Sunday, July 22, 2018

Deranged elite

"Ecuador Will Imminently Withdraw Asylum for Julian Assange and Hand Him Over to the UK. What Comes Next?" (Greenwald).  If he can stay in Britain until the next British election (although you can count on May to try to whisk him away to the US with unseemly haste), and can avoid being shivved by the CIA while in British jail, Assange should be all right.

"John Brennan, Melting Down and Covering Up" (Van Buren).  An IC coup, and Brennan is the head of it.

"America On It's Way to Being Stalin's Soviet Union by Publius Tacitus".  She didn't attempt to hide anything as she couldn't imagine that she was doing anything wrong.

"Protesters haul fake pipeline to Parliament Hill as Trans Mountain deadline nears" (Ramlakhan).  "The U.S. and Canada Are Preparing for a New Standing Rock Over the Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline" (Brown/Parrish).  People are going to have a different view of Trudeau when he brings in the army to start slaughtering native protesters.

"Ukraine Furious After Italy's Salvini Calls 2014 Revolution "Fake" And "Foreign-Funded"" (Durden).  It is amazing how really, really rare it is to hear a prominent politician state an obvious inarguable truth out loud!

"In Nicaragua, is Operation “Contra bis” failing?" (Anfruns).  Soros/CIA employees can only do so much without a wider support base, and color revolutions are now notorious enough that even people with legitimate concerns, if they are well meaning, are no longer falling into the trap.  There also seems to be an international protocol for governments under Soros attack to deal with the problem.

"Great Nations Are Destroyed by Being Pulled into Wars to Defend Tiny Ones" (Sieff).  Khough, Khough.  Small hint - the Assholians don't give a shit about Poland, Lithuania, Estonia or Latvia.

"One positive aspect of the new phase of Cold War is that before it was largely concealed, and deceived, as a simplistic bifurcated confrontation of Americans versus Russians. Today it is evidently a situation of an American deranged elite versus the rest of the world, with the latter including ordinary American citizens who have much more to gain from standing in solidarity with Russian citizens."

Only sane thing I've read about Russiagate:  "Robert Mueller Indicts Russian President Vladimir Putin for Sinking Missouri Duck Boat".
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