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Warner, Comey, treason

"How Comey intervened to kill WikiLeaks' immunity deal" (Solomon):
"Assange made clear through the lawyer that he would never compromise his sources, or stop publishing information, but was willing to consider concessions like redactions."
This story feels right. Note that Comey, under the specific influence of Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), axed the deal, no doubt because they did not want the evidence exculpating Russia to appear. Thus, American government officials allowed most of the Vault 7 material out, unredacted, and gave up the chance to see information on US security flaws, to protect their fantasy of Russiagate!:
"Not included in the written proffer was an additional offer from Assange: He was willing to discuss technical evidence ruling out certain parties in the controversial leak of Democratic Party emails to WikiLeaks during the 2016 election. The U.S. government believes those emails were hacked by Russia; Assange insists they did not come from Moscow.

“Mr. Assange offered to provide technical evidence and discussion regarding who did not engage in the DNC releases,” Waldman told me. “Finally, he offered his technical expertise to the U.S. government to help address what he perceived as clear flaws in security systems that led to the loss of the U.S. cyber weapons program.”

Inside Justice and the intelligence community, confidence grew that perhaps the mercurial Assange might adapt how he released classified information."
This information is what Warner and Comey feared. They acted solely to protect Russiagate for partisan political reasons and to keep the push for WWIII on the table. That's treason.  I wonder what CIA officials whose names might have received protection think about this.

The recent extra push against Assange through pressure on Ecuador comes out of the fact that the negotiated deal was nixed by Comey.
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