Thursday, July 12, 2018

Most of what we wanted

"At Any Cost" (van Creveld)"
"Ben Gurion, original name Green, himself was born in 1886 to a lower middle class family in Plonsk, north of Warsaw. Much later it was claimed that, to become a top level Zionist-Israeli leader, one had to be born within 500 km. of that township. As he told the story, around 1900 the news reached his ears that the Messiah had come. He lived in Vienna, had a black beard, and, was called Herzl."
"World War I caught him in Constantinople where he had gone to study law. Unable to return home he spent most it in London and the U.S. Living in New York he and a friend—Yitzhak Ben Tzi, who later became Israel’s first president—spent some of their time writing a book about Eretz Israel. It was meant to show that, contrary to the views of many, the country was sufficiently large and fertile to serve as the Jewish homeland. Also that the Arabs—no one yet spoke of Palestinians—living in it were, in reality, the descendants of the ancient Jews and could therefore be converted back to Judaism. Whether this claim was seriously meant is hard to say."
"Already in the early 1920, Ben Gurion was determined that there would be a Jewish State, be the cost what it might. Already then he foresaw that the struggle against “the Arabs”—as yet, no one had heard of Palestinians—would be prolonged, tough, and bloody. Already at that time there was talk of the need to “evacuate” as many of them as possible to the neighboring countries. Meaning, since the Promised Land was considered to include not just the West Bank but territories east of the river Jordan, as far away as Iraq. He knew about the Holocaust at an early date and from that time on always felt terribly guilty for not having done more to save Jews, many members of his own family included. Not that there was much he could have done, one must admit

During the late 1940s he did more to instigate and support anti-British terrorism than most people at the time knew or suspected. He was something of a racist, believing that only Ashkenazi and not Sefardi Jews could build a state and often favoring “Western” immigrants at the expense of “Oriental” ones. He did not really want the 1956 Sinai War, but was pushed into it by his disciple, Chief of Staff General Moshe Dayan. He always kept in mind the possibility of one day occupying East Jerusalem and the West Bank; something which, his military advisers told him, would take no more than a couple of days."
"Teachers lose jobs for sharing anti-Israel views with students" (Klein):  "particularly obnoxious parents".

"What’s Happening in Nicaragua?". Nicaragua was a well-run country that didn't produce immigrants to the US, so of course the assholes had to try to shithole it with a color revolution.

Tweet (Harld 🇪🇺 ‏RCX) (also):
"It’s the Wrong Park! How the Ducks Raise Some Serious Questions in the Salisbury Poisonings" (Slane).  Leads credence to the idea that the second poisoning was a result of the victims stumbling upon material used in the attack on the Skripals (also, amazing that this big insight is coming out now from a keen-eyed reader).  I wonder if these second victims found a bag with some white powder in it, the rest of the BZ used on the Skripals, and snorted it, as one does with random white powders found in parks.  The second attack by British intelligence would have been so audacious - everybody noticed that the Porton Down proximity can't possibly be a coincidence - that it is plausible that this was, indeed, an accident, the result of sloppy work in the field.

"Nearly two decades on from Nato's deadly bombing of civilians at Varvarin in Serbia, the wait for justice continues".  Fisk has been on fire recently.  NATO.

"Trump’s Using Russian Gas Rhetoric to Control Germany and Support Poland" (Korybko):
"Trump’s Russian gas rhetoric therefore needs to be seen as part of the holistic Machiavellian strategy that it is in forcing Germany’s full capitulation to America and its eventual replacement in importance with Poland, which is driven by the President’s ideological affinity with the Warsaw-led EuroRealist model of nation sovereignty that he openly favors over Berlin’s EuroLiberal globalist one of elite control. Germany’s grand strategic position has never been more precarious since its reunification, and for the first time in a generation Europeans can realistically imagine a future without its dominance, albeit one that’s brought about by the US’ “readjustment” of its “Lead From Behind” approach to hegemonically “managing” continent."
"Why’s Iran so Desperate for Europe to Save the Nuclear Deal? Moscow-Tehran Relations" (Korybko).  Putin's run of success is causing all sorts of secondary problems.

"Will the Price of Oil Collapse within a Decade, Driven off Cliff by Electric Vehicles?" (Cole).A lot of electricity, but not all, is made out of hydrocarbons.  As with so many issues these days, we have to ponder whether the things that are happening strategically are as as a result of a big plan by big brains, or just the usual stupidity.

"Trump and Mexico Negotiating" (Sailer).

Peak Sailer:  "Surfer Privilege" - California was the Garden of Eden for even its most modest inhabitants until the darkies showed up and ruined everything.

"Hassan Diab: Nothing Less Than a Public Inquiry Will Do. Canada’s Complicity" (Weinroth).  You have to admit, though, it is hilarious to have a Khazar investigate a Khazar conspiracy, all the while with nobody woke enough to be able to notice.  A more obvious conflict of interest is to have the actual fuckwits determine if they are, in fact, fuckwits:  "Internal review of Hassan Diab's extradition tainted by conflict of interest, says lawyer".  They obviously should appoint Harvey Weinstein to get to the bottom of the Trudeau groping story.

"David Brock's BLINDED BY THE RIGHT Said Kavanaugh Called Hillary A Bitch, But Brock's Earlier Hillary Book Said EVERYONE Called Her That" (Fulford).
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