Sunday, July 08, 2018

An area thick with possibilities

"Nothing about the latest 'novichok' attacks adds up" (Coyle).  I'd quote from it, but it is all good.  You'd think a big part of chemical and biological weapons training, these days, involves setting up a false-flag attack, or even, one step more meta, managing a false-flag attack that has already occurred.  These might be exercises that, for political purposes, were turned into something more.  Maybe the relevant proximity isn't to Porton Down itself, but to the Salisbury Plain Training Area.

Added:  "UK: Dawn Sturgess dies after exposure to nerve agent Novichok".   The Brits are now being murdered by their own government for the crime of not taking said government seriously enough.  Boris and Theresa aren't capable of even pretending to keep their own citizens safe, and in fact are willing to risk lives to change the subject from their own incompetence and the stark contrast with Putin's successes, and you'd think that fact might be cause for political unrest.
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