Thursday, July 12, 2018

NATO funding

I see some of the asshole commentators from Assholia are agreeing with Trump and complaining that Europe and Canada are freeloaders, not paying their fair share with respect to NATO.  NATO is an American proxy army.  Full stop.  It has no other purpose, and everybody knows that.  There is zero chance of a Russian invasion of Europe, and the mere idea is ludicrous.  One penny spent by anybody else on this monstrosity is a pure gift to the American assholes, who should be grateful for it.  Europe should tell Trump to go fuck himself.  If he wants to withdraw the US from NATO, please hurry up about it.

It is even worse than that.  NATO is not an American proxy army, it is a Zionist proxy army.  Rich Khazars bribe or blackmail politicians from Assholia to fight Wars For The Jews, and that's where NATO is used.  Its only possible purpose is to assist rich Khazars in illegally killing people and stealing their land, all to build their evil supremacist empire. When you get right down to the facts, NATO is a multi-billion dollar white elephant that exists so that rich asshole politicians from Assholia, just like Trump, can accept bribes from Khazars in return for wars.  Why would any sane and moral country provide any funding for that?
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