Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Complicated past

"Fusion GPS Had Major Doubts About "Pee Tape" Dossier Source, Included Anyway" (Durden) (also:  "no there there"):
"Another approach used to beef up the FISA application's curb appeal was circular evidence, via the inclusion of a letter from Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (NV) to former FBI Director James Comey, citing information Reid got from John Brennan, which was in turn from the Clinton-funded dossier."
"The Three Stooges and the Ultimate Deal™" (Karmi). It is not clear to me that the Ultimate Deal™ is dead or if this is part of the show business of President Jared making a big splash when he reveals their fate to the Palestinians in September, when the political season kicks up again and he can receive his accolades from the (((media))) as a macher.  It is possible that recent Palestinian resistance has emboldened some of the non-Jewish Arab states - Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Algeria? - to refuse to sign off on the MbZ/MbS scheming.

Note how the Official Story is that he was not on any 'radars', which I guess is technically true, but as you read on about his background your jaw drops farther and farther!:  "Who was the Danforth shooter? Faisal Hussain had no criminal court files associated with his name, but a complicated past full of family misfortune".  'Complicated past'!

Normally, the PR/defense attorney advice would be to keep a low profile and get out of Dodge, but she, with the arrogance of inherited gangster money, decided to double down:  "Clare Bronfman, Seagram's heiress, among 6 arrested in NXIVM case".  It is unusual to see a court filing from the office of a prominent district attorney look so much like a conspiracy theory from 4chan or Reddit (of course, 4chan and Reddit have helpfully added such terms as pizzagate, 'James Alefantis', Podesta, Huma, Rothschild, and Hillary Clinton to the mix!).

"The Disco Triplets" (Sailer).  Sailer, who prides himself on 'noticing' what it is politically incorrect to notice, doesn't notice the most important thing about scientific racism, that it is a 'debate' within small cliques of group supremacists with a particular interest in the conclusion, although he comes close:
"Sadly, the triplets were split up for the first nineteen years of their lives by an expensive covert study sponsored by the Jewish Board of Family and Children Services, the largest not-for-profit in New York City. In 1961, the Jewish Board was hoping to prove the orthodox Freudian dogma that family dynamics outweigh genes in determining personality.
In nature-nurture debates, twins separated shortly after birth are the holy grail of research subjects. But it’s of course considered grossly unethical for researchers to split siblings, so they must look for twins who were already apart, sometimes reuniting them.
Scientists who lean toward nature over nurture are frequently denounced as nearly Nazis. So it’s interesting that the only known experimenters to actively separate twins were ardent nurturists.
According to a now-elderly research assistant interviewed in the film, the most obvious yet least expected fact that leaped out at the Jewish Board’s interviewers was that separated twins, despite their quite different family dynamics, behaved extraordinarily alike.
By 1980, fortunately, the winds were blowing against this high-handed experiment in which the adoptive parents were never even informed that their new children were not singletons.
Nor was the Freudian assumption that twins should be split up for the good of each child confirmed by less manipulative retrospective studies of reunited twins. Thomas J. Bouchard began his now-famous Minnesota twins study in 1979 and quickly learned that reunited twins generally loved being back together.
So the Jewish Board shut down the experiment around the time the triplets surfaced in the press. They locked up the data that had been collected weekly on the triplets and also on (approximately) five pairs of twins, all separated shortly after birth by the Louise Wise adoption agency, which was affiliated with the Jewish Board. (The whole affair remains so cloaked that we still don’t even know exactly how many children were used in the experiment.) No report was ever published, and the records wound up at Yale under seal until 2066.
Fortunately, a title card at the end of the film announces that, due to all the adverse publicity, the records are finally being released to the now-middle-aged subjects.
In 1980, the six adoptive parents tried to sue the deep-pocketed not-for-profit for withholding from them that their sons were triplets. It’s not explained in the movie, but I imagine the parents’ legal argument would have been not that they would have given up their sons, but that if informed, they would have made sure that the triplets got together regularly. They all lived in greater New York, so they could have spent time at one another’s houses growing up, just as they did upon reunification.
The parents contacted various lawyers, who were initially enthusiastic. But all the law firms eventually refused to take the case after discovering that none of their Jewish lawyers would ever be allowed to adopt a Jewish baby from Louise Wise.
By the way, the film’s unsympathetic, almost conspiratorial portrayal of the politically well-connected Jewish Board is a rare depiction of Jewish institutional power that doesn’t try to find some way to blame any misbehavior on the gentiles."
Sailer goes on to righteously criticize Freudianism, seemingly unaware that the same type of criticism would apply to his own group of scientific racists.

Tweet (Eva Working CLASS):
" Did everyone know that Novichok smelled like perfume? Charlie opened the bottle spilled some on his hands THEN, after he screwed in the applicator, Dawn sprayed it on herself even though it wasn't perfume. They then hid the bottle?"
As usual, the more you elaborate and attempt to explain a lie, the sillier it gets.  We can't blame him - if he attempts to tell the truth they'll tell us his health took a sudden turn and he unfortunately died.

"To Make a Sailor Blush" (Gilbert).  I think they misread this.  Corbyn's 'gas the Kikes' program is going to be the strongest campaign run by a British politician in years, and by taking these blows he creates the platform without having to say anything.  We're in a period of history where stating the truth is impossible, so we have to be more clever in expressing ourselves.

Too much to blog about - I give up!
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