Monday, July 09, 2018


I'm sure the Conservatives are glad for the distraction from Brexit, but this second 'novichok' false-flag attack, and consequent murder by the government of one of its citizens, must be about NATO, and the terror that the Putin-Trump summit might put an end to NATO, with repercussions both for careers and profits.  Trump has a history of falling for false-flag chemical attacks in Syria, and this murder is a desperate effort to put an end to the summit with some Trump petulance.  The second huge issue is that the summit might put an end to Yinon dreams of the Zionists for Syria, not to mention finally winding down the travesty that continues in Afghanistan.

"No Need For Nato" (Murray).  Note how in the rare cases when NATO actually does something - rather than sit around waiting for Godot - it is an unmitigated disaster.

"NATO’s Dead?" (Korybko).  Turkey, and Barry's little attempted coup.

"NATO Is Obsolete" (Whiton).
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