Tuesday, July 24, 2018

There for the taking

"Violent Coup Fails in Nicaragua, U.S. Continues Regime Change Efforts" (Zeese).  People around the world are woke, and as much as they may have justifiable concerns, can now see that the Soros alternative - see Ukraine or Syria for a hint - is much, much, much worse than any conceivable worst-case future within the confines of legitimate political structures.  In contrast, the counter-constitutional color revolution going on in the United States has not failed, as the Americans, not yet fully woke, lack an antidote for their own poison. 

You might hope that failure of the Democrats in the upcoming midterms would send a clear message, but the Democrats won't hear it.  Americans face an unprecedented situation where the alternative party has essentially given up on electoral success in order to fully enjoy the proceeds of the 'donor' model.  It is not uncommon for left or far left parties to run in elections with no hope of success, to send a message or attempt to subtly influence the terms of the debate.  Communists run decade after decade with much less than 1% of the vote.  It is amazing when a political party that is supposed to win about half the time decides that it no longer wants to win if it would affect the volume of graft it might receive.

To reiterate, the 'donor' model is the dominance in political campaign financing by Khazar billionaires.  The mechanics is to funnel most of the money through Khazar owned (((media))) outlets, regarded by the (((experts))) as a necessary part of winning American elections, despite the fact that the Trump campaign went a long way to disproving it.  There is so much money sloshing around, billions and billions (but with little or no net cost to the Khazars, who recover most of it back in ((( media))) profits), that a considerable amount falls to the small army of political back room operators and (((media))) 'experts' and pundits, not to mention various identity politics 'activists', who control what political parties do.

The Khazars are all 'one issue guys', which means the 'donors' to both parties expect complete fealty to the building of Greater Israel across the Middle East, and the consequent necessity for the US to fight constant Wars For The Jews, regardless of the cost, financially, morally, and psychically, to Americans.  This is no big problem for Republicans, who are supposed to be out fighting wars (well, it is now a bit of a problem, as we see with the never-Trumpers who continue to whine about Trump's forays into isolationism), and are supposed to be looking after the interests of billionaires, and also receive considerable money from gentile billionaires who have traditional class interests, but causes a big contradiction within the Democrats, who are predominantly funded by Khazar billionaires while obviously, and consequently, warmongering and aggressively failing to look out for working class people.  It is a particular problem now, with Putin's success in stabilizing Syria and pushing back Yinon, thus causing the 'donors' to be in a frenzy for scheming for WWIII for the regime change that would put Putin in his place.  The contradictions in the Democratic party are papered over almost entirely with various forms of identity politics, even as the increasingly bizarre avenues this leads down is causing the average voter to recoil (and who have noticed that identity politics is offered not in addition to concrete material benefits to average Americans, but in lieu of).  The fall-back position is Russiagate, which of course is loved by the 'donors' pushing for WWIII, but it is so palpably ridiculous - not to mention obscenely hypocritical, given constant American meddling, and worse, in elections all over the world, including Russia's - that it is not enough to support the dying Democrat brand, and in fact has started to backfire.

As the phony outrage over Trump's 'treason' ratchets up, and Americans slowly see the enormity of the Barry/IC attempted coup, Trump's polling also ratchets up, particularly with Republicans who are now motivated to vote to block the increasingly crazy-looking and actually treasonous Democrats.  Trump sees this and wants Putin to show up in Washington just before the midterms, in a kind of bizarre campaign rally.  Still, that 'donor' graft is so tempting to Democrat back rooms that it not worth giving it up to win an election, even one that is there for the taking.
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