Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rights for Jews

"Did Alleged Russian Agent Fail Spy School?" (Baker).  Baker suffers from a sad terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, so can't draw the obvious conclusion that she is not a spy, any more than an American professor posted to Moscow for a few years, and debriefed by the State Department on his return, is a spy.  It is standard operating procedure, accepted by all sane governments, for foreign offices to attempt to gather intelligence from their ex-pats.  See Roberts:  "The Arrest of Maria Butina Is Another Hoax".

"Forget Trump: The Military-Industrial Complex Is Still Running The Show With Russia" (Fein).  'Owning' an American President isn't doing Putin much good!

"Zuckerberg On Denial and Being Wrong" (Atzmon).  The important part is in the second half, noting that the JQ is always set up to be a 'debate' amongst factions of Khazars.  Goyim, I  . . .  An excellent example is the case of BDS, whose terms, as Atzmon has noted, have been subtly changed to pose no threat to a Khazar ethno-supremacist state in the Middle East.  The 'opposition' is always controlled.

Tweet (Alex Emmons) (for example, goyim, racial segregation in the US is 'rights for whites'):
"If you've ever wondered how today's media would cover openly segregationist laws, you have your answer. From this morning's @nytimes:"
"New assault on Corbyn aims to ban criticism of Israel in Labour" (Winstanley):
"A leading pro-Israel lawmaker is being investigated by the Labour Party for allegedly slandering Jeremy Corbyn as a “fucking anti-Semite,” The Electronic Intifada can reveal."
Note all the tweets defending her which lead with a Holocaust reference!  Anglin, from 2016, having some fun:  "Corbyn Wins, Vows to Build Gas Chambers and Immediately “Cleanse Britain of the Ratfaced Kike Filth”".  It is striking how vitally important Holocaust worship is in blocking these obvious traitors from being permanently and summarily kicked out of the party. They are not just traitors to the party, but to the entire country, as their clear intent, for their vile supremacist reasons, is to block Corbyn from being Prime Minister, thus making this a real-life current example of the kind of behavior that has gotten Khazars in trouble as long as they have existed in gentile countries!

"A Brief History Of US Covert Action In Syria - Part 1" and "A Brief History Of US Covert Action In Syria - Part 2" (Van Wagenen).  In these days of The Clarification, we shouldn't be surprised at where Assholia finds its allies.  Note that all of this occurred under the reign of the most progressive man who has ever lived, Barry the Good (not to mention Elegant).  I like how when Kim Kardashian complained about anti-Armenian genocide, some Khazars at the Daily Beast called her a "sex tape vixen/reality TV starlet/entrepreneur" and implied she is too much of a bimbo to have an informed opinion on geopolitics.  It is remarkable how easily they get away with that kind of slurring when the actual nature of the 'rebels' in a Yinonizing civil war is inconsistent with the Official Story.

See also "Elizabeth Tsurkov on the failings of Syria’s “rebels”" (Cobban). Who knew that human organ eaters and head loppers weren't popular with their victims?

"The False Prosecution of Dzhokhkar Tsarnaev" (Roberts).  Quoting from "THE PROSECUTION OF DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV IN THE BOSTON BOMBING CASE" by John Remington Graham:
"During the trial, after I had looked into the case, I wrote an opinion, stating that, in light of known FBI-gathered evidence, there was no probable cause to charge Dzhokhar. Drawing from fragments at the scene of the explosions, the FBI crime lab and the indictment against Mr. Tsarnaev, and also the major news media, stated that the culprits were carrying black backpacks, filled with heavy pressure cooker bombs, at the time of the explosions, yet Dzhokhar in particular who was charged, not to mention his deceased brother Tamerlan, was shown in a still-frame photo from a street surveillance video used by the FBI to identify the suspects, carrying a light-weight white or silvery bag over his right shoulder only minutes before the explosions. It so happens that there were widely published photos at the time, these still available, showing men in paramilitary gear, wearing black backpacks which perfectly matched the black backpacks projected by the FBI crime lab, but these individuals were not questioned by the FBI."
Unfortunately, he continues into 'crisis actor' musings which are unnecessary and don't help his case.  The key point is that the backpacks of the brothers, as seen on surveillance photos, were the wrong color, and not big enough to hold pressure cookers.

"Ecuador Reportedly Preparing To Hand Assange To UK In "Coming Weeks Or Days"" (Durden).  "Ecuador’s Agenda: Squeezing and Surrendering Assange" (Kampmark).  Is the delay due to fear of what might be in the file that will be released on Assange's arrest?  He'd be wise to have some stuff in there that would put Moreno in jail for the rest of his sorry life.  We can wax poetic about 'press freedom' and the true nature of journalism all we want, but people like Pompeo just don't care.  In fact, one of their main goals is to make sure true journalism is over by making an example of what happens to people like Assange.
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