Friday, June 08, 2018

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"The Internet Hatched A Melania Trump Body Double Conspiracy Theory" (dlisted).

You can hang yourself this way - it's how Barry did it after he murdered Honey - but it is difficult as you have a way out by pushing your body up using your legs (plus you can pull up on the door handle), and instinct causes you to save yourself:  "The Eerie Similarities Between the Deaths of Kate Spade, Alexander McQueen and L’Wren Scott" (Vigilant Citizen).

Added!:  "CNN's Anthony Bourdain dead at 61".  Stated to be suicide. Quite woke (but he fell for the latest false-flag 'chemical attack' in Syria).

"Soros Veteran And Former CIO Quits Firm" (Durden).  "Associate Of Joseph Mifsud, Described By EU Parliament As "Reliable Ally" To George Soros" (Whittle).  "In Heated Interview, Putin Says "Ask The State Department About Soros"" (Durden) (Putin actually mentions the Soros currency speculation!).

"The Maltese Phantom of Russiagate" (Lee Smith, who seems to have some kind of monopoly on reporting on this issue) - rebutting the nonsense that Mifsud is some kind of Russian spy, rather than the western intelligence asset he obviously is (and why oh why can the mighty US IC and all its allies not find him?):
"According to Roh and Pastor’s book, however, he’s part of an international clique that identifies itself with the values and causes represented by the Clintons and their various enterprises.

Mifsud, they write, “was always a ‘Clintonist.’”

Mifsud said something similar in the interview he gave to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica shortly before he went into hiding. “The only foundation I am a member of,” he said, is “the Clinton Foundation.”

It’s not clear what Mifsud may have been meant by that — there is no membership, as such, in the Clinton Foundation — except perhaps to identify himself as a part of liberal, internationalist circles, like his friend and Link Campus colleague Gianni Pittella.

Pittella made a splash at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where he took a very vocal position against Donald Trump. “I have taken the unprecedented step of endorsing and campaigning for Hillary Clinton because the risk of Donald Trump is too high,” Pittella told Time magazine. “I believe it is in the interest of the European Union and Italy to have Hillary Clinton in office. A Trump victory could be a disaster for the relationship between the U.S.A. and Italy.”

Mifsud’s worldview, along with his array of European and American contacts, and the lack of response by those high-level figures to the spy charge, have led Roh to conclude that if Mifsud is working for any intelligence agency, it was Western rather than Russian.  “I call him an asset, a person who cooperates in an operation, but is not a member of the team.”"
"The US warns allies to halt business with Iran" (DEBKAFile).  Sigal Mandelker was born, as you would naturally expect, in Israel.  ""We Cannot Defy The US": European Refiners Fold To Trump, Will Stop Buying Iran Crude" (Durden).

"Israeli army frames slain medic Razan al-Najjar as ‘Hamas human shield’" (Ofir).  Note how the Khazars are always oblivious to how their PR plays with normal, decent human beings.  "Israel’s red card and own goal" (Ridley).

"Israeli lawmakers kill ‘equality for all citizens’ bill before it is even introduced" (Mohamed).  Anti-'Semites' fail to see that Khazar supremacism is incompatible with goyishe concepts like 'human rights'.

"Guardian Cartoonist Steve Bell Denies Anti-Semitism Claims After Drawing Spiked By Editor".  Tweet (Jonathan Cook):
"Steve Bell is not the first major UK cartoonist to be taught a lesson about the limits of free speech at the hands of the Israel lobby and cowardly editors. Gerald Scarfe ran afoul of them in 2013. Again, Israeli sensitivities were prioritised over the suffering of Palestinians"
"Why did Latin America stop standing up for Palestine?" (Baeza).

"Tribute to the Last Honorable US Senator: The Story of Paul Wellstone’s Suspected Assassination" (Hagopian).

"Today's Blind Items - He Died Again" (CDaN).  James Dean's second car crash death!  Comment by Land Manatee:
"From the article I’m referencing: “One unresolved mystery is how an experienced driver like Dean crashed on a straight road in near-perfect conditions. No drugs or alcohol were found in the star’s system and Dr. Hunter said, ‘This is a question that has perplexed experts for more than 60 years.’ “"
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